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17 feet Feet 1961 Lyman Outboard

New deck ,New painted hull

25’ 10” Feet 1947 Original Design

"Chub," originally "Trio Dee," is truly one of a kind! She was built in 1947 by L.E. (Earl) Fowler at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington. She was built of reclaimed Port Orford cedar and oak. It would seem that the builder combined ideas and plans of different boats but it’s a bit unclear. The following is a direct quote from Earl Fowler found in a letter to Tom Thompson: "I looked at all the designs on how to build 20 boats. It made me want to work again. At a quick glance ‘Serene’ resembles 'Chub' but her plans were published in Rudder magazine in 1946, by a great lakes man named Wycough. There was just a picture and a table of offsets. A half section, the rest was all mine.” In 1958 she was sold to a marine surveyor in the SF Bay Area where she still resides today. Around 1969 Tom Thompson took possession and renamed her "Chub" after a fish with a belly that resembles her hull. Tom owned her for 30 years. Afterward, she changed hands many times in 12 year period. I came into possession Halloween a 2012. "Chub" has been registered and active upon the water her entire life. She has been greatly cared for by numerous owners, myself being one of them. It is with great sadness that I create this post, it is so difficult to let her go. So much blood, sweat, and tears, and so much joy and laughter. Unfortunately, 2020 changed everything, and so it must be. "Chub" is a magical little boat and her story is long and wonderful, but for the sake of this posting I’ll keep it to the vitals. She’s a great all-around vessel for fishing, socializing, and towing. • Refastened below the waterline with stainless in 2000. • Hauled in 2014- bottom job, new prop, and Cutlass bearing. •. Hauled in 2017- bottom job, recaulked seams and re-powered. • Repowered in 2017 with a Volvo penta MD 17 C, 3cyl diesel w/low hours, excellent compression. Has awesome hydraulic drive. Plenty of extra parts- belts, filters, clamps, pumps, etc. • Raw water cooled but has had heat exchanger in the past. • New batteries, charger, bilge pump and float switch. Although her bilge has always been dry. • Wheel is from the "USS Oregon," has wonderful little gypsy wood burning stove, and plenty of extra parts, fasteners and period pieces. As we all know a wooden boat’s work is never done, rather it’s an ongoing love affair. I’m looking for "Chub"’s new romance, the next situation, the next person or group of people that will keep her alive and moving about the water. And with that I leave you with another quote from Earl to Tom, “ I have built a number of boats for myself but Helen and I enjoyed 'Trio Dee'/'Chub' more than all the others”. Any interested parties should feel free to contact me for further information.

13 Feet 1961 Glasspar

Very little use, i am second owner. Excellent condition

18' Feet 1942 Chris Craft Deluxe Utility

This 1942 18’ Chris Craft Deluxe Utility was one of the last peacetime boats delivered; sent to Bennett Boat Company in New York six weeks before Pearl Harbor, and was registered as a 1942 model year. The 18’ Deluxe Utility ran for three model years, from 1940 to 1942 and 408 hulls were built. Less than 10% of the hulls were built with the unique wood frame windshield. I have only been able to document 5 surviving 18’ models with the wood framed windows so this example is somewhat special. This boat went through a complete restoration in 2010 by a well-known classic boat restorer that included a new, no-soak 5200 bottom, a new stainless fuel tank, electrical system changed to 12v, the gauges rebuilt, the decking was replaced, the upholstery was replaced and the interior planking stripped and finished. She is powered by her original “K” engine (95 HP) and transmission as delivered in October of 1941. The engine was rebuilt as part of the 2010 restoration. The unique feature of this model is the ventilating windshield. Most boats have solid windshields to keep you out of the wind, but occasionally it is nice to have a breeze. The front windows push open as much or as little as desired. A snap on top was added at restoration to add shade or keep you dry in a sudden rainfall. In 2019 through 2021 the boat went through a restoration update by another professional restorer in Idaho. Work included building a new transom with new matching wood, stripping and taking all side planking down to bare wood, new wood fit into plank gaps and filled with West System epoxy, all new bronze fasteners, new splash rails, re-stained and finished with 7 coats of varnish plus new bottom paint. I have the restoration documentation. This boat is in excellent condition. She won Best Utility at the 2019 Payette Lake ACBS Boat Show and in 2020 was judged Best Pre-War Chris Craft Utility in the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club virtual boat show. She is complete with a custom waterline cover built in 2021, a restored period brass fire extinguisher and a custom-built dual axel Coastline trailer. In the water on Payette Lake in McCall, ID if additional photos or test is desired. Cold start video is at: https://youtu.be/RGowW9r6qDo An end of season run video on Payette Lake is at: https://youtu.be/Xbwd0NA3Ly0

19 Feet 1938 Chris Craft

Flyin’ By is a 1938 Chris Craft Double Cockpit Forward Custom Runabout powered by her original Chris-Craft Model LC (146 HP) flathead 6 engine with twin Zenith carburetors. (Her original block was replaced at some point along the way as well a matching exhaust manifold). Her hull number is 48264. She was delivered to her first owners in Detroit, MI on August 12 1937 and then subsequently sold to a family in Bloomfield Hills, MI in 1960 where she was enjoyed on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair until 2016 when she was purchased and brought to Lake Champlain in VT for her preservation and numerous upgrades noted below. Flyin’ By is a very unique boat and she is mostly original other than the typical safety and convenience upgrades to keep her and her crew safe. Upgrades are as follow: automatic bilge pump, original 6v electrical system was upgraded to 12v, Fireboy Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing system and a Fireboy M-1 Gasoline Fume Detector (installed 2017), new water intake pump (2019), True 3M 5200 bottom (completed 2019), transmission rebuilt by Robert Henkel (July 2019), leather seats reupholstered (1980 and July 2021). She comes with a custom fit Sea Lion tandem axel trailer with 6 bunks and brakes (spare tire) and a custom fit canvas mooring cover suitable for trailering. She’s ready to go with her original "Chris Craft" flag mounted on her bow and an American flag mounted aft of the engine compartment as well as dock lines and 3 custom embroidered fenders for docking.

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