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20 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Continental

Originally delivered to the L.S. Aero Chris Craft dealership at Bemus Point, Lake Chautauqua, New York, this Continental remained in the ownership of lake residents until purchased and brought to the present owner in Ohio. The boat completed a 4-year Danenberg restoration in 2009 including: 3-M 5200 bottom, Side planks and topside deck replacement New framing, Installation of a “period correct” Chris Craft marinized 283ci, 185hp engine Gage refurbishment by Clausen Gauges, Stainless Steel gas tank Complete upholstery change, New alligator upholstery trim, Custom bow storage cover and door, Steering wheel restoration, New engine box, Stern-pole rebuild, Custom Loadmaster trailer, All brightwork rechromed, New flags. Recent upgrades include, Engine rebuild (2023), Removed heads, milled, and installed new gaskets, New push rod and valve spring, New freeze plugs, Lapped all valves, New valve guides, Removed Exhaust manifolds, Magna fluxed, boiled out, repainted, New plugs, Water pump rebuild, New hoses throughout, New battery, Engine decals and paint Oil and filter, New trailer battery (2022), Trailer “Snug-up wench” stand, New water-line cover (2023), Spare tire cover,Load Guides, Loadmaster (2015). This boat has 47.6 hours since the Danenberg restoration and has only been used at shows and stored inside. It was ordered from the factory with a Holiday style windshield and as a “blond delete” finish, which it retains today. There are 21 DVD’s documenting the restoration and complete detailed reports of the restoration “step-by-step” process that go with the boat.

24 Feet 1937 Chris Craft Sportsman

Chris Craft built 101 Prewar Sportsman Utility boats of 24ft and 25ft length from 1936-1941. None were built in 1942. Only 12 were built with twin engines and they were all 24ft long. Twin production by year was: 1939 - 1, 1937 - 5, 1938 - 4, 1939 - 2. Of these 12 one was delivered to London in the summer of 1938 and may have been destroyed during WWII. Leading Lady is boat number 2 of the remaining 11 and was the first one out the factory door on March 7, 1937. At this time we are only aware of 3 surviving prewar twins; one in upper Michigan, one in Wisconsin, and Leading Lady in Texas. At the time Chris Craft was the only builder that had a national dealer network. Boats were usually delivered to dealers by rail and sold locally, but these large "Utilities" were many times a special order item for the well-to-do families in America. Leading Lady was just such a special order boat and was delivered by water from Algonac, Michigan to its new owner in Detroit, Michigan. The late Christopher Smith (grandson of the founder Christopher Smith) stated that as a young boy his job was to water test the boats prior to shipping out by rail and to deliver boats by water to buyers in the local Detroit area. Leading Lady might just have been delivered by the young Chris Smith in the Spring of 1937. Information from the 1937 Chris Craft factory specifications sheet tell us that Leading Lady is a Model 716 Utility Boat sporting two 85hp Chris Craft "K" engines made by Hercules Motors. The Hercules motors were used by Chris Craft from the 1930s to about 1957 when the first V8 was offered. Other specifications: Length 24'0", Beam 92",Weight 4585 lbs, Fuel 60 gal, Speed 34 mph, Price $3090. Additionally the Sportsman model offered a live bait well under the front seat utilizing a water "pickup" and "discharge" tube to aerate the live bait. I found this option under the front passenger seat during restoration. Without a rear seat, "Utility" class boats with engines under wooden "boxes" were used to deliver mail during the Great Lakes summer months and to haul supplies/groceries to island dwellers. They were the precursor of the SUVs and pickup trucks that are so popular today. Like many restorations this boat was found in a barn in Peoria, Illinois in November 1998 after a 4 year search and has been in restoration ever since. Yes that is over 25 years! 90% of wood replaced includes an Epoxy No-Soak bottom, New wood on sides, Decks, flooring and interior seating performed by Reardon Boat Works in the Dallas, Texas area. The owner finished the stain, varnish, and chrome. Both engines were rebuilt by the late "Mr. B" in Texas and the new leather upholstery was professionally added in 2023. After almost 40 years of drydock, Leading Lady won "Best in Class" in the prestigious "Keels & Wheels" boat show in May 2023. Now complete, this "bucket list" project needs a new custodian to take this boat forward into the future.

