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  IDBoat DescriptionPrice (USD)Picture
30135 Feet Set of framed Race Boat Regatta PostersNo Reserve -
Up for Auction at the 2011 Clayton Boat Auction this year will be a complete set of Framed Race Boat Regatta Show Posters. This is a complete set of all of the Clayton Race Boat Regatta Posters in identical frames which have been professionally framed and they look gorgeous. This is a must have set for any Race Boat enthusiast and will look awesome in any boat house, great room or boy's room. This set will be sold complete and without reserve at the 2011 Clayton Boat Auction and bidders are able to present bids by phone, in person or via proxy bid.
31163 Feet Hudson/Hall Scott Invader Engine$4,500 -
Hall-Scott/Hudson Invaders are 998 cubic inch overhead cam marine engines used in large runabouts, commuters cruisers after the mid twenties. At 275 hp @ 1700 rpm, these engines were the desirable top end option for many manufacturers. This engine is absolutely complete and shows no evidence of having been mounted in a boat.
31707 Feet Vintage Skull w/ Oars$3,000 -
31831Vintage Tilting Boat Trailer$350 -
This 1953 tilt boat trailer would make a great pairing with your boat project. Manufacturer unknown. Needs restoration but is in solid condition.
318581948 Chrysler M-7 with V-drive$2,000 -
Motor was in my 48 Shepherd. It is a M-7 with V-drive. Motor has had top end work and runs well. V-Drive has been gone thought and is in good shape. I upgraded to a V-8 is the reason I am selling. You get the motor, V-Drive, and exhaust elbow and copper exhaust pipe/ 2 1/2"
31172 Feet -
A gorgeous and rare 30 Foot 1929 Triple Cockpit Runabout. The boat has the original 1929 Kermath 6 cylinder engine which is in excellent condition. It is completed with a 2000 Loadmaster trailer which will pull the boat beautifully. This is a one off boat made by a well known Canadain builder reknowned for their craftsmanship.
319851965 Chrysler Golden Lion V8 Engine$3,200 -
This is a totally complete, original Chrysler Golden Lion. All correct wiring, hoses, and dual Carter 4-barrel carburetors. This is one size of the popular Chrysler "wedge block" of the mid 1960's. Model 426 DWR10 (RH Clockwise Std Rotation) Seems to be a low hours motor in very nice shape, internally. Complete with transmission. In 51"x43"x36" crate.
35852 Feet Blackbird Runabout$99,000 -
35937Painting by Artist Jimi McKee -
A painting by well known local artist Jimi McKee from Orillia, Ontario depicting a few fishermen and their birch bark canoe, reeling in a "big one"
35886Gray Marine Inboard Engines$400 -
Two Gray Marine engines for parts or rebuild. First engine is a Gray Marine model Express 244. Serial number is D6065. This engine would be mainly for parts or rebuild. Second engine is a Gray Model 109, serial number M10370. The model 109 was a running take out several years ago. Both motors have 12V systems. $400 each or make an offer on the pair!
35949Disappearing Propeller Boat Co. Oar -
A great wall hanger for the cottage or boathouse! This is an original, spoon blade Dispro oar. Nicely restored with a new decal, fresh varnish, and leather.
359531991 Load Rite Boat Trailer$475 -
Very nice little trailer in excellent condition with carpeted bunks....accommodate 12' - 15'
36028Owens Flagship 100hp Engine$3,500 -
Owens Flagship engine manufactured in Baltimore Md. Rebuilt engine and transmission, pistons, valves, Carter BB1 carb, cloth covered wires, plugs and coil. Comes with engine dolly for easy transportation and owners manual.
3654126 Feet 1988 EZ Loader Trailer$2,000 -
A good roller trailer that will handle up to a 26' boat. Needs minor repairs. 8100 lbs capacity.
30589 Feet Champion, SeaKing outboards$400 -
Here is a selection of show quality antique outboard engines for sale by the restorer. All are priced at $400 each and come with a stainless steel stand and are in running condition. They include a 1946-47 Champion, a 1948 SeaKing (Montgomery Ward). They are beautifully restored and have correct paint and decals as well as NOS parts where required.
30607 Feet Gray Marine 327 Engine 225hp$1,000 -
Gray Marine 327 225hp engine with velvet drive trans is as is, used condition. Out of the boat and ready for your project!
30689 Feet Gary Marine Phantom 6 115hp engine$600 -
This Gray Marine engine originally came from a 1950 16' Century Resorter. Complete with dual carbs, transmission, and all other parts with the exception of the cam shaft. Current owner has had it for the last 30 years and it has been stored indoors.
3727516 Feet St. Lawrence SkiffNo Reserve -
In one Family for many years this beautiful St. Lawrence Skiff has been donated to the Antique Boat Museum and all proceeds will go to support their many programs. The oars are Shaw & Tenney and includes the trailer as shown. A perfect addition to your fleet here on the River.
3760416 Feet West Branch CanoeNo Reserve -
Approximatley 30 years old and was sold new by Chalk's Marina in Fisher's Landing. This Canoe has been donated to the Antique Boat Museum and 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit their many programs. Offered for sale with NO RESERVE.
38123Scripps Engine Collection$16,000 -
Scripps engine collection: one 208 complete needs rebuild, one 209 complete, one 152 no crank or pistons, one 202 long block, one 168 long block, one 206 lower case, misc. starters, generator heads dd-5 carbs, elbows, caps and rotors, extra pistons and rods. build two nice 208's and have lots of spare parts left over. $16,000 usd, will not part out.
38291Clayton Race Boat Regatta Show Posters - Years 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006No Reserve -  
Being offered for Auction are the official Clayton Race Boat Regatta Posters from the years 2000-2006 (a biennial event), framed in white oak. Paired with the matching Century Club plaques. Sold as a lot with No Reserve!
38292Boat Show Posters from Buffalo Launch Club, Lake Winnipesaukee, and GravenhurstNo Reserve -  
Offered for Auction are a variety of Boat Show Posters from the Gravenhurst Boat Show in 2000 featuring the famous race boat known as Rainbow III, the 2003 Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Show featuring a trio of famous Gold Cup Race Boats (Sister Syn, Scotty and Ethyl Ruth IV), and the 2008 Buffalo Launch Club Boat Show Poster. Sold as a lot, this is a nice collection featuring some iconic boats. Sold as a lot with No Reserve!
38294Boat Show Posters from the Thousand Islands Shipyard MuseumNo Reserve -  
Offered for Auction from the Dave Ryel Collection are three very rare Boat Show Posters from the Thousand Island Shipyard Museum, which later became the Antique Boat Museum as we know it. Some great pieces of local history and a look into how the Museum started out. These posters are from 1986, 1987, and 1988. All are nicely framed and in very good condition. Sold as a lot with No Reserve!
38296Antique Boat Show Posters from 1992, 1997, 1998No Trailer -  
Offered for Auction from the Dave Ryel Collection are three framed posters from the Antique Boat Museum's Annual Boat Show from 1992 (autographed by artist, Michael Ringer), the 1997 Boat Show (autographed by Tony Lewis and Cedric Maycock), and the 1998 Boat Show poster featuring a collection of skiffs. Sold as a lot with No Reserve.
38297Antique Boat Museum Boat Show Posters from 2002 and 2004 -  
Offered for Auction are two Boat Show Posters from the Clayton Boat Show from the years 2002 and 2004. Both of these framed posters are in very good condition and are from the Dave Ryel Collection. Sold as a pair with No Reserve!
38430Gray Marine 6 Model 109 Engine$3,900 -
Freshly rebuilt Gray Marine 109 6-cylinder engine. This motor had a complete rebuild --$3,900-- in 2009 for a Lyman project which never materialized. Engine was painted, timed and run recently and is drop-in ready! We are clearing space in the shop, ready to let it go.
38517Scripps 208 225 HP Rebuilt Engine$35,000 -
Purchased from Martin Smith Estate as Complete engine. All work done by John Allen, winner of Multiple engine awards including Lake Tahoe best engine. New Valves, Camshaft ground,Crank polished, New pistons Carburetor rebuilt, generator rebuilt. Painted, chromed, detailed. Ready to be installed.
38290Clayton Raceboat Regatta Show Posters - Years 1992, 1994, 1996, and 1998 -  
Offered for auction is this lot of Clayton Raceboat Regatta posters from 1992, 1994, 1996 and 1998. The Race Boat Regatta is a biennial event hosted by the Antique Boat Musuem. These posters are nicely framed and from the personal collection of Dave Ryel, a well known enthusiast and friend in the antique boating world. The posters are also matched with plaques from the Century Club, which makes a fine set. Sold as a lot with No Reserve!
38295Small Craft Festival Poster from 1998 and 2002No Reserve -  
A pair of Antique Boat Museum Small Craft Festival posters from 1998 and 2002. Nice condition and perfect for the small craft enthusiast. Sold as a pair with No Reserve.
36986 Feet 1910 +/- $50 each -
A very nice pair of bentwood cane seats for a St Lawrence Skiff. Recaned and refinished in excellent condition.
3651518 Feet 1920's St Lawrence Skiff$1,500 -
This is a 1920's era St. Lawrence Skiff. As with many of these builders, there is no name plate or markings to designate the manufacturer. The Skiff is 18 feet long and 46 inches at its widest point. The Skiff is in good solid condition and is ready and deserving of some restoration work to bring it back to its former glory.
365601920's Wicker Chairs -
These square wicker chairs were made for a client in the 1920's but the contract was never fulfilled. The builder kept the chairs for these many years and they were passed down to future generations. The Family is now selling them to someone who could use them for a Launch.
30602 Feet 1920's Rolls Royce Meteor Engine$50,000 -
A fabulous piece of boating engineering. This is a World War II Rolls Royce Metor 12 Cylinder. The engine was originally in a Hacker Craft and was marinized with 1650 cubic inch displacement offering 650 HP and 2700 rpm. The engine has been restored and is in excellent running condition and ready for installation into your classic watercraft.
31578 Feet 1926 Old Town Square Stern$2,200 -
A Old Town Square Stern with folding seat backs. This Old Town has been fibreglassed and is ready for the water. These early models with the folding seatbacks were not seen on later models produced in the 30's , 40's and 50's. This boat was once in the Antique Boat Museum's collection but has been deaccessioned.
393461926 Scripps F6 Engine$8,500 -  
This 1926-1927 Scripps F6 engine was original sold to the Chris Craft Factory in Algonac, MI in 1927 and installed in a first-year Chris Craft 22' Cadet. She has been rebuilt and in good running order. Would be a perfect drop-in candidate for an early launch or runabout project.
381981927 Johnson K-35 6hp Outboard Motorno reserve -
This Johnson model K-35 6hp outboard motor has been graciously donated to this year's Auction and all proceeds from the sale will benefit the Antique Boat Museum. She appears to be in complete condition, it's not seized, and has good compression!
381991928 Johnson K-40 7.5hp Outboard Motorno reserve -
This Johnson Standard-Twin, model K-40 outboard motor has been graciously donated to this year's Auction and all proceeds from the sale will benefit the Antique Boat Museum. Barn-find condition, complete, and ready for restoration. Engine is not seized and would be an easy project!
384221929 Kermath Model-200 Engine$4,000 -
Offered for sale is a complete 1929 Kermath Model-200 engine as well as a 1927 Kermath Model-150 for parts. Between the two engines, there should be enough parts to have a functional Model-200. The 200 is a complete engine, but with one bad cylinder. The cylinder bank from the 150 engine is identical and in good condition, making a suitable replacement. Offered at a very reasonable price!
318421929 Kermath Dual Carb 200 HP engine$19,500 -
Fully rebuilt engine from bottom up. . The manifolds are new Crow Custom Cast welded. There are 2 options for the Carbs. The Scheblers have a very well deserved reputation and nicknamed the "leakers" for a reason and I would not use them in any of my boats. The Zeniths have a slightly larger bore and work very well on this engine. They should provide a few more ponies to boot. I will provide either set of carbs for my price. PRICE JUST REDUCED 7/31/17.
31770 Feet 1931 Hall Scott Engine$3,500 -
A truly rare piece of American muscle. This Hall Scott is 90% intact with manifold, carburetors and transmission. The engine turns over but not in running condition. This is a great piece that would really complete a collection
26462 Feet 1934 Champion Outboard MotorBest Offer -  
This Champion Outboard Motor has good compression but the owner has not tried to start it. It is missing a spark plug cap. Owner is open to best offer and shipping is a possibility
31951 20 Feet 1935 Dodge Hard Top Utility$19,900 -
One of the last remaining examples of the Dodge Hard Top utility - a very rare find! The Model 402-A was designed to be a "all-weather" cruiser at the price point of a standard runabout. This example has been wonderfully restored over the years with much new hull planking, new stem, transom, several frames, and a refastened bottom (with stainless fasteners). Repowered with a 1955 Chrysler Crown engine. She has been a favorite at 18 Antique & Classic shows over the last 20 years - needs nothing but a new captain! New price!
364461940's Chrysler M47S Engines (Pair)$1,000 -
Here is a pair of Chrysler M47S engines. Years unknown. Counter rotating engines. Sold as a pair. Both were removed from a cruiser many years ago. Transmissions included, believed to be 2:1 transmissions. Internal condition unknown. They have been stored in a barn for many years. Both appear to be complete. Should have enough parts between the two engines to make one good engine.
29080 Feet 1940's Buchanan Junior$600 -
This Buchanan motor has a bull dog gear. Gear and flywheel cover and oil pan all aluminum. Motor ran when taken out for upgrade. Pictures and info upon request.
28484 Feet 1940's Gray Marine Phantom 4 Engine$600 -
This motor was found in a garage which belonged to a person who was an amateur restorer. The engine appears to be complete and has been "hand turned" so it is not frozen. Apart from that very little is known about the motor but we will try and answer any or your questions as best as we can
3813916 Feet 1940's Adirondack Guide Boat$4,500 -
This Adirondack Canoe has never been fiberglassed. All of the canvas is intact and the ribs and frames are all in good condition. The owner has relocated to the West Coast and is no longer using the Guide boat.
39267Sterling Motor Yacht and a Chris Craft Custom Boat ModelNo Reserve -
This is a beautiful Sterling Motor Yacht Chris Craft made of all wood construction with fine details such as life preserver, cleats, horns, a door, ladder, portholes and interior shades. It is covered with a nice teal color paint on the chairs and hull of the boat. In outstanding condition the boat measures 31 inches long, 8 inches wide and 9 inches tall. Also included in this lot is a small scale wooden Chris Craft Boat Model mounted on a gold accented display stand. This model is also in exceptional condition.
392701940's Custom Chris Craft Boat ModelNo Reserve -
Based on a 1940's Chris Craft Wooden Runabout called "Whoa Nellie" moored out of Lake George. Water will not get inside this boat although it does not have an engine, batter or remote control. This is a well made model with plank of frame construction where each strip of wood is applied to the hull on eta a time. All mahogany wood and highly polished to a smooth finish. Many layers of paint and varnish applied. 32 inches long by 8 inches wide and 5 inches depth. Carefully painted just like the actual Chris Craft Dual Cockpit.
30641 Feet 1946 Kermath Sea Jeep Engine$1,200 -
Never used, 1946 Kermath Sea Jeep Engine. It's been stored in a covered garage and has been with one owner. Unfortunate circumstances have landed it with me and I'd like to find it a nice home where it can be utilized. Original documents support engine.
30276 Feet 1946 Century Seamaid$20,000 -  
365551957 Chrysler Crown 135hp Engine$6,600 -
This twin carburetor Chrysler Crown engine was originally in a 1947 Chris Craft Sportsman. The engine was removed as the owner opted for another engine and chose to have this engine sent out to well known engine builder George Shinn. It has been completely rebuilt and carefully detailed and has zero hours on the engine since it was completed. It is now ready for install into your boat and would be well suited for a 20-23 Foot vessel of your choosing and would serve it well with about a 30-35MPH performance.
365661947 Chrysler Crown Inboard Engine$1,200 -
This engine was running during the spring of 2014. It was removed from a 37' Sport Fishing Cruiser. 2:1 reduction transmission. Appears to be complete.
37568-- Feet 1947 Packard Engine$18,000 -
Packard IM-245 Zero hours on it since a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration. tumbled. Block decked, head surfaced, block honed 0.60, new pistons, new connecting rods, new bronze valve guides, hard valve seats installed, new stainless valves new cylinder head studs, new intake and exhaust studs, new chrome cylinder head acorn nuts and washers, new valve springs, N.O.S camshaft, new timing gears, new oil pump, all new gaskets. Restored carburetor, distributor, raw water pump (with new shafts, bearings and grease-less seals) new copper cooling lines, new correct marine thermostat, new spark plugs and vintage style cloth wrapped plug wires, restored generator, new voltage regulator, restored starter. It is RH rotation and 2:04 gear ratio. Price includes shipping and insurance to anywhere in North America. International buyers can discuss transport.
358801950's 10hp Evinrude Outboard Motor -  
The perfect match for a small cedar strip outboard boat! 10hp, 2 cylinders.
358811950's 30hp Evinrude Outboard Motor -  
Here is the motor you need for your vintage Peterborough or your classic fiberglass boat! 30hp Evinrude, twin cylinder.
39135Chris-Craft Hercules "M" Engine$6,000 -
This 1952 engine was purchased from a military supply sale and marinized for putting into a boat from that time period. After being fitted out for water use, the engine was run on the dyno for six (6) hours and as such is pretty much new. This would nicely into any number of Chris-Craft boat such as a 22 foot Sportsman, a 25 foot Sportsman or any of the mid-range Chris-Craft made in the late 1940's and early 1950's. The engine sits on a steel stand with rollers on it.
391601952 Mercury KH-7 Cruiser Outboard$875 -
A very rare, 1-year only outboard built in 1952. The KH-7 was the precursor to the Mercury Mark 15 and Mark 20 models and was the first model to offer a full gear shift option. This example has been expertly restored with new bearings, seals, gaskets, water pump impeller, and fresh paint. Sold complete with stand and operator's manual.
303291954 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Truck$12,500 -
This Chevy 3100 5-window was originally painted in dark green with a cream colored cab top. It was originally owned by a logger in Oregon and the rear bumper was a factory option. The truck was used for regular service until 1976. It was put back on the road in 1985 and the engine was replaced with a rebuilt 235ci inline 6 of the same era. A new fuel tank and sending unit have been installed. Comes with shop manuals and owner's manual. Needs a few minor things, but otherwise gas and go!
30756 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Model M Engine$1,500 -
This Chris Craft Model M engine was pulled from a 1955 Chris Craft Sportsman U-22. The engine runs but will need a fuel pump and a set of spark plugs.
31478 Feet 1957 Mercury Mark 25 Outboard$1,000 -
A very nice fully restored Mercury Mark 25 outboard. Manual start.
31479 Feet 1957 Mercury Mark 25 Outboard$750 -
A beautifully Mercury Mark 25 outboard with electric start.
39296Mahogany from a 1957 Chris Craft Sea SkiffNo Reserve -
Being offered today is a variety of Mahogany which came from a 1957 18 foot Chris Craft Sea Skiff. The boat was damaged and as such the wood is no longer required. This wood is expensive and easily restorable. It is being offered with No Reserve.
37768Cadillac Crusader 365cid 300hp Engine (1957-1958)$5,000 -
Cadillac Crusader engine, 365ci with dual-quad carbs. Crated and ready to ship. Complete less port manifold.
319441958 Johnson Sea Horse 35 HP Outboard Motor$1,200 -
This 1958 Johnson RDE-19C is a 35 HP Outboard Motor with Electric start. It is offered with one new Michigan wheel 10 1/2 X 12 powder coated black prop and one used OMC prop- primed. New seals, coils, carb rebuild, water pump, starter refurbished and lots of misc. parts. The unit has been repainted but the white was left original as the decals are excellent. The switch box includes a new starter solenoid and battery cables. The engine idles and runs very well. The starter ,motor is very strong and spins the powerhead very fast.. Even though the owner lives in Florida, the motor has NEVER been used in salt water.
3191218 Feet 1960 Lyman Runabout$2,500 -  
3585616 Feet 1961 Renken Outboard Runabout$500 -
All dates are estimates. Years of fun with my Dad driving this the 60s and 70s! It has been covered up for a couple of decades. My Dad passed away last year, so I was hoping to find someone who might enjoy working on it. I have very little information! I think the boat and motor are from the early 60s. (There is also a Mark 55A motor for sale, that one was from 1959 according to the serial number.) Pretty sure my Dad was the original owner. He suffered from stroke, so when we would talk about the things he loved (mostly fishing, chocolate, and the History channel!) he would say it might leak (yikes!), the Merc800 motor might need a carburetor. I am not able to test out the motor or the boat.
31301 Feet 1964 Chrysler M-80 Engine$10,000 -
This 1964 Chrysler 177 HP M-80 engine is ready and waiting for a full rebuild and can be fitted up and painted for install into a Riva or boat of your choice. The price includes full rebuild, appropriate stickers, correct repainting and delivery anywhere in the Eastern part of the country.
392681964 Chris Craft Custom Boat ModelNo Reserve -
Based on a 1964 20 Chris Craft Super Sport Model this boat is named "Show Girl". It is one of the well known Dumas Models and is a double planked mahogany and expanded PVC hull construction. This could be either a static display or finished off to be radio controlled. The boat does not come with motor or batteries but these can be purchased at most hobby stores. The boat is 30 inches long, and 10 inches on the beam. It is being offered with a display stand.
31175 Feet 1965 Chrysler Golden Lion 426cid 325hp$4,500 -
This engine was removed from a Greavette racer many years ago when the, then owner wanted to up his speed in his boat. The engine is a Chrysler Golden Lion 426 cubic inch wedge block with twin 4-barrel carbs producing 325hp.
37968 Feet 1974 Aristo-Craft Outboard$1,500 -  
30083 Feet 1976 Century Ski Boat$3,200 -
Hull and upholstery are in very nice condition. Engine is in good running shape. Boat needs some work but is a very worthy candidate. 454 Mercruiser engine is fresh water cooled with a v-drive configuration. Great ski boat with loads of power!
30410 Feet 1983 350 Crusader Chevy Engine$3,000 -
Engine and transmission only, no boat. Runs great, really dependable. Always cruised, never run hard. Transmission is a velvet drive model AS7-71C, Serial number 7975, ratio 1.91-1. Motor located in the 1000 Islands area.
3645814 Feet 1988 Faut Latif Canoe$4,000 -
Absolutely beautiful canoe built in 1988. Looks stunning.... Only used a handful of times since new!
30281 Feet 2000 St. Lawrence Skiff -  
383502001 Load Rite Tandem Axle Trailer$2,500 -
This Load Rite tandem axle trailer is equipped with a fully adjustable bunk setup and hydraulic brakes. Very low mileage and previously held a 25 foot cruiser. Was used for short distance travel and storage. Excellent condition and ready to go!
30778 Feet circa 1900 Wicker-Kraft Wicker Chairs$1,600 -
Being offered for sale are two Wicker Chairs made by The Wicker-Kraft Co and manufactured in Newburgh,New York around 1900. The Wicker-Kraft tag is still on one of the chairs the original number sticker is on the bottom of both chairs. They are natural wicker diminutive chairs which are perfect for Launches and or Cruisers. Both chairs are square back with matching arms and are 31" high, 22" wide and 21" deep. There are a few area where the cane is broken but they are sturdy and in otherwise good condition. These chairs were on a boat owned by a Doctor in Montana at the turn of the century and we have photos of people sitting in these exact chairs in or around 1920. These chairs are being offered for $ 1600 for the pair.
36312 Feet Wicker-Kraft Chairs $1,200 -
Offered are two Wicker-Kraft chairs from the Dorothy, a classic launch from the Fulton Chain of Lakes in the West-Central Adirondacks. They are in good shape, and each has all original wicker and their original stickers from the company, indicating that they were sold in a set. The chairs are also tagged in the back. Although we aren't sure, we estimate these chairs to be about 100 years old, as the Dorothy was made in the 1910's. There is some broken wicker in the seats, but they are certainly still usable and otherwise in good shape. Wicker-Kraft Company was based in Newburgh, NY. The Dorothy is now on display in the Clayton, NY wooden boat museum.
31648 Feet Mid 50's Cal Connell Engine 250HP$3,000 -
Complete Cal Connell Cadillac marine engine used in the Chris Craft Cobra and large Centurys.
36403Wicker Skiff Chair$475 -
This is a very rare, very old Skiff Chair. Lovely condition with beautiful wicker detailing.
3630327 Feet 1986 Grand Craft Triple Cockpit Runaout$75,000 -
31950Lycoming 225 Cubic Inch Engine$22,000 -
This Lycoming engine is a 225 cid, six cylinder triple carburetor motor is offered fresh out of a full rebuild. It is a racing engine with an aluminum cylinder head.
28692-- Feet Falconer Racing Engine$40,000 -
This is a Falconer Racing engine that was installed in boat, “Will O The Wisp”. The engine was manufactured by Ryan Falconer. It is an aluminum block V-12 based on a small block Chevy design. It has a MoTec ignition system and fuel management system and can be adjusted to run a desired fuel map/ignition map via laptop. The engine weighs 580 lbs bobtail and puts out 620 HP @ 5000 rpm. An external IAC stepper has been installed to stabilize the idle at low rpm’s . The engine has approximately 40 hours on it. Equipped with a closed loop cooling system and only used in fresh water. It has a custom built Borg Warner Velvet drive 1 to 1 ratio transmission that was beefed up to handle the torque produced.
39278Evinrude Fast Twin OutboardNo Reserve -
1950's Evinrude Fleet Twin Outboard Motor. She is in original condition, spins freely, and looks like it could be a good runner with a little bit of TLC. Sold with no reserve and proceeds will benefit the ABM.
39316Paddles, Creel and Wicker Wine BasketNo Reserve -
A combination pack consisting of two paddles, a wicker fishing Creel with leather accents and a wicker wine holder with leather straps for holding a corkscrew and accessories. These 4 items are being sold today as one single lot at No Reserve.
38293Framed Charts of the St Lawrence RiverNo Reserve -  
A pair of framed St. Lawrence River Charts to adorn any home, camp or cottage. One is Chart # 14766 from Grenadier Island to Bartlett Point, and the other is Chart # 14767 from Bartlett Point to Cape Vincent. Both frames are in excellent condition and are dated November 15th, 1986. Both come from the Dave Ryel collection and have been well cared for. Sold as a pair with No Reserve!
38353 -- Feet 1918 Liberty V-12 Marine Engine$50,000 -
Liberty V-12 400 H.P. S.C.(Signal Corps) 26774 1649 cu. in. 10-28-18 Still in Original Cosmoline. No rust/corrosion evident. Engine appears complete including: Liberty Distributors Intake Manifold 2 Zenith US-52 Carbs Water Lines + Pump Oil Lines Generator Ignition Harness Spark Plugs Liberty Duplex Ignition Switch
39148-- Feet 1918-1920 Hispano-Suiza Engine 650 HP$20,000 -
The Hispano-Suiza 12 cylinder engine is an aircraft engine produced by Hispano-Suiza for the French Air Force in the Pre-World War II period. Later a number of these engines were brought to the United States as Hispano participated in New York to Paris long distance endurance flights. All of these engines were tested for 25 hours before leaving the factory and it is believed that this unit has not been run since that time. Thus engine would be suitable as a spare parts or new engine for any marine conversion Hispano-Suiza but currently has NOT been marinized.