20 Feet 1985 Elite Craft Riviera

Elite Craft Boats produced roughly 400 boats total from 1979-1993 and of these roughly 300 were Rivieras. They are known for building fiberglass inboard boats designed to look like a 1950’s classic wood runabout. They started production in Michigan in 1979 and moved their facilities to Florida in 1983 & 1984. This boat was the very first boat built at their new Florida location in 1985 (VIN 0001). For many years, the boat was used as a “show boat” and went from boat show to boat show, which meant it never saw water. When the company finally decided to sell, it was purchased by a gentleman in Florida and was a part of his significant boat & car collection. During his ownership, the boat actually made an appearance on the show American Pickers (Season 9, Episode 4). It was then sold to a buyer in Virginia who put the first 5 hours on it in the water. In 2018, the boat was sold to an older gentleman on Lake Tippecanoe in Northeast Indiana. That owner put 17 hours on it during his ownership. The boat remained on Lake Tippecanoe when we purchased the boat in July of 2021. The boat now has 45.8 hours on it.   The boat is all original except for an era appropriate Ivalite spot light that has been mounted to the bow deck. The original electric horn has been replaced by an air horn. Mechanically (351 Ford Crusader), a number of parts have been replaced during our ownership to ensure the boat is running in tip top shape - starter, distributor cap and rotor, ignition module, coil assembly, fuel pump, oil sending unit, throttle cable, low pressure fuel lines (USCG approved), high pressure fuel line (USCG approved), fuel filter, battery, fresh carb rebuild, and repacked prop bearing. Engine oil/filter and transmission oil have been changed every fall and the impeller has been replaced every other spring. This 20’ boat is in nearly perfect condition with absolutely no signs of wear. This boat has always been store indoors or on a cover boat lift. Freshly buffed and waxed last spring. Wiped down after every use and spray waxed regularly. Included is a 1999 AmeraTrail single axle trailer. A custom boat cover was purchased May of 2019.

19 Feet 1969 Chris Craft XK-19

Rare 1969 Christ Craft Super Sport XK19. One of 276 made. Originally designed by famous Jim Wynn to help Chris Craft compete with Donzi in the 1970’s. This is one of only 276 Chris-Craft XK-19's that were ever made. A rare original muscle boat. These striking boats are among the rarest. This boat has been restored. Specific details: The original Corvette 327 small block engine has been recently rebuilt with less then 1-2 hours on engine after rebuild as a result of a cracked block due to transport during a cold snap. In addition, there was a brand new Italian Paragon V-drive installed during the engine rebuild. Engine bay was also completely renovated during overhaul to include new stringers and white fiberglass to showcase the engine. An easy float on aluminum alloy single axle trailer included. Do a quick search and you will find out why the XK-19 is "the sexiest boat every built" This 1969 XK 19 Super Sport is in excellent condition, very limited number manufactured and is extremely rare! This boat has been in our family for 20+ years. It spent 90% of it life on Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho. It was on a dock lift under cover in the summer and stored in a heated garage during winter. We relocated to the coast in WA and have since acquired an ocean boat. We have few places to use the Chris as lakes in the area are non-motorized or not very large. Sadly, she needs a new home in an area more suited to this type of boating. Please give us a call if you are interested.