37671-- Feet 1929 Chris Craft A-120 Engine$33,000 -
This Chris Craft A-120 engine is indeed a rare beast. Brought out of a 27 Foot Chris Craft Runabout this engine is one of only 704 A-120's ever built and very hard to find.
36950Gray Marine Phantom 6 Model 125 HP$500 -
Model D15164 Engine turns over and is complete. Owner has had the engine since 2001 and was given to the owner as a wedding present.
369491948 Chrysler 6 Cylinder Engine$500 -
This Chrysler engine came from a single engine Chris Craft cabin cruiser. Turns over. Model S147-718 engine. Has a Zenith Carburetor. Has been winterized. We have everything including the mounting plates and the transmission.
319631949 Single Cylinder Kermath Engine$1,700 -
This 1949 single cylinder Kermath engine is fully restored with a forward reverse shift, prop and shaft. It bears the serial number of 9B0EF50 and is in perfect condition.
30979-- Feet 1950's Brennan ImperialNo Reserve -  
This engine has been graciously been donated to the Antique Boat Museum and is being sold today with NO Reserve. This Brennan Motor was built in Syracuse , New York and they were mainly used for smaller launches and motor skiffs. The engine turns over and includes the transmission. This is a piece of Central New York history.
393491952 Ford Marine Engine -- Feet $4,000 -
I purchased at a machine shop in prescott arizona they said it came from a museum I bought it for a 1952 ford car and since things have changed for me so i would like to sell it. Thank you
27068-- Feet 1953 Chris Craft Sportsman U-22 M Engine$5,000 -
Professionally restored and detailed--show quality. Accesories have been rebuilt (e.g fuel pump and carb)Engine proper-original. the engine originals are good and the boat has terrific compression. A new carb was added as well as a new water pump, copper lines, a full flow oil filter, new water pump, rebuilt distributer and generator. The engine was done a well known engine specialist and is in very good condition overall.
28517-- Feet 1954-1955 Dearborn Ford 292 Interceptor Engine$1,000 -
This is a complete core engine and transmission with a dual oil pump. it also has the aluminum exhaust manifolds and complete intake system. It has not been used for many years.
39269Chris Craft Cobra Custom Boat ModelNo Reserve -
This Custom Boat Model is called "Fools Gold" and was drawn after he original boat moored out of Lake Arrowhead. She is fully assembled and is 27 inches in length, 10 inches wide and 6 inches deep. The hull has been water proofed and floats. It is made from Mahogany and has a highly polished smooth finish. This model could be converted into a static display model for your office or den or could be finished into a radio control unit.
29701-- Feet 1958 Chrysler Model RF Engine$1,500 -
This engine is totally complete with v-drive. It was removed from a late 1950's Richardson boat. No parts have been robbed. This is an excellent candidate for rebuilding. It was last run about 15 years ago. SER # 11347v
321381959 Palmer Engine Company$1,000 -
Full set of inboard running gear for boat build or repower. Palmer P60, 30 HP (22kW) gas engine. Universal transmission with V-Drive and stuffing box which includes shaft, skeg, prop, rudder with post and steering gear. Spins freely.4cyl. 64.46 cubic inch, 30 horsepower (22 kW) gas engine produced by the Universal Motor Company with V-drive and stuffing box, includes shaft, skeg, prop, rudder with post and steer gear.
37670-- Feet Hemi 426 Engine$8,200 -
426 hemi bored and stroked to 498 in. hilborn injected 150a pump. stock heads and rockers. large roller cam and gear drive, moon cover, alum. rods, approx. 13 to 1 pistons,Keith Black 4.250 stroker crank,KB/milidon oiling system,mopar duel point distributor with tach drive. block has been ground extensively for lightening, probally leaks.everything is in excellent shape except the block,bearings look like they can be run.can deliver to Fla in fall or Carisile pa end of sept. need to sell
31627-- Feet 1968 Chevy 327 Twin 4 Barrel Engines6000 for pair -
Twin engines, rebuilt, low hours, out of 1968 Pacemaker. Velvet drives also available. I bought the boat for the motors to restore another pacemaker, boat had a broken keel. I removed the motors, but the boat I was going to restore was in storage and there was a fire and I lost the boat. That is why I still have the motors.
39275Set of Wooden Boat Magazines from 1980-1985 No Reserve -  
Being offered for sale is a set of Wooden Boat Magazines form 1980 through to 1985. This is a collection which is in excellent condition and preserved in binders. It is from the Bill Bartoo Collection and being offered at No Reserve.
392811985-1989 Complete Set of Wooden Boat MagazinesNo Reserve -  
Offered for sale at NO RESERVE is a Four Binder set of Wooden Boat Magazines from 1985 through AND including 1989. These are all in excellent condition and offered from the Bill Bartoo Collection.
392831993, 2003, 2015 and 2011 Wooden Boat MagazinesNo Reserve -  
A variety of Wooden Boat Magazines ranging from 2003 to 2015. These are NOT complete sets but rather individual copies and all of them are in excellent condition.
383461998 Prestige Tandem Axel Trailer$2,000 -
This is good solid bunk tandem axel trailer with low mileage and comes with a spare tire. This is ideal for a 24-25 foot boat. The trailer is being sold with a Bill of Sale only.
392822012-1014 Set of Wooden Boat MagazinesNo Reserve -  
Being offered is a complete set of Wooden Boat Magazines from 2012, 2013 and 2014. These are complete set in excellent condition and are being offered with NO Reserve from the Bill Bartoo Collection.
37997Hispano-Suiza Parts - Feet $15,000 -
An extensive collection of Hispano-Suiza parts are being offered for sale. These parts represent a combination of Model "H" 150 HP parts and Model "A" 300 HP parts. The owner wishes to sell them as one lot and as such the buyer must be prepared to accept all of them. There are in total 47 boxes of parts which would assist any Hispano-Suiza owner or engine rebuilder with a supply of parts for years to come.
30863--- Feet 1957 Mercury Mark 30H Motor$4,000 -
Brand new complete rebuild...multiple show winner....but could actually be used on a vintage race boat!! All components with matching serial numbers from factory.
28510-8 Foot 1947 Penn Yan Aero Dinghy$5,000 -
A very original Penn Yan dingy. Oars included, all hardware original, new rub rail. Very scarce...great living room decoration.
265050 Feet 1978 Johnson Outboard Motor$1,200 -
This is a fresh water engine.. with controls.. in beautiful shape. I have not used it in the last five years. It is located in Penna. near Wilkes-Barre. It can be shipped.
265470 Feet Pre-War Kermath Sea Wolf Motor$9,000 -
Serial number is ID# 48458. It is believed that this is a later model with the dual stromberg updrafts. This does have the counterbalanced crankshaft. Motor is in good considtion and will turn and all the valves work. The boat came out of a 1928 26 foot Chris Craft which was originally delivered with a Kermath engine although this engine was NOT the original. Motor comes with a stand and casters which allow it to be easily moved. Motor is 678 Cubic engines with 24 valves and overhead cam, dual ignition system and 12 volt. These engines were used mainly by the Coast Guard and the Military and it is believed that this was a Coast Guard model as the motor comes with a Coast Guard manual. Arrangements for easy delivery terms can be made with the owner.
3821210 Feet 1921 Nevins Yacht Tender$7,000 -
This wooden lapstrake Comet Yacht Tender was built by Henry Nevins Yacht Builders of New York in the 1920's. Nevins Yachts were built in City Island, New York. The boat is really too short for rowing but well set up as a tender for a larger yacht. As a matching pair for a Nevis yet this combination would be first rate. When found the paint was removed from the inside and out. It was the coated with Gougeon Brothers epoxy system. The bottom was then painted with copper bronze paint. The builders plate is on the boat as is the hull ID # stamped inside. A new pair of oars with leather collars were added to the at either the bow or the mid ship rowing position. A gorgeous little boat and a great piece of New York boat building history.
3912510 Feet 1930 Century Cyclone Outboard Raceboat$8,500 -
The Century Cyclone was one of the builder's first and most successful outboard racing designs. Built for B and C-class racing, the Cyclone was a John Hacker-refined design. These boats are very rare to find and this example was discovered in an Upstate NY barn prior to her restoration. Nicely restored and maintains almost all original wood. Period correct hand-painted lettering. 2016 winner of best preserved raceboat in Skaneateles. Complete with 1928 Elto Speedster engine, fitted trailer, and a custom travel cover.
2815710 Feet 1930's Penn Yan Ensign Dinghy$2,200 -
A Penn Yan Boat Company was founded by Charles A Herrmann in 1921. A brief history can be found online on Penn Yan Boat Company. It has a canvas bottom, and in good shape. Am moving and have to sell.
2881710 Feet 1940 Peterborough TenderNo Reserve -  
This Peterborough Tender has been beautifully restored and will be a nice addition to a larger cruiser. Peterborough tenders of this size are quite uncommon and this is a lovely example!
3657110 Feet 1940's Algonquin Indian$7,500 -
Brought from Manitoba in the 1940's this Birch Bark Canoe. This canoe appears to be have been made using all of the traditional methods. It has been in the same Family since the 1940's and used sparingly ( perhaps) 3-4 times and suspended in the ceiling of their garage for the rest of the time. This boat would make a great piece for any collection.
3071110 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Rowing Dinghy$1,800 -
After the war, America got out on the road and starting going places and taking boats with them. One of the most popular models were the boats made by Penn Yan and they were made in abundance. This Penn Yan Rowing Dinghy bears the Hull ID# EX 2459. Very good condition 10' Dingy. Bottom was redone in fiberglass, good solid boat ready to put in. No oars.
3041110 Feet 1952 Speedliner Cavalier$3,500 -
Beautifully restored 1952 Speedliner A/B class Cavalier. The boat was professionally done several years ago and used a handful of times since. Kainer steering wheel and throttle. Mercury 20H clone. Runs great!! Comes with a nice double rack trailer. A Mercury KG7H may also be purchased separately.
2897210 Feet 1952 Speedliner Cavalier$4,200 -
1952 Speedliner Cavalier A/B racing runabout with Mercury Mark 25/ H tower and foot . Boat was completely rebuilt in 2002, using West system, marine mahogany plywood, stainless & bronze fastenings. All new wood, except stem. Kainer racing wheel, Keller throttle, Speedliner bow handle, racing turn fin. Boat is in excellent condition all over, & is ready to go. Motor runs really strong.
2818110 Feet 1960's Glass-Harry Boat Co. A/B Runabout$1,000 -  
This boat appears to be a copy of an Austin A/B runabout built by the Glass-Harry Boat Company. Austin runabouts were very competitive in their day. She is complete with Keller hardware and simply needs an engine and a bit of TLC to be run.
2868910 Feet 1973 Princecraft Surfer$2,900 -
Good condition overall. New seats, automatic bilge pump, CMC power trim/tilt. Powered by a Merc 400 outboard. Complete with trailer a cover. Fun boat!
2813710 Feet 1974 Austin A/B Raceboat$825 -
A sharp looking Race boat made in New Jersey by Bob Austin. This is a Class A/B. the present owner has had the boat for 10 years and it has been used very little during that time and it shows. The boat comes complete with all hardware, tonneau cover, cushions and kneeling pad are offered with the boat.
2698710 Feet 2005 Custom Built Squirt$1,595 -  
This is a custom built wood outboard runabout powered by a 25hp Mercury motor. It is small and lightweight, making it very quick when up on plane. There will not be any pictures until the owner returns in Spring of 2007.
3191510 Feet 2013 Lapstrake Rowboat$5,000 -
This is a gorgeous wood rowboat (teak, oak and mahogany) made by craftsmen from a marine museum on Long Island, NY. Comes with new oars and brass oarlocks. A classic design! Has not yet seen water.
3912010 Feet 2017 Parker B-Class Hydroplane$5,200 -
This is a brand new build, completed by a seasoned race hull designer. She is offered complete and is ready to race or be enjoyed by a hobbyist. The engine is a fresh Mercury 20H conversion with 0.030" oversized pistons, new seals/gaskets throughout, and deep skeg lower unit. A custom fitted trailer is also included. Add gas and go!
2998710 Feet circa 1970's Rawson Hydroplane$2,900 -
This is a fully restored 1970's Rawson Hydroplane. New custom trailer. Boat is beautifully finished in all respects.
3621510 Feet Julius Petersen Row Boat Dingy$5,000 -
This a 10 foot row boat dingy was built prior to 1948 and owned by Raplh Burger former President and Chairman of A&P. Kept at a Great Camp on Upper St. Regis Lake near Saranac Lake. This is a very nice lapstrake dingy built in Nyack, Ny by Julius Petersen. The Dingy was kept at Mr. Burger's Great Camp on Upper St. Regis Lake (Located near Saranac Lake) in the Adirondacks. In addition to Ralph Burger's great camp; Upper St. Regis Lake is also home to great camp "Camp Topridge" which was built in 1921 by Post Cereal Heiress Majorie Merriweather Post and her husband E.F. Hutton.
3823410' Feet 1970's Hydrocycle Barracuda O/B Jet Ski$4,495 -
Rare outboard jet ski. Fiberglass is extremely clean. Just hang your small outboard on the back and away you go. Great addition to any collection.
3184310 Feet 1996 Herreshoff Life Boat Dinghy$8,500 -
This model is the perfect copy of the famous ''Columbia life boat dinghy'' designed by Nathanael Greene HERRESHOFF in Bristol R.I. (USA)0n 1906. Gaëtan PILON is the well known marine carpenter in St. Antoine sur Richelieu in Québec province. This boat is built with Ash, White Oak, and Mahogany. Included: oars, bronze rowlocks and support (if the boat is used like a decorative thing). The is the only one he built and it is an excellent representation of an original. Very good stability on sea or lakes. Perfect condition.