20 Feet 1960 Home Made Race Boat

This is a very unique and old Mahogany racing boat. Incredible craftsmanship with sleek lines built for speed and wonderful bronze work around the engine bay panels The boat is 20 ft long. Its width at the widest point is approximately 6 ft and draft of approximately 3 ft. It runs off a 351 High Performance Ford Windsor Engine. Date code of engine production is 1969. It was found in a large warehouse owned by a gentleman that also owned a very large Shipyard in Charleston SC. One years ago he died from COVID and the family wanted to liquidate everything in the warehouse. This boat had been sitting there for at least 20 years. It’s water tight without any leaks and is believed to be built sometime in the 60s 0r 70’s Research shows nothing we can find similar to it but its craftsmanship is stunning and must have taken years to build, probably in upstate New York. When I purchased the boat we decided to rebuild everything internally which included all wiring, and hoses. I also replace the fuel tank and fuel lines with new one since the fuel had turned to lacquer over the years. Upon taking the heads off the engine we found the cylinders to be bright which lead us to believe that it was a new rebuild with little or no hours of use. Watch the video and you will see how good the engine sounds. Carburetor was also rebuilt and new head covers and carburetor air intake cover were installed. The entire interior was repainted a gun metal gray. All gauges work. It is recommended that the boat bottom be repainted and the mahogany recoated. The boat seats two and all instrumentation is easily accessible. Steering Wheel is Mahogany. This is a one of a kind Antique Mahogany boat just waiting for the right collector to bring it back to 100% and take to the water.

25 Feet 1949 Chris-Craft Sportsman w/ Twins

Rare one of a kind 1949 25' Sportsman with Twin KL engines. This boat has been fully restored from the bottom up. No expense was spared on this boat. All outer planks, bottom, sides, and decks were replaced. Both engines were totally rebuilt. Gauges restored by Clawson instruments, all chrome redone, interior, wiring, and much more. This boat is considered as one of the Family Boats. Six 25' hulls were constructed in the Holland, MI plant, one for each Smith brother, and one each for their attorney, lumber supplier, and one for the Ford family. Each was equipped with twin 105 hp KL's (except for one). Each of the six boats have two hull cards, one from the Holland factory, indicting the boats were "to be completed by factory at Algonac", and another from Algonac, where very special modifications and equipment were installed. Each boat received a shock-absorber dampened front seat, said to have been supplied by a friend of Bernard Smith, who manufactured them for the U.S. Army, as used in tanks. Rumor had it the seat did its' job so well, the Smith's thought owners would beat the bottoms out of their boats if they made it an option! Each boat also received the optional aft seat, with a live well under the starboard 2/3 of the seat, and a cooler under the port 1/3. Each boat had an aft steering tiller installed, and a pre-war single pane folding windshield (except for one), and a fish pole locker with locking door. For more detail on the "special six", see Woody Boater: http://www.woodyboater.com/blog/2015/09/24/the-special-25-sportsman-of-1949-six-very-special-wooden-boats/

18 Feet 1951 Chris-Craft Riviera

Our 18 ft. Riviera , the “ Linden Lady ”, has been in the family since 1981. In 1982 through 1984, the boat went through a total restoration of the entire hull , running gear (propellor, shaft, log & coupling) and interior . The engine block assembly received an entire rebuild in 1987 - 88 and all ancillary equipment was refurbished/replaced as needed including; the generator, starter, water pump, fuel pump, engine mounts, reverse gear, distributor and gauges. The electrical system was upgraded to 12 volts, oil filter and an automatic bilge pump was added at that time. My stewardship began in 2004. My goal has been measured restoration, improved safety/reliability and enjoyment for the family. As a result, she is in very good condition, mechanically sound and structurally strong. I have always relied upon Central New York professionals for her care. The “Linden Lady” is a great family boat to enjoy on the lake or a good candidate for anyone wanting a showboat. She has spent her life on Otisco Lake in NY, has received great care and always been stored under cover. Upgrades & Repairs since 2004: (some dating is approximated) Bottom was replaced using 3M 5200 system by Skaneateles Wooden Boat Co.(2004). Special cylinder head studs installed, head resurfaced, new gasket installed and TDC indicator added to bell housing. New stern pole was added.(2009). Replaced; tach cable, temperature gauge & sensor and throttle brake.(2012) Fuse box added. Wiring and terminations checked, tightened and secured.(2016) Carburetor was rebuilt and “spin-on” fuel filter was added. Fuel tank was removed, cleaned, reinstalled and fuel line was replaced. Deck hardware was re-chromed and fuel cap was replaced. New SS dual - tone horns were added to the foredeck.(2015-16) Stuffing boxes on shaft and rudder were repacked and coupling alignment was checked. Engine exhaust elbow was replaced. (2016- 17) Topsides were refinished, the boottop stripe re-scribed and painted to original coloring. Some transom wood was replaced before the completion of the topsides. Decks were caulked, new striping applied and then refinished. The bottom was stripped, thoroughly checked and repainted to the OEM Coloring. (2018-19) Oil pressure and tachometer gauges were refurbished, calibrated and re-chromed. New generator belt was installed. Engine oil changed. Plastic windscreens were replaced with new safety glass.(2022)