3168810' 6" Feet Early '70's Cape Dory 10 Hull #321$2,200 -
These cool little sailboats were sold by George W. Mercer in Clayton, NY during the late 60's and early 70's before the Cape Dory Company evolved into Boston Whaler under the advice and design of Ray Hunt. Comes with leathers and oar locks and complete sail package.
2747710'5 Feet 1870's Rushton Canoe$3,025 -  
This is very rare and old Rushton canoe. It has been in the same family since 1973. It was last in the water in 1975. The boat is in need of a restoration, but is a very collectible piece.
3798510'6" Feet 1966 Peterborough/ Richardson Sailing Skiff$5,500 -
Rare find, never sailed, museum stored for the last 50 years. 1930 design cedar strip sailing dinghy originally built by Lakefield Canoe Company in Ontario Canada . Through years of ownership change a short run of these fine craft were produced in 1965-66
3081010.5 Feet 1959 Canadian Rowing DinghyNo Reserve -  
3114611 Feet 1890 Duck Hunting Skiff$1,000 -
This is a very early hunting skiff built in Eastern Ontario during the late 1800's or early 1900's. Bottom is a single plank of clear, old growth pine. Hull and decks are eastern white cedar or cypress, ribs are white oak. Very cool original boat that has not been chopped up or seriously modified in its lifetime. Easy winter restoration project requiring new ribs, some wood repair, and refinishing. You could also leave it as-is. She has nice original patina.
3159111 Feet 1930's Day Sailer Sailboat -  
This little day sailer is in good overall condition - single planked hull. Varnished outside, painted inside, and all made of cedar. The boat has a steel centerboard and the mast, rudder and all of the rigging is present and in good shape. This boat was a barn find off of Canada Lake and is being offered with NO RESERVE.
3150511 Feet 1930's Peterborough Canoe$3,900 -
Peterborough Pal cedar strip sailing dinghy Also known as a Richardson Aqua Craft; haul #361 built around late 1930’s by the Peterborough Canoe Company. Newly varnished, cedar strip on oak ribs. It has been refinished (no restoration required) it is in great condition!, no dry rot or ribs or structure that had to be replaced. It has been stored inside a boat house or garage. It can be rowed, sailed or motored (under 5hp). The dinghy is complete with oak rudder, tiller, dagger board, gaff rigged mast and boom. Brand new sail (never been used) made by Keeble Boats in Bellville. Only thing required for sailing is new ropes for rigging or oars for rowing. Boat dimensions; Length: 10 ft. 6 in., max beam: 52 in., max depth: 18 in., weight approximately 150 lbs.
2896711 Feet 1931 Thompson Rowing Skiff$5,000 -
This Thompson has always been used in fresh water. Restored in 2006. Comes with a nice Continental single axle trailer.
2601011 Feet 1940 Skaneatles Boatworks Hyrdolite Dinghy$2,495 -  
This 1940 Skaneatales Boatworks Hydrolite Dinghy is an 11 Foot cold molded boat which was built by George Barnes using a glue that he invented and later sold to the US Navy to build PT Boats. This mahogany tender will tow very well because of it's fullness at the bow. Only one other boat of this type is known to exist. They were known as the Hydrolite Dinghy and a brochure telling all about the boat is available for any interested party to learn more about this unique craft.
2593411 Feet 1948 Feather Craft Racing Runabout$2,700 -
Boat in excellent condition, taking best offer before Thanksgiving 2004
2766511 Feet 1950 Neal Stepped Hydroplane$2,100 -
Owned originally by Don Frazier #V-3 in Rantool, Illinois and ran in "F" class. Bought in 1952 byBob Pavesic #W-30 and finished 3rd at the Nationals in Biloxi, Missippi in 1953 and finished 1st at the Divisionals in DePue Illinois in 1953. Last ran in 1960, with a Merc 6cyl in "D" Class. This is a classic step-hydro with a great history. All original with a canvas deck and varnished topsides. Cushions and knee pads still installed on the boat. Rigged and ready to have fun.
2965711 Feet 1957 Feathercraft Outboard$1,000 -
Canadian built and purchased from an estate this boat is very light and well constructed yet handles choppy water very well.
3054311 Feet 1957-59 Turner Boat Works, Quincy Michigan$4,450 -
Believed to have been made by Turner Boat Works of Quincy, Michigan around 1950. It is 11" long and quite original. Refinished in 1998 and not in the water since. 1952 Mercury Super Hurrican engine (KG7) is mounted on the transom. New rings and coils and has not been run since the overhaul...needs break-in. Basic useable trailer is included in the package. New lights & wiring. This is a wonderful package for the Antique Racing circut or to just use for fun and speed !!!
3630811 Feet 1960 Gull Sailboat$3,500 -
This is a lovely little sailboat, complete with launching cart! Marine mahogany plywood construction. Equipped with aluminum mast, wooden boom, sails, rudder, tiller, and centreboard. Good overall condition!
2615211 Feet 1960 Chestnut Canoe$2,000 -
1960, 11', Chestnut featherweight cedar strip canoe, 12" deep, 37 actual pounds, orginal canvas, only varnished and painted once since new, correct decals, second owner, like new
3038911 Feet 1965 Chestnut Canoe$2,300 -
Rare 11 foot Chestnut “Featherweight” wood and canvas canoe built in 1965. 34" beam, 12" deep. Lovely to paddle and at only 37 pounds, easy to carry. Original canvas, varnish, decal and paddle. Second owner. Was not used often, but much loved.
2884011 Feet 1969 Home Built Outboard Rowboat$3,500 -
This is a solid mahogany home built rowboat. A delightful small, pretty rowboat. Stored for thirty years in the "wine room" at home...but ready to be used or displayed. No trailer or engine.
2885711 Feet 1992 Hal Kelly Foo Ling Raceboat$950 -
This is a factory built 'B' or 'C' class design race boat. All mahogany construction, fiberglassed bottom, racing fin. Never raced, very good rough water. Boat was used with a Mercury Super 10 Hurricane and a Yamato 80.
2982911 Feet 2005 Old Town Trapper Canoe$4,200 -
Old Town Trapper 11 Canoe wood/canvas -- The boat is a showpiece and has never been outside. It has always been in a climate controlled building much less been wet -- retail price $6700 -- come to Florida warm up and get an awesome canoe
3732411' Feet 1937 Old Town Canoe$3,500 -
Extremely rare 1937 11' Old Town Canoe - restored. Serial number: 120542 Weight: 50 lbs. The 11' canoe production was very limited, less than 1% of the company's production. This canoe has "D" shaped gunwales , supposedly exclusively for Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Built between Feb & April 1937, orig. drk green and shipped April 30th to Marquette, Michigan. Build document available. This beautiful vintage 1937 was restored in 1997 with authentic Old Town material where possible. Since restoration, it has been stored in a climate controlled bldg and only in the water once at WCHA Meet - St. Regis Lake. The canoe was owned by my late father and was his third canoe restoration. He was the third owner of the canoe. It has resided in Michigan Upper Peninsula cabins where it changed hands, but remained on the premises until restoration. This sweet 1937 11' Old Town canoe is a collectible vintage canoe of very rare size & model & is looking for a good home.
2795611'10 Feet 1950's Hal Kelly Designed Foo-Ling Raceboat$1,850 -
This is a Hal Kelly designed Foo-Ling model outboard raceboat. It was designed as a "B-Class" runabout, but there were variations of the plans that changed them to a large "B-Class" or small "C-Class" runabout. This boat is of adequate size to accept either a B or a C class motor. She has been beautifully restored and is fully rigged. Needs nothing but a vintage Mercury Racing engine to run and show.
2760011'6 Feet 1930 Old Town Rowing Dinghy$4,000 -
Canvas covered cedar strip in very good condition. Two rowing stations, four seats. Stored for last 30 years. Hull #102197.
3101811'6 Feet 1930's Birch Bark Canoe$7,600 -
This is a beautiful, very original and authentic birch bark canoe. It has been well kept and would make a wonderful display piece for the cabin or a museum.
3702411'6 Feet 1948 Feathercraft Runabout$8,800 -
1948 Feathercraft boats won class in Albany, Hudson river race 1948-9, similar to this boat. Polished aluminum hull, sound condition. Motor is a race engine. Correct Morris Magneto, 'dark' block Thunderbolt, Tillotson KA13A, 55H tower, later model 55H1 quicksilver lower unit, minor repairs needed on H tower cavitation plate.
2740611'6 Feet 1950's Cartopper Rowboat$1,980 -
This is a beautifully refinished mahogany cartopper style boat. It has been completely refinished last year at St Lawrence Restoration of Clayton, NY. Boat has not been used since restoration. A small outboard engine could be mounted on the transom or just use the oars for a fun workout. Comes with vintage oars and an oak lattice floor board to keep your shoes dry.
3049311'7 Feet CLC Passagemaker Sailing Dinghy$4,000 -
Made from a Chesapeake Light Craft kit using marine plywood and fiberglass, this is the take-apart version. The bow section unbolts and nests in the stern section for storage or transport. The kit and sailing rig alone would run you $2,400 plus freight and labor to build it. Boat, sailing rig (main only, no jib), and trailer. It also has a retractible motor mount for use with a small outboard or trolling motor (no motor included). Currently located in Boca Grande, FL (south of Tampa). Construction is solid and it's in great condition!
3024311'7 Feet 1950 Feathercraft Outboardno reserve -
This is an identical model to the Feathercraft that was featured in the fall 2010 issue of "Rudder" Magazine. The article refers to only one other example known to exist - this boat. The decks have been removed, but it would be a great restoration candidate or would also suffice for regular use. Complete with a single axle Pacemaker trailer. The NY registration for boat and trailer is included.
3703312 Feet Outboard Kit Boat$1,250 -
This is offered as a nice package, great trailer with a cool boat thrown in. This little step hull race inspired boat appears to be home built, probably a kit or from some other readily available plans. Well built and hull is very sound. Floor board needs replacing but not a difficult job.
2769012 Feet Great Canadian Canoe$1,800 -
This canoe is in pristine condition and has been well maintained.
3095612 Feet 1903-1905 Lark Sailing Scow$3,500 -
Very rare Lark sailing scow believed to be #4 in the Rochester Sailing Club fleet from the early 1910's. Would be a great historic restoration project.
3039212 Feet 1920-40 Ben Reno Rowing Skiff$2,995 -
Built on Keuka Lake in the 20's or 30's by Ben Reno, This is a classic Keuka Lake Trout boat with oars . Fully restored approximately 10 years ago and in storage since.
3104112 Feet 1920s Penn Yan Car Topper$3,750 -
Was professionally restored by Maine wood boat builder and then stored in his barn for 8 years. I bought her in upstate NY 15 years ago, rowed her but never used an engine. She has Shaw & Tenney oars with leathers which are included. Pristine condition, never in water since restored. Caned seats. my garage now in Wells ME
2806112 Feet 1922 Parsons Adirondack Guideboat$12,500 -
A true collectors guide boat. The "Raider" model built by Parsons in the early 1900's. So named for it's ability to sneak into the small bays and inlets,it is pine on spruce with maple seats. Fully restored to a beautiful show condition. It would serve equally well as decoration in your home or sliding along the water. Weight is about 40 lbs.
3059112 Feet 1927 Kennebec Junior Canoe$3,300 -
This canoe has been recanvased, but not restored. Retains original ribs, planking(except for 2' piece), gunnels, seats, and decks. Very good original condition. Useable as is!
2937012 Feet 1930's Peterborough Sailing Canoe$2,200 -
This is a very nice, all original Peterborough sailing canoe. She is in good original condition and has been well taken care of. The original sails have deteriorated but all rigging is present and would be an easy project. The boat is currently located about 50 miles south of Montreal, QC. New Price, July 2010! Motivated Seller!!
3586512 Feet 1930's Peterborough Catboat Sailboat$500 -
Varnished cedar planking on steam-bent white oak frames. Varnished oak transom and rudder. Pine decks with canvas overtop. Cedar centreboard trunk and seats. Sitka spruce mast and boom. No sails or trailer. This lovely little vessel requires complete restoration including approx. 20 ribs, 7 or 8 planks, keel, centreboard, centreboard trunk, decks, rubrails, coamings and tiller. She will require other misc. repairs and a complete refinishing inside and out.
2831612 Feet 1930's Penn Yan Cartopper$1,000 -
Owner has had the boat for many years. The wood is in excellent condition. The oars go with the boat and the canvas has been redone but it was NOT a professional job and as such it does not look great. The seats have the original caning in thes eats and the seats are ion good shape.
3724812 Feet 1930's Penn Yan Car Topper$3,350 -
1930s vintage 12 foot "cartopper" rowboat in great shape. The outside hull has been fiberglassed and the 3 cane seats have been recently restrung. Everything is original with the exception of two of the four oar locks which have been replaced. Boat also comes with the original oak oars which have brass reinforcement at the tips. A small repair is barely visible on the port side.
2693712 Feet 1933 Canadian One Design Sailboat$4,950 -
This is a very special one design sailboat, supposedly 5 were built near Toronto for training crews for the 1936 Olympics. This boat is nearly all mahogany, with polished brass hardware and a mahogany and spruce mast and boom. Rigging is complete with small hardwood blocks. The rig is a sloop with a jib. There is a new set of sails, and included is the original set from 1933 made in England. This boat also was designed with an aluminum swinging centerboard.
3141712 Feet 1937 Old Town Square Stern Rowboat$2,000 -
Nicely restored 1937 Old town Square stern wood and canvas 12' rowboat. AA grade with mahogany seats and gunnels and apple knees.It Has been re-canvased and 3 coats of Epifanes enamel applied. The interior has been stripped and 4 coats of McCloskey satin spar varnish applied. Comes with restored 1935 evinrude 1 1/2 hp sportsman and build record for the boat and manual for the motor.
2562512 Feet 1938 Penn Yan Outboard$3,000 -
This boat is in mint condition and is a multiple show winner. A vintage outbaord motor is available for an additional $400 as well as a newer mercury engine for $500
3828912 Feet 1939 Penn Yan Car Topper WXHNo Reserve -
The "Seven-Dees" is another great find from the Dave Ryel collection! She was built in 1939 and was purchased by Dave's father in 1942. The boat was named after the seven members of the family - David Senior, Dorothy, Debby, Dan, Drew, Diana, and Dave. The WXH model denotes Heavy-Duty with a reinforced transom for a stout, 5hp outboard motor. The Ryel family were avid hunters and fishermen. This boat was used on the Genesee River, the Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, 1000 Islands, and the swamps of the Chautauqua for duck hunting. During the war years, the family was fed on the fish caught in the Penn Yan. This little boat has many great stories to tell and is a great find!
3035512 Feet 1940 Morehouse Rowboat$3,000 -
Morehouse Row Boat from the 1940's in good condition and operable. Floats! Complete with original oars. This is a lightweight model which was built between 1946 and 1950 by the Morehouse Boat Company.
3031112 Feet 1940 Outboard Boat$1,500 -
Boat has been stored since 1978. It has been fiberglassed from the waterline down. Similar to a Penn Yan or Thompson, but the exact builder is unknown. Comes with trailer.
3036612 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Car topper$1,200 -
Grandfather left me his Penn Yan. I don't have skills or tools to restore it but with the right care she'll be a beautiful boat. Canvas and interior in good shape. Gunwales and keel need replacement.
3041212 Feet 1940's Studebaker II Outboard$600 -
A rare & possible one of a kind Studebaker II 12 foot aluminum row boat built in the 1940's. One of the first all welded aluminum boats of it's kind built. Perfect to car-top on your old Studebaker car or run a vintage outboard on - or just use it as a nostalgic fishing boat. $600
2909212 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Car Topper$1,900 -
A nice example of the Post-War boom of Penn Yan Car Toppers. This boat signified the movement of Americans to travel about the country after the war. Offered with oars and in very original shape after being stored for many years in a dry garage.
2994912 Feet 1940's Penn Yan car Topper$1,800 -
This 1940's Penn Yan Car Topper is now being offered for sale after being in one owner's possession for more than 30 years. years ago the canvas was removed and recovered with a West System for a light durable no maintenance finish. She was then put inside and never used. the boat would make an excellent trout boat or classic addition for your cabin. it is ready to use and needs nothing ! the boat is located in Door County, Wisconsin and is being offered for $ 1800.00
2897512 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Cartopper$3,000 -
This is the nicest car-topper that we have seen in a long time. A perfect size for a user or a display. Excellent wood and canvas. Many photos available. Call for more views.
2642512 Feet 1941 Old Town Canoe co. Sportboat$1,950 -  
This Old Town Canoe is 99% original with the exception of the canvas and a new gunwale. The work was professionally done and is in good shape. The boat comes with the original one-piece oars and oarlocks. Boat has cedar ribs, mahogany transom and all the trimmings. Also available is the original build sheet from the Old Town Boat Co. obtianed directly from the company.
3157912 Feet 1941 Old Town Sport Boat$2,500 -
This Old Town Sport Boat was graciously donated by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Diehle to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York. . This model of Old Town is rare and uncommon and being sold in an effort to support the Museum's many programs and initiatives. The boat is in sound shape and the wood and canvas are in good shape.
2903412 Feet 1945 Thompson Car Topper$350 -
This is a mid-40's Thompson boat, canvas over cedar with some fiberglass over the canvas. The boat is in rather rough condition but it is still serviceable and could be restored. Wood seems solid although some transom parts have been chewed by the beavers during years in the barn. Also available; two HAND-HEWN cedar oars that may or may not have been used with this boat. Oars and boat are separate. Boat is $800, Oars are $200. Would make a wonderful display in your cottage on the river or lake. Because these hand-carved oars were apparently not for this boat, they are being sold separately from the boat...or can be bought with the boat. Very unique oars...great display.
3030612 Feet 1946 Penn Yan Cartopper$1,500 -
Penn Yann Cartopper 12' wood/canvas open boat. Very sound. Previous owner re-canvassed with fiberglass. Interior clear epoxied. 3HP Johnson starts easily & runs well.
3691612 Feet 1946 Alcort Sunfish Sailboat$500 -
Cute little sailboat and a great way to learn how to sail! Made by Alcort. Offered with No Reserve!
2710912 Feet 1946 Penn Yan Car Topper$3,500 -
Restored in 2000 with glass/epoxy outside and painted white. Interior varnished. I've owned the engine for 30 years and it starts very easy and runs great. Always gets lots of attention with its dry exhaust and direct reverse! Won "Best Outboard Boat" at the 2005 13th Annual Columbia-Willamette ACBS Rose Festval Boat Show
2640512 Feet 1947 General Marine Speedliner$500 -
This a 1947 General Marine Speedliner outboard boat. It is in need of a restoration, but it has been stored indoors, out of the elements. Comes with what appears to be a home built, single axle trailer.
2745512 Feet 1947 Penn Yan Car Topper$523 -
Classic from 1947: 12' Penn Yan cartop row boat in good condition. Canvas and cedar strip construction. 3 seats, original brass hardware and manufacturer's plate. Set of oars included. Could be powered by a small outboard motor.
2968012 Feet 1947 Penn Car Topper$1,250 -
This Penn Yan row boat was stored for more than 45 years in a garage attic. The condition is still excellent however it needs to be canvassed and painted. A good winter project.
2818312 Feet 1948 Feather Craft Deluxe Runabout$3,500 -  
This is a Feathercraft Deluxe Runabout model and was the 66th boat built in 1948. Still has the original steering wheel and pulleys. She is in excellent condition it shows. The wood in the transom has been recently replaced. Needs nothing but an engine.
2814112 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Trailboat$2,500 -
A beautiful Penn Yan Trailboat which is a proven show winner and in very nice shape. These boats are proven to be very collectible and desireable. Comes equipped with a steering wheel. This is a lovely boat and is waiting for a motor. The ribs are all good as is the bottom. the original Penn Yan tags are still on the boat. the bronze hardware is all original and intact and the canvas is in good shape on nthe outside. The trailer is newly painted and very adequate and will pull the boat nicely.
2752912 Feet 1950 Old Town Car Topper$2,700 -
This is a fine example of an Old Town Car Topper row boat. It was completely redone with new canvas and and fresh varnish nearly 30 years ago and was never used. It has been kept inside ever since.
2712112 Feet 1950 Thompson Bros.$3,000 -
12 foot Thompson row boat refinished and in great shape. This is a canvas covered cedar hull with a lot of brass. Boat is in Michigan just north of Detroit (20 Minutes across the bridge) Best guess on the year this boat was manufactured is early 1940’s to 50’s
2562612 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Car Topper$3,200 -
Penn Yan car topper in very mint original condition. This is a multiple show winner. Both antique and new outboards are available for $350 (antique) and $1200 (new).
2560112 Feet 1950 Unknown Rowboat$750 -
Classic quad lock rowboat, wooden construction. Limited history known about this boat, as it came with property purchase.
2987412 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Swift$6,300 -
This is a superb little package that runs as good as it looks! The Penn Yan Swift is a very desirable model. She has been expertly restored and is powered by a matching Mercury KG-7 outboard. Has new canvas and has been totally refinished. Throttle and steering are hooked up remotely. Comes complete with a trailer and heavy duty, custom trailering cover. Ready to show and use!
3691112 Feet 1950 Bahamian Dinghy$500 -
This 12 foot Dinghy can be your next restoration candidate! Traditional Bahamian style sawn frame dinghy. She is ready for some TLC but will no doubt be lovely when completed. Would also make a cool piece of decor. This was part of the Antique Boat Museum's collection and is now being deaccessioned. Sales proceeds will benefit the Museum. No Reserve.
2938612 Feet 1950's Penn Yan Car Topper$660 -
This boat was originally purchased in the 50's to be used as a row boat on Brantingham Lake where it spent the next 60 years serving one family. The boat is Coast Guard certified up to 10 hp. The family camp is being sold and this boat is being offered for sale by the family. This is a classic 12' Penn Yan with striptight construction. The wood is good. She was fully restored a few years ago but needs cosmetic work.
2927312 Feet 1950's 2 Lyman Outboard Tenders$1,500 -
This is a pair of original Lyman Tenders. They are approximately 12 feet long and were used as rental boats. These are some of the smallest Lymans we have seen and this is great chance to own a pair of them! They have been well used but are still intact. The hulls have been fiberglassed. Great project boats that would be perfect for the cottage. Price is for the pair, also open to reasonable offers.
2932912 Feet 1950's Penn Yan Car Topper$3,400 -
Mint condition original Penn Yan Rowboat. Can take up to 5 hp motor. Canvas cloth bottom, ribbed interior and plywood seats. Hull # XH506277. The Penn Yan company was founded in 1921 by Charles. A. Herman in New York State. Penn Yan started as a wooden boat company building all models of boats from canoes to fishing vessels. Legend has it that Herman's first boat was a wooden canoe built for himself. In 1950 Penn Yan introduced the Swift which was the most popular wooden racing boat ever produced. The company enjoyed a global reputation as a designer and crafter of artistic wooden boats for over 45 years, and the company is still revered highly by today's collectors. By 1955 Penn Yan had offered a line of 167 different models and in 1966 the last wooden boat was built with fiberglass to be the new building material.
3058612 Feet 1950's Penn Yan Car Topper$1,000 -
This Penn Yan car topper is a light weight boat. It is in great shape, the outside has been fiber glassed other then that it is in original condition.
2795312 Feet 1950's Whirlwind Outboard$1,800 -
This 12' Whirlwind is believed to have been made in the mid 1950's. The hull number is 10992. Boat was found abandoned on a piece of property the owner was leasing in New York in 1984. It was, and still is, stripped of all hardware and had multiple layers of paint. It also had a hole in the bottom that appeared to be caused in a trailer related mishap. A cosmetic and structural restoration has been started, stripped all paint, and repaired the hole in the bottom located under the front seat. The hole was repaired with a 3/8”x 12” x 18” piece of marine mahogany plywood rabitted with the large side towards the water. The bottom was subsequently fiberglassed with one layer. The boat was varnished, the bottom painted and the deck painted, but varnishing and paint will have to be re-done. Boat was last worked on in 1988.
2876912 Feet 1950's Penn Yan Car Topper$2,200 -
This 12' canvas covered Penn Yan has been nicely refinished. The exterior has been recently painted. Needs nothing and is ready to go.
3840212 Feet 1951 Penn Yan Swift Racing Runabout$4,500 -
Recanvased in 2008 with over $2,300 invested. (Receipts available upon request). This boat has been in the family since it was new. It was my father’s boat, however, he passed away and this boat needs to be enjoyed. Hull ID number: Trailer and Mercury Engine included. CZT51100 Mercury Model Mark 25, Serial Number 959503
2807312 Feet 1952 Lyman Outboard$4,500 -
This is a beautifully restored 12' Lyman outboard. She is complete and original all the way.
2821212 Feet 1952 Penn Yan Car Topper$900 -
This 1952 Penn Yan is in fair, original condition. It is complete with all hardware and oars. Needs to be refinished, but appears to be very solid. Needs some wood replacement near the transom (outwhales at the back corners).
2712012 Feet 1952 Penn Yan Car Topper$5,000 -
1952 Penn Yan Car Topper Boat with original 3hp Johnson outboard. This boat was restored and includes the original oars with Penn Yan logo. Boat is in excellent condition. Comes with removable canvas covered , aluminum picnic seats and the original motor carrying bag. Boat also comes with another 3hp Johnson for parts. There is no trailer, these boats never came with a trailer; they are very light around 56lbs and are made to be put on the top of a car, hence the name. This boat was restored and includes the original oars with Penn Yan logo. Boat is in excellent condition. Boat also comes with another 3hp Johnson for parts
2692712 Feet 1952 Thompson TVT Outboard$1,500 -
Ready for refinishing, or a light restoration. Boat was looked over by an expert and it was said that it is sound, but needs a refinishing. Still have the cables from the original motor that is no longer with the boat. Original steering wheel. A section of the starboard splash rail needs to be replaced as well as some cosmetic work to some damage in the transom.
2692112 Feet 1952 Peterborough Sailboat$20,000 -
This boat has been completely restored and is in excellent condition. The Beetle Inc. rigging and North Star sail are new and have not been used.
3044312 Feet 1952 Penn Yan Swift$5,000 -
1952 12 foot Penn Yan CZTM Mahogany deck Swift. Canvas hull covering replaced with aircraft cloth and epoxy. Recently repainted hull and revarnished deck. Original Penn Yan style water slide decals included. Running Mercury Mark 25 with steering hoop and hard to find Mercury steering cable bracket. Atwood steering wheel. Nice Penn Yan accessory flag pole and socket. Beautiful little boat.
3037212 Feet 1952 Speedliner Outboard$6,000 -
This Speedliner has been nicely restored and is a great runner! The bottom was totally replaced and the boat was entirely refinished. The Mercury Mark 58 engine was rebuilt and powers the boat very well. Sitting on a vintage trailer - this package is totally turn key and ready to show!
3683012 Feet 1952 Chris-Craft Pram$1,900 -
Not many original Chris Craft Kit Boats have survived. Structurally like new. Inside like new with no signs of use. Clear varnish interior. Out side needs a maintenance coat of paint. Only in the water a couple of times used as a row-trolling boat in northern Wisconsin. Everything is original down to the last prince and reed screw.
3131812 Feet 1952 U. S. Molded Products Outboard$3,800 -
I flipped, stripped, primed, refinished w/Pettit products, added a rear seat back, wired the running lights, & starting system. Installed a new battery. This is a great easy to handle fun boat.