21.5 Feet 1936 Greavette Custom Runabout

A spectacular example of the craftsmanship by Greavette Boatworks of Muskoka, Ontario; this "Special" 21.5 ' Runabout was built for Col. Moody, Vice President of Greavette Boats in 1936. She was one of only 6 hulls produced in this length. The uniqueness of this particular boat was that it was the only example with covered decks from the rear seat aft and was given "fancy upgrade" consisting of a custom windshield, steering wheel, instrument cluster and hardware. This rendition was named a "Custom", whereas all of the others were "Utility" hulls with an open rear cockpit and a motor box and standard hardware, basic instrument gauges and steering wheel. The boat was originally named "Rob Roy" after the Moody's two sons, Rob and Roy. Mr. Bruce Wilson, subsequent owner of Greavette Boats, acquired Rob Roy in the 1960's, replaced the original bottom and re-powered the boat with the current Chevrolet "327"cu.in. V8 engine. Rob Roy was purchased by Mr. R.E. McDermott, Port Carling ,ON , where it was boat housed at his summer cottage near Mortimer's Point, ON. The boat has been under the stewardship of her current owner since July of 1978. She was comprehensively restored in 1982-1983 with new decks, engine hatches, interior, dash, upholstery, floors, wiring, gauges, complete varnish and re-chrome and the boat was re-named "AliCat" after his daughter "Ali" and wife "Cathy". During the Fall of 2016 the "AliCat" underwent a refresh where she received a complete new transom and re-varnish of the decks and sides. Fully detailed and enjoyed during the 2021 season, then laid up for storage. She is in exceptional condition today and perfect example of a collectable, Canadian built classic! Ready to go!

16 Feet 1961 Borum

The boat is a 1961 16' Borum Corsair with a small sleeping area in the bow. It has sliding windows in the V cushioned front area. It has a fold down front seat that lowers for even more area and storage below. The boat has a large rear cock pit with a well wall petition between transom area. The well wall can accommodate additional rear seat and or deck chairs can be placed on cock pit floor. Boat has had a complete 100% restoration and is a 100% clean wood rot free boat. Boat has all new upholstery to include all cushions, Bimini top with boot, side curtains and camper top rear canvas which have never been used. It has new Bay Star hydraulic steering, brand new old stock MerControl box, control cables and harness. New tachometer and hour meter and fuel gage. It is equipped with new bilge pump and float switch. Has new fuel tank, fuel sender and Racor fuel filter. New battery, vintage battery box, battery switch and new charger. The boat has two Coca-Cola coolers installed along with fire extinguisher, whistle, well mounted paddle, dock lines and fenders. The main engine is a 1986 Mercury 90 HP inline six with power trim and tilt two stroke decaled as a 1965 model year. Motor has had a complete 100% restoration and rebuild from top to bottom. The boat has an auxiliary engine bracket installed on transom. The auxiliary engine is a 1984 Mercury 9.8 HP two cylinder two stroke electric start long shaft decaled as a 1965 model year. Motor has had a complete 100% restoration and rebuild from top to bottom. The trailer is and original Gator trailer with a 100% restoration and has a painted matching spare tire and dolly jack , tie downs with original restored winch. This boat is a 100% turn key boat with 1 hour run time on engines. Boat has full cover.. Have to sell because of medical emergency!

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