3669012 Feet 1953 Thompson "Take Away"$2,500 -
A extremely well kept 1953 Thompson "Take Away". Offered in nice original condition with the original label and oars.
3208512 Feet 1953 Penn Yan Swift CZT$3,995 -
Boat is completely restored. New canvas on hull..interior cleaned and re-varnished including decks. All hardware original. Engine completely restored with electric start.
3164712 Feet 1954 Paceship Outboard$5,500 -
This boat and a 14 ft boat was stored since new until my friend and I purchased them in 1997. The building they were in had settled so the doors wouldn't open so the boats were forgotten about. I have had it in the water a few times.
2849112 Feet 1954 Penn Yan Cartopper$3,000 -
Very nice Penn Yan Cartop, serial # WXH 9106. Just about as perfect as you can get for a boat that is actually used and maintained. It comes with its original oars. See the photos.
2705612 Feet 1955 Speed Liner Contender M-512$4,500 -
A stunning, completely restored (in 2002) example of a Speedliner Economy Family Runabout. Model M-512 is used with a smaller motor, giving the outstanding performance found before only with the larger motors. They are runabouts used for general boating and have 1/4 Philippine Mahogany Marine plywood bottoms, sides, and decking. These light weight boats can easily be carried on top of an automobile. They have reinforced transoms with larger top corner knees for added strength. The production run for these models was between 1948-1955. The serial # is 512373. It has the factory wheel, but it is not installed. Speedometer is installed. Has not been in the water since restoration! No motor or trailer.
3110712 Feet 1956 Penn Yan Swift$6,900 -
Classic 12' Penn Yan Swift recently restored with a rare "Cloud White" rebuilt Mercury 300 with remote controls and electric start.
3095312 Feet 1956 Feathercraft RocketNo Reserve -
This unique Feathercraft Rocket has been on display in an office since 2001 when it last won an award at the 1000 Islands Boat Show. The boat includes the trailer and the 20 HP Johnson motor as a complete package. The boat is a recent donation to the Antique Boat Museum and will be sold WITHOUT Reserve.
3161412 Feet 1957 Feathercraft$4,500 -
1957 Rocket runabout, with custom seating and new custom made boat and engine cover. Have used on Lake for many years, but with a baby on the way we unfortunately wont have time for this classic hull.
3705612 Feet 1957 Penn Yan Swift Racing Runabout$4,800 -
This fun Penn Yan Swift is in excellent shape and has its original steering wheel. New canvas bottom, new transom, Windshield and seat back for comfortable riding. These boats are very collectible to either race or as a display. The package could also be broken up if one wished but it is a package that really should stay together.
3054912 Feet 1957 Old Town Runabout$2,995 -
Recently restored, almost ready for the water, Low Hours on a 30HP Evinrude Motor. This boat is a real eye catcher! Original owner. Great Lake boat, very fast.
2832812 Feet 1957 Penn Yan Car Topper$4,000 -
This cartopper is in great shape inside and out. Canvas needs painting on the outside. Varnish is very good inside. Two engines included with the boat. One very nice condition Mercury Mark 5 on the transom...SAID TO RUN. Another Mark 5 in not as nice shape to be used for parts or restored. Here is a nice boat & motor package that can be a project boat or an immediate user on a small lake. Priced right with two engines.
2729112 Feet 1957 Thompson Cartopper$5,000 -
Original throughout. Classic Thompson style for the era. Hard to find canvas beauty. Got the boat from my grandfather in 1988 and garage kept since. Last registered in 88. Has oars and original canvas cover. Must see to appreciate. Photo #5 shows damage to a portion of gunnel. A new old stock, factory replacement piece is included. This is a minor job that will make this boat nearly perfect.
2731312 Feet 1957 Peterborough Molded Plywood Outboard$950 -
1957 Peterborough outboard, molded plywood construction. Fair condition, comes with trailer.
2741712 Feet 1958 Thompson Outboard$2,000 -
1958 Thompson 12' outboard, hull number AX2882. Comes with a 2hp air cooled Elgin outboard, and the original oars with brass tips, and a period trailer. Engine runs great, boat is in good condidtion.
3081512 Feet 1958 Penn Yan Swift$5,500 -
12' Penn Yan swift 1958 with 18 H.P. Johnson sea horse outboard with electric start, fuel tank and battery. Boat has been re-canvased.
3839412 Feet 1958 Pair of Outboard Hydroplane Raceboats$6,000 -
Here is your perfect package to get into the hobby of vintage hydroplanes! Offered for sale are 2 complete boats: a 1958 McCombs C-class hydroplane (built in Buffalo, NY), powered by a 1956 Mercury 30H 4 cylinder engine, and a 1960 SeaJay (built by Speedliner) B1-class hydroplane powered by a 22 cubic inch OMC powerhead, mated to a Mercury Quicksilver racing midsection and gearfoot (engine professionally built by Skeet Combs). The B1 class was popular in the 1960's and 1970's due to the widespread availability of 22cid Johnson and Evinrude powerheads. Both boats are in excellent condition and proven runners on the vintage circuit. This package is offered COMPLETE with the pictured double-decker trailer and a launch cart that breaks down and stows on the trailer. Both motors offered with propellers and the only thing pictured, but not included is the 30H fuel tank which has been on long-term loan. Both boats have custom travel covers. Seller has had his fun in the hobby and is ready to pass this package along to some new enthusiasts for a very reasonable price!
3625012 Feet 1959 Penn Yan Cartopper$1,000 -
A great little Penn Yan cartopper for restoration! Graciously donated to the Antique Boat Museum by Mr. Brian Lawson- the proceeds from the sale of this boat will benefit one of the many programs at the Antique Boat Museum.
3024812 Feet 1960 MFG Sailboat -
This is a nice little MFG fiberglass sailboat built in the early 1960's. Appears to be in nice, solid condition and would be an excellent addition at the cottage!
2922512 Feet 1962 Trailorboat Outboard$400 -
Classic Fiberglass! Great project boat, good overall condition. Complete with all original hardware and trim. Vintage Chrysler outboard power. Was being restored, has no seats or interior. Needs floorboard. Good hull no holes no dents, good trailer.
2982112 Feet 1962 Speed Queen Outboard$2,500 -
Boat has new paint, New floor and carpet. All seats has been recovered. Comes complete with a trailer!
2652912 Feet 1964 Peterborough Sea Breeze Outboard$1,000 -
This aluminum boat is in good running condition and has new seats and flotation. Boat is offered complete with ropes, fenders, oars, safety kit and anchor. As well, owner will agree to a delivery of 50 miles from current location at no extra charge.
2723112 Feet 1969 Fiberglass Launch$2,750 -
This is a unique launch with great lines. It is constructed of four pieces: the main hull, front and rear seating pods, and the deck cap. The hull and both pods have been reinforced with epoxy soaked fiberglass cloth on both sides. Stringers and bulkhead have been replaced. New 19 gallon synthetic fuel tank and epoxy built rudder. Powered by a rebult Palmer single cylinder engine. New piston, rings, valves, springs, rebuilt generator, starter, and magneto. Engine is ready for reinstallation. The price is reflective of materials only. Over 400 hours invested. This is a great project that is almost complete. Price reduced
2559112 Feet 1972 Van Dyne Rowing Skiff$1,800 -
`72 Van Dyne rowing skiff of fiberglass, also fast and light with teak trim and nice oars; ready to enjoy.
2559212 Feet 1972 Butz Racing Hydroplane$1,000 -
1972 Butz Racing hydroplane, 12' weighs only 100 pounds, super fast includes everything except engine. One of the lightest hydros around, guaranteed thrills.
2690412 Feet 1978 B & S Corp. Whitehall Sailboat$2,500 -  
Gaffrigged-spruce spars. Sail area-78 square feet. Flared bow, heart shaped stern. Mahogany seats and gunwales. Also, moves quickly and sharply as a rowboat. Oars included.
3072812 Feet 1980's Illusion 12 SailboatNo Reserve -
Originally donated to the Antique Boat Museum by Paul Fulmer , this Illusion 12 sailboat is a modern miniature keelboat. It was originally acquired foir use by the Antique Boat Museum's sailing fleet. This boat has been de-accessioned by the Museum and is being offered without a reserve.
2819012 Feet 1987 Hydrostream Hustler$2,000 -
This is a tunnel hull outboard built by Hydrostream. These boats were raced in the 1970's and 1980's, but were also a fun pleasure boat. The boat is in great shape and the upholstery appears to be new. There is no rot and no stress cracks. She will do an honest 35hp and can carry 2 people.
2741012 Feet 1989 Sylvan Aluminum Boat$770 -
This si a good stable and sturdy aluminum workboat that would be great for camp, cottage or fishing. Hull in excellent condition. Owner states motor ran last season. Includes oars, 3 gallon fuel tank and hose.
2778812 Feet 1999 Victory Swift$10,500 -
Fiberglass composite hull over traditional wood framing. Is a replica of 1950's vintage Penn Yan Swift. Topsides refinished in 2007.
2639512-14 Feet 1999 Load Rite Single Axle Trailer$275 -  
This Single Axle Load-Rite Galvanized Trailer will accomodate boats 12'-14' in length. It is in brand new condition as it has only been used twice. It has carpeted bunks and a winch wheel jack stand. Excellent Deal!
2875712 Feet 2007 Home Built Electric Runabout$3,100 -
This home built runabout is powered by twin electric motors producing 52lbs of thrust each. Includes 2 deep cycle batteries, giving 5-6 hours per charge. Comes complete with lines, fenders, flag, cover, and charger.
3089912 Feet Early 1900's Rushton Sailing CanoeNo Reserve -
This is reported to be built by Rushton Boat Company and built in nearby Canton, New York. This is an early 1900's sailing canoe and is one of three Rushton's in today's Auction. The Rushton story is well documented inside the Museum and thse boats are highly collectible and generally sought after.
3075412 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Car Topper$2,700 -
This Penn Yan has been in the same family since new and is in excellent original condition!
2616112 Feet Wanted Late 1940's Higgins Car Topper -  
I am looking to buy a late 1940's Higgin's car topper. They were a 12' boat built by Higgins made to go on the top of a tent trailer.
3585812 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Swift$2,800 -
1950's Penn Yan Swift model. Nice original survivor ready for restoration. Canvas covered hull. Period correct Corsair outboard motor and Tee Nee trailer.
3006312' Feet 2005 SeaDoo GTX$7,995 -
This is one of the most desirable SeaDoo Models ever made...the SUPERCHARGED 215 hp GTX. 70mph machine with great stability and amazing performance. Used for two months each year and purchased new here in the Thousand Islands. ShoreLander trailer included and full machine cover also. This PWC sells for $12,000 new and this machine is just like new for half the price. A quick sell at $7,995.
3622712' 4" Feet 2000 Compass Yachts, South Orleans MA$2,000 -
Fiberglass replica of famed Beetlecat, a Cape Cod Catboat sailed by JFK in his younger years. Gaff-rigged daysailer w/ centerboard. New replacement cost is $10-15K. Excellent condition, but spars and brightwork need refinishing. Unregistered non-power.
3651312' 6" Feet 1951 Hallet Inboard Hydroplane$8,300 -
1951 Hallet 48 Hydroplane. This Vintage race boat is absolutely beautiful. It is professionally restored and rebuilt with a deck-off restoration. True 3-point hydroplane. It has a 100 HP modified Crosley with big throat Stromberg 97 carb. Motor has very low hours since rebuilt. The boat sits on an original restored trailer. The boat has natural Mahogany decks and runs on alcohol. History, documents and photos also come with it. This amazing vintage hydroplane is turn-key and is ready for the APBA vintage circuit.
3686512'6 Feet 1980's Sorensen C-Stock Runabout Raceboat$3,900 -
Clean 1980's Sorenson C-Stock Runabout. Equipped with matching Yamato 102 race engine. Rigged up and ready to have fun or go racing!
3024012'10 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Cottage Racer Kit Boat$4,500 -
This is my cottage racer built from a 1955 Chris Craft Kit Boat. It has been used lightly and is in very nice condition. It is a true inboard and fun to operate (gets lots of attention too). I recently freshened up the side and bottom paint. The topside varnish looks good and should be presentable for a while yet. Will need a good soaking prior to use. Engine starts and runs fine. A new battery was just installed. There is a cover for it and the galvanized trailer is included (good tires and lights). Neat boat!
3042412'6 Feet 1930's Algonquin Indians Birch Bark Canoe$7,850 -
We believe this canoe was built by the Algonquin Indians from Maniwaki, Quebec (or upstate New York) and was a prize at a country fair in Kingston, RI. This canoe was won in the late 1930's /early 1940's , taken directly home and hung up for storage never to come down until 60 years later. The canoe was built with northern white cedar and white spruce and has an unusual paint decoration. It measures 12 ft. 6" long......must see photos. This canoe is in EXCELLENT condition. Delivery within 300 miles for fee possible or crated and shipped at buyers expense.
2739412'6 Feet 1954 Feathercraft Deluxe Runabout$5,100 -
This boat is immaculate! It has shown many times in the Clayton Antique Boat Show and runs in the Gold Cup Regatta as recently as last year by the present adult owner. Everything is there, undamaged and ready to show and race. These are getting rarer and hard to find, especially the 12 footers!
3044112'9 Feet 1953 Albatross Mark I Sports Runabout$21,000 -
This is a very rare aluminum inboard racing runabout. Boat was puchased New in 1953 in England by a USAF Pilot stationed there & sent home to his dad in Pen Yann (Upstate), New York-The Albatross was kept in a boathouse on Kueka Lake until 2002 when the Dad passed & I purchased the boat. It now rests in it's original shipping skid/pallet that was custom built when shipped from England in 1953-The Workmanship is incredible-Albatross Marine Ltd of St.Olaves,GreatYarmouth was founded in 1949 by two WWII Fleet Air Arm Pilots,Archie Peace & Peter Hives, son of Lord Hives,then Chairman of Rolls Royce-Archie Peace was an aeronautics engineer trained by the Bristol Aeroplane Company. This is a True Time Capsule---All Original & Undamaged. Motor needs minor work/servicing since boat has not run since 1996.
3193212-6 Feet late 1950's Classic Fiberglass Boat$950 -
This is a very unusual boat of unknown origin. Very sharp! Features embossed wood decks, fore and aft. Inset transom. Aft also has a lot of tumblehome and nice lines. Very unique project and you won't find another one like it!
2929412.5 Feet 1912-1921 Peterborough Sailing Canoe$9,500 -
All original museum quality. Shows little wear except for a few scars (see pictures). Color still retained on stickers fore and aft decks. Unique custom feature is a false bottom built to keep gear, meat, and furs dry. Includes lee boards, two rudders, and two detached folding seats - one has a slat missing. More pictures available
2558712.5 Feet 1972 Spronk Rowing Skiff$2,000 -
This hand built dingy has been rowed through rough surf with 4 passengers many times, light, fast and beautiful. Built in the Caribbean, it is pretty, and relatively light.
2959912.6 Feet 1956 Feather Craft Rocket Runabout$4,000 -
1956 Feather Craft Rocket outboard runabout. This is a fairly rare model that is in good overall condition. Powered with a 40hp Evinrude and comes with a good single axle trailer. Engine shop manual included.
3075813 Feet George Luce Runabout$8,500 -
This runabout was originally built by notable builder and racer George Luce. It has the lines of a large DeSilva runabout with several modifications and improvements. The boat has been nicely restored and is ready to hit the water with minor rigging. Engine is a Mercury Mark 78 mounted on a Merc 700 tower with Speedmaster gearfoot. The motor also sports stacks with the correct filler block. The boat has a steering wheel and throttle but the engine has not yet been rigged or run since assembly. The boat and engine may be packaged with a trailer or launch cart as desired. Package deal also available for this boat and listing #30757.
3687313 Feet Rushton Indian Girl Replica$1,800 -
Beautiful replica of a Rushton Indian Girl canoe made by the Canoe Works (Gates-Cyr Canoes). She has been stored in her owner's 1856 wine cellar for many years on the banks of the St Johns River. Property is up for sale so this beautiful canoe needs to find a new home!
3156713 Feet 1915 Canadian Canoe Company$5,500 -
The Canadian Canoe Company was one of the many small Canadian Builders which were absorbed in the early 1900's to become the Peterborough Canoe Company. The ribs on this 13 foot canoe are all perfect and intact. It should be refreshed with a coat of varnish to make it really snap, but it is in excellent condition overall. We have not seen another example like it! Would make a wonderful display piece.
2945313 Feet 1922 Lyman Boat Works Ideal Skiff$8,500 -
A rare 99% original 1922 Lyman 13'Ideal outboard/rowboat, built in the beginning years of Lyman while still in Cleveland Ohio. Complete preservation undertaken 2008-2009. Cypress planks, seats with white oak ribs and wales. 99% all original with transom, seats, floorboards and planking still intact, just as she left the boat works in 1922. Boat awarded first in class - Antique Rowing Craft -at Clayton 2009 Antique Boat Show and scored 95 pts at Buffalo show in 2009. Boat was "boat house" stored for 86 years on a small Ohio inland lake was acquired from original owner's 75 year old grandson in 2008. Comes with history and photos of him taken in 1937 and again in 2009 next to the work in progress.
2969213 Feet 1928 Peterborough Launch$11,000 -
Boat is in great shape. The owner purchased the boat 4 years ago and the boat is in perfect shape. It has a beautiful DisPro 3 HP engine with a copper water jacket and is easy to start.It offers 3 seats , working lights and a bilge pump. Has a trailer and cover included. Everything works great.
3192513 Feet 1929 Century Hurricane Replica$5,000 -
Custom built from boat builder Fred Heim of Sudbury Massachusetts. 1 of 4 made.
2928813 Feet 1930's Peterborough Twin Cockpit Sportabout$1,650 -
This is a very early Sportabout Twin Cockpit model with no splash rails. The boat is all original and in need of restoration. Most of the planking is solid, ribs will need to be replaced. Some deck planks have come off but they are present. Owner also has all seats which are in solid condition. This is a very rare split cockpit model that would make an excellent project.
2576413 Feet 1931 Century Whirlwind$11,000 -
This is another gorgeous example of a rare Century Raceboat. This Whirlwind is completely restored to show condition. Included is a fully restored 1931 22.5 hp Evinrude speeditwin enigine. The engine comes with it's original shipping crate! Includued is all of the original hardware and Century Nameplate.
2984913 Feet 1937 Old Town Canoe$3,500 -
This is a sweet 13 foot Old Town Canoe " Common Sense" built in 1937. Canvas covered, the canoe weighs only 45 Lbs and is perfect for display or for use by one person who finds bigger boats too heavy to handle. It has spruce gunwales, oak decks, thwarts and genuine caned seats. The canoe also has copper stem bands and is offered in it's original dark green color. Built in 1937 it was recently refinished. The canoe does have a ding in one of the gunwales and also has a small crack in one of the ribs. the canvas is sound and tight and the interior is very nice. This is a collectible boat in a very collectible size and hard to find.
3013013 Feet 1937 Old Town Canoe$4,000 -
Being offered for sale is this very rare 13 foot Old Town Canoe. It was shipped on August 12 of 1937 to Mr. A. W. Paige of Ware Mass. This Old Town Canoe is a 13 foot Common Sense Model 50 which meant that is weighed 50 Lbs. The boat was made of Oak and Spruce, canvas covered and Dark Green in color. The canoe is in exceptional good original condition and would make an outstanding addition to be put back into use or for display.
2785913 Feet 1938 Old Town Canoe$3,900 -
She is in really nice shape and comes with 2 original paddles and another one and a original seat and the shoulder carry device located near Cleveland Ohio. Hull ID # 99307. The boat has always been stored indoors and was bought from Fred Allen of Margaretville New York 39 years ago and has been in the same family since. The boat is in overall excellent condition.
2786213 Feet 1938 Old Town Canoe$3,900 -  
She is in really nice shape and comes with 2 original paddles and another one and a original seat and the shoulder carry device located near Cleveland Ohio asking 3900.00
3021413 Feet 1940 Rowing SkiffNo Reserve -
This 13' rowing skiff is a real sweetheart and is in very nice, original condition. It would make an excellent addition to the cottage or any enthusiast's collection. Complete with oars. Original seats and floorboards are all intact.
3824413 Feet Peterborough Outboard$3,000 -
I bought this Peterborough Outboard in 1990 and spent the first winter sprucing it up in my garage. We used the boat as a run-about on the Erie Canal and along the shoreline of Canandaigua Lake while my children were young. We then stored the boat for a number of years. The boat is currently in very good overall condition. The motor was run the last time it was in the water. The boat really does not need any work and is ready to go to someone who will use the boat and enjoy her rather than having it stored. These are great pieces of Canadian craftsmanship and an iconic brand.
2878313 Feet 1941 Century Sportsman$3,000 -
This 1941 Century Sportsman has been completely refinished and is in great condition. She needs nothing, just add a vintage outboard and go!
2795713 Feet 1950 Speedliner Typhoon Raceboat$2,250 -
This is a rare model of Speedliner. The Typhoon model was designed as a "C-Service" and "D-Stock" racing runabout. She has been completley restored and has not been used. The decks are made of beautiful ribbon stripe mahogany. It is complete with all hardware inlcluding steering wheel, throttle, and bow & stern handles. Needs nothing but a vintage Mercury racing outboard.
2540813 Feet 1950 Wickens P.O.D.H.$20,000 -
This beautiful boat was refinished in 2000 and is completely seaworthy and ready for the water.
2972313 Feet 1950 Speedliner Typhoon Raceboat$6,500 -
This is a rare model of Speedliner. The Typhoon model was designed as a "C-Service" and "D-Stock" racing runabout. She has been completley restored and has not been used. The decks are made of beautiful ribbon stripe mahogany. It is complete with all hardware inlcluding steering wheel, throttle, and bow & stern handles. Comes complete with a 44ci (Mark 58 powerhead) Mercury D class racing engine.
2947113 Feet 1950 Lyman Outboard$8,500 -
This is the nicest restoration of a small Lyman that we have seen in a very long time. This is one of the most desirable of the small Lymans and is perfect in every way. Original engine is Johnson SeaHorse 25hp, original hardware, new mooring canvas, new home built trailer (one trip & return from Florida) spare tire. Excellent varnish and paint...nothing wrong with this boat. Ready for show or play. One of a kind.
2948713 Feet 1950 Lyman Ideal Tender$2,000 -
This is a nice little Lyman rowing skiff. Comes complete with set of oars. No trailer, sold as presented.
3146513 Feet 1950 Lakefield Outboard$3,000 -
refinished 3yrs ago, new deck and floor boards, new mahogany transom, comes with oars and seat backs. no trailer.
3146013 Feet 1953 Old Town Runabout$1,500 -
A delightful Old Town Runabout is being offered for those looking for a nice restoration project. Made of cedar and mahogany this boat is in nice condition.
2875313 Feet 1953 Lyman Outboard$4,000 -
Good Condition...excellent brightwork, oars, tiller steer, mid-seat and back, always kept inside. Life jackets, fire extinguisher, horn. All hardware original, good chrome, new hull paint.
3643713 Feet 1955 Penn Yan Captivator$5,000 -
This boat was bought new by my Dad from the Winnipesaukee Motor Craft Company in 1955. It has never seen salt water. He designed a boat lift for it to keep it from banging against our dock. I have a misc collection of spare parts, matching paint and manuals. Original upholstery and cushions (missing one original cushion). It has had some restoration by a master wooden boat builder. Was out of the water for several years and then last used for a few days in 2003. It is in excellent condition and was a much loved family boat. Now live near ocean and no longer own camp or dock.
2929513 Feet 1955 Lyman Outboard$3,000 -
This Lyman has been nicely restored and needs nothing but a vintage outboard to make her ready for the water. Lymans of this size are reasonably uncommon and unique. Completely outfitted with new steering, all hardware, and stainless rub rails. The boat has new decks and the transom and seats have been reskinned to freshen them up. The interior and hull were also completely stripped and refinished. All brightwork has approximately 7 coats of varnish. Clamp on your favorite vintage outboard and go!!
2772713 Feet 1956 Aristo Craft Sea Flash$2,500 -  
Hull restored, new bottm,sides transm etc. missing some chrome.
2680013 Feet 1956 Aristo Craft Seaflash$7,900 -
Boat and trailer rebuilt in 2004. The boat is all ready to go and capable of 100 horse motor. The boat is in excellent shape and has new decks and upholstery. The dash is also new. Using the new rack and pinion steering. the hull is yellow and the deck is mahogany. No windshield although the owner has the original windshield brackets.
3106613 Feet 1957 Lyman Leader$2,500 -
Sturdy clinker-built lapstrake construction makes the ride sturdy and dry for a boat this size. Includes 9.5hp Johnson outboard, brand new in box boat cover, two gas tanks, and a trailer. No registration or taxes required in WA for the boat; just the trailer. Recently painted inside and out, varnish in good condition, no rot.
2963113 Feet 1958 Whirlwind Jr. Outboard Runabout$3,700 -
Nice garage-kept Whirlwind Jr. Not a show boat, but clean -- and the cold-molded plywood hull is an easy entry into wooden boats. Made in Cockeysville, Md., these boats have been described as the lightest, fastest and most beautiful boats on the water. Older, but very usable trailer. (Registered as a True trailer but the markings say ESCO.) Engine runs strong (serviced spring 2010) but sometimes slips out of gear.
2725713 Feet 1958 Thompson Outboard$2,000 -
Original condition Lake St. Clair Michigan fishing boat. Garage find with lots of old fishing equipment. 1958 Lake map, 2 original life preservers, spot light, full canvas covering etc... Engine and boat are in above average condition for age. Engine runs strong and boat is usable, though it does leak a little. Rear deck covering boards will need to be replaced on both sides, no deeper deterioration. Forward decks need refinishing, windshield frames are in excellent condition. Some minor rib work may be needed. I've used the boat many times as is. Trailer is original don't know the manufacturer. It has lights, jack, and third wheel.
2737713 Feet 1960 Trailorboat Outboard$1,000 -  
Classic F-glass Runabout in need of a total restoration. Name tags on boat, all complete and no major issues.
3651613 Feet 1960's Allcock Adirondack Guide Boat$1,200 -
Offered for sale is a 1960's Allcock Adirondack Guide Boat. Made by the Allcock Mtg. Company in Ossining, New York. The boat is complete with one set of oars. Ready to go with a light cleanup.
2982813 Feet 1961 Glasspar G3$2,500 -
This is a great boat that I have had for 25 years myself used it to tow a blown gas hydro. I am a member of the international hot boat assoation, IHBA. Needs restoration.
2956613 Feet 1962 Arkansas Traveler$1,400 -
Good condition - has only had light usage - has never leaked - Engine overhaul in 2005 '(new fuel pump, carb, points, coils) - starter & plug wires replaced prior to this.
3121813 Feet 1962 Vanguard Kildonan$6,000 -
Restored inside out with new paint, floor and fiberglass, foam in floor, wiring, lights, steering system, stereo, seats, cushions, battery, ski pole, removable twin tanks, bilge pump, mahogany installed on boat, polyurethane finished.
3687713 Feet 1964 Boston Whaler$1,800 -
This classic Boston Whaler is looking for a new home and owner to bring her back to her former glory. These boats last generations and provide inexpensive and safe time on the water for all ages.
2962613 Feet 1973 Boston Whaler Sport$5,500 -  
2753113 Feet 1976 Boston Whaler$5,000 -
This is a complete package that is currently in the water on the St Lawrence and is ready to be used. The hull is solid and has no cracks. It is powered by a 2001 40hp Johnson outboard with oil injection. Complete with a trailer and cover.
3162613 Feet 1981 Bic Sailboard -  
Great fun and solid exercise! Comes with standard sail and a high wind sail, as well as extra knuckle.
3214413 Feet 1987 Checkmate Playmate GT$6,900 -
This is a 2 seat sports car on the water. a limited edition model Checkmate Playmate, hard to find. Beautifully restored and in turn key condition, fully equipped and ready to go.
3059213 Feet 1988 Boston Whaler Sport$8,500 -
Completely restored in 2010 with fresh awlgrip, bottom paint, wiring, gps/fishfinder, Yamaha tach/trim guage, Icom vhf radio, ss rail, rub rail, bimini top, fuel separator, 12gal built in tank, bilge pump, custom made hi-back mahogany folding backrest. 15 hours use since.
3631413 Feet 1994 WeeLassie Kayak$3,000 -  
This is a gorgeous 13 foot WeeLassie Kayak built in 1994. It is extremely light and built for early morning rides along the River.
2848913 Feet 1995 Sid Skiff$4,900 -
This boat was built at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building under the supervision of Ray Speck. She is in excellent condition and needs nothing but a fresh coat of varnish before before hitting the water. The hull is constructed of Western red cedar, frames are steam bent oak, fastened with copper rivets, the mast and sprit are sitka spruce. Complete with Dacron sails that are in new condition.
3687813 Feet 2013 Tamarack Boatworks Adirondack GuideboatNo reserve -
This guideboat was built to Grant's patterns. It has a strip built hull of basswood, with a tulip poplar bottom board. The trim in the boat is black cherry and quartersawn sycamore. The boat includes the seats, oars, paddle and carry-yoke. The boat won best non-power contemporary at Clayton in 2014.
3653613 Feet 1900 Cupernall Launch$12,000 -
A rare piece of St. Lawrence river history. Cupernall built three of these steam launches in his shop in Fineview, NY around the turn of the century. One burned up, one is in the permanent collection at the Boldt Castle Boathouse. This boat has been beautifully maintained and is ready to go. It has been converted to a four cylinder engine. Comes with a custom cover.
2923613' Feet 1960 Glasspar G3$6,750 -
This is a rare, almost all original, 1960 Glasspar G3 ski boat w/ Evinrude Starflite 75hp motor and 0 hrs. after rebuild/restoration. Painted and fitted to 1960 red and white. Original windshield, badging, trim, wheel, gauges, etc.
3588313' Feet 1973 Boston Whaler$5,800 -  
Very nice and clean Whaler.....fully loaded with VHF radio, compass, fishfinder, 2 fuel tanks & boarding ladder.
3088413' 4 Feet 1953 Penn Yan Captivator$7,500 -
Completely restored in 2004, and used only 8 hours/year since 2004. Always garaged and covered. Bimini Top and custom canvas cushions. Electric Start. Sweet little boat! Motivated seller, All offers considered.
3024913' 5 Feet 1955 Thompson Outboard$3,400 -
The outside of the boat was completely refinished in 1995 and then used for only 2 months. It has been stored inside for the last 16 years. The boat has excellent "lines" and is very stable in the water. The original Tee Nee trailer is included.
3194313 feet 6 inches 1954 Old Town Outboard$6,500 -
This Old Town was first purchased by a Old Town dealer and sat in his Showroom until the 1980's. The Hull ID# is 161980. It was then purchased by its current owner and used only a handful of times to this day. The boat is really a timepiece and should/ could be in any Museum. It is as close to NEW as anyone could imagine. It comes with a rebuilt 1954 Johnson 25HP motor. The AA designation means that the lumber was grain matched before assembly. The decks are mahogany, the seats are ash and the planking is solid cedar over oak ribs.
3129613' 6 Feet 1955 Lady Clipper$2,000 -
This is a classic Lady Clipper..Built by Ziegler in Tacoma Wa..Boat has 7 new coats of varnish on deck,,,,has metal logo for Lady Clipper for the dash..original Steering wheel and hardware for deck...Hull should be painted. Motor is Mark 50 1959 40 hp...just refreshed with great compression, new hoses, impeller, lower unit oil, Prepared by classic Merc restorer..Excellent runner and looker..
3171813' 5 Feet 1957 Speed Liner Caravel Outboard Raceboat$6,500 -
Beautiful full restoration completed! No detail overlooked, Mercury 55H engine and boat are absolutely perfect. Original style D-Stock Utility racer! Comes complete with trailer and full traveling cover.
2723413'3 Feet 1960 Bell Sport Sailboat$2,200 -
Based on the 1955 design of a British man named Jack Holt. This is number 9145 of 21,000 made. All mahogany with Douglas Fir spars. 2 sails, center board, and kick up rudder. Comes with mast and boom rack, as well as a trailer for transport.
2700213'5 Feet 1957 Lakefield Outboard$9,000 -
This boat is completely restored and needs nothing. It has 5 coats of varnish, a new interior, and an epoxy bottom. The engine was completley overhauled and detailed. This is a great looking and running package that is ready to go.
3054713'6 Feet 1920 Dingle Boat Works Duck Boat$750 -
2686913'6 Feet 1954 Century Imperial Sportsman$6,000 -
Purchase by a few friends a number of years ago, refinished, and not used since completed! The Century Imperial Sportsman model was original built before the war and proved to be popular until the mid 1950's. Traditional Century design and construction, but in a size that fits in your garage!
2787113'6 Feet 1955 Old Town Outboard$3,500 -
The current owner has had the boat since '95. It has been used in fresh water only. Original trailer, but the axle has been replaced. Garage kept when not in use. Has one cracked plank, but does not leak. The boat bears the original Old Town Hull ID # of 13-163403 and has been confirmed by old Town.
2863413'6 Feet 1959 Glasspar G3$2,000 -
Owned since 70's needs floor& transom work splashwell needs attn 1 piece of trim in rear missing 12 gal triangular tank under deck last used 2005. motor has not been ran in 3-4 years.
3088613'6 Feet 1959 Glaspar G3$1,700 -
Original Glaspar G3 - never restored but always maintained and some repairs done.
3017813'6 Feet 1960 Glasspar G3$6,500 -
1960 Glasspar G3 survivor in great original condition. Still has its original gelcoat, original interior paint, original seat, windshield, and hand-held speedometer. Still powered by its original Evinrude Starflight 75hp engine. Nice, rust free fuel tanks have been restored. Much of the hardware has been polished, chromed, or anodized back to original. Gearcase rebuilt with new improved OMC prop shaft, with spring loaded shift detent, new gears and seals. New water pump impeller, runs great. Spare props, new boat cover, and many extras.
3193313'6 Bell Boy Classic Fiberglass Boat$4,400 -
Recently acquired by its current owners with not much history known. Made by Bell Boy - lines reminiscent of the Herters "Flying Fish" and several other models of the era. Power tilt, electric shift 80hp Evinrude Starflite V-4 outboard.
3136413'6 Feet 1965 Glasspar G3$6,500 -
This '65 Glasspar G3 was totally restored by its owner in 2003 and is a great runner. It was rescued from the bush and totally rebuilt with a new transom, new floor, deck stringers, fresh paint, new upholstery, and a custom-made (direct replacement) windshield. She has been used regularly since restoration but is still in very nice overall condition. The 85hp inline 6 Mercury engine was rebuilt and detailed. Very strong running boat that performs as great as it looks. This boat gets a lot of looks and is real sharp!
2862513'6 Feet 2008 James Craft Kit Boat$13,500 -
This is a completed Zephyr kit boat from the Bisconti Boat Works, Inc. Sleek lines, classic mahogany. Aft cockpit steering. Great for cruising or fishing.
3594713'6 Feet 59 Glaspar G3$1,400 -
Was last on the lake 8 years ago. Ready for restoration but appears to be complete!
3671813'6 Feet 1958 Speedliner Outboard Runabout$2,800 -
Rebuilt mahogany runabout. It was completely rotted, seats were torn and motor did not run. I repaired the frame, replaced the entire outside of the boat with new mahogany, refinished the seats, put in a new steering system and had the motor tuned up and water pump rebuilt. I also purchased a new trailer. It's a fun boat and runs great, but I need a bigger boat.
3641013'6'' Feet 1958 Crest Craft Boatworks$4,995 -
Crest-Craft was built in Deland Florida in the 1950's. This boat came from a barn in Georgia a few years ago. This is a fresh restoration with new plywood sides and new mahogany transom, paint and varnish finished 2014. The original engine has been tuned with new parts, carburetor rebuilt new water pump.
2724913'7 Feet 1960 Glasspar G3Sold -
This is my baby, but I can't take it to Idaho with me. This was the first fibreglass boat invited to any ACBS show in the country back in the 80's. that was at the Weirs on Lake Winnepausaukee. I painted the shark mouth on it to replicate one I knew as a teenager that had come from the factory like that. Since then, I have heard of 4 others that had a shark mouth. The boat needs new stringers, floor, and transom. On the other hand, the boat is complete with all the original hardware, trim and controls. I even have the G3 badges that hide the joint between the main hull and the sponsons. Windshield is a replica of an original that I made out of Lexan. Everything else is original. I also have a collection of outboards (mostly Mercurys) including the 90 hp that I was building for the G 3.
2772913'7 Feet 1962 Glasspar G3$1,800 -
This is a 1962 Glasspar G3 with a 65hp Mercury, ready for restoration. Located in California near Disneyland.
2821513'7 Feet 1965 Glasspar G-3$7,500 -
This 1965 Glasspar G3 is in showroom condition. She is powered by a Mercury 650SS. Comes complete with a cover and trailer. New teleflex steering system.
2696213'8 Feet 1950's Thompson Sea Kingno reserve -
This boat was originally sold by Montgomery Ward. The current owner of the boat bought it from the original owner. He had only it used for 3-4 years and then stored it, hanging from the rafters in his barn for approximately 40 years. It is in very nice shape and very original. It has recently been painted and varnished and shows well.
2692913'8 Feet 1980's Plywood Semi-Dory Work Skiff$50 -
This is a project boat with repair needed to the lower stem and lower transom. This would make a good work skiff.
2580313.5 Feet 1939-41 Larson Falls Flyer$20,000 -
This is a very unique and rare outboard boat. It has been completely restored and is in excellent condition. This Falls Flyer is one of the earlier wood models that is believed to be a 1939-1941. It has all of the original parts and comes with the original trailer that has been redone.
2690313.5 Feet 1942 Century Imperial Sportsman$1,400 -
Century Imperial Sportsman, solid Mahogany planks on oak frames. Requires a complete restoration. This is Hull ID # D 42 07. Fairly rare boat, there are very few 13'6" Imperial Sportsmans around. Trailer is not included, but is available seperately.
2557113.5 Feet 1954 Penn Yan$6,000 -
Fully restored with great care in `99 and in outstanding ready to enjoy shape with `58 Johnson 18 hp, brand new engine which was never used until this year. Dark red upholstery, Smith's epoxy saturated hull.
2919413.5 Feet 1954 Thompson TVT$1,650 -
This a rare Thompson TVT boat built in Cortland New York. I have only seen one other in this condition with all hardware, trailer and engine and it was in the museum in Mystic CT. To the best of my knowledge the following is true. The boat is made of 1" cherry strips, that butt against each other (Lapstrake??) The bottom has been fiber glassed, I don't know if it's factory or a prior owner? I've been told the area in front of the windshield is mahogany. The light on the front is right at the very beginning and center of the boat. There is a telescopic white light on the rear port side. It has an Evinrude 25hp motor with Evinrude Simplex controls. It has electric start and forward controls that I have been told are original to the boat. Boat was used in 2008, registered in 2009 but never got to use it due to the rain we had here in Maine. Price Reduced, MUST SELL
2854713.5 Feet 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo$8,500 -
The present owner just bought this boat from an individual who had the boat for 30 years. It is very original condition and has a fresh coat of varnish.
3801913.5 Feet 1957 Davis Boats Cartercraft$1,890 -
This is a single family owned boat and motor purchased in 1957. Boat could use some work for appearance and reconditioning but no major issues. Bottom of the boat has fiberglass over the wood. The engine runs but the boat has not been used since 2002. Motor probably needs some reconditioning. Has always been stored in garages.
2646613.5 Feet 1962 Glasspar G3$6,600 -
This 1962 Glasspar G3 is in completely original condition. It has never been driven hard & put away wet. All paint is original and intact, but can be brought to very presentable condition with a light buffing. All wood is also original and in sound condition. This boat was originally equipped with its 1962 100hp 6 cylinder Mercury outboard that pushes the boat to 50+ mph. Included is a full snap on tonneau cover, a new Load Rite trailer and a brand new Glasspar G3 windshield to replace the original. Sold at $6600 Canadian
2629713.5 Feet 1967 Glasspar G3$2,250 -
"Tiny Dancer"...! lov's 2 rock and roll, at 55mph, turn on a dime, A.C.B.S. reconized classic, brand new beefed up transom, paint, carpet. could use some new seats and some cosmetic tlc, otherwise, go fast, water ski with little wake and enjoy the good old days, tilt trailer included and ski's etc Lying just North of the U.S. border at Thousand Islands, in Smiths Falls Ontario.
3096313.5 Feet 1991 Whitehall Design Pulling BoatReserve -
This lovely Whitehall Style Wineglass stern pulling boat is a beauty. It comes complete with a custom cover, cushions, Shaw & Tenney Spoon Oars and a 1995 Shorelander trailer with less than 500 miles. The package is gorgeous and is being sold today in support of the Antique Boat Auction.
2661513.9 Feet 1962 Glasspar Tacoma$3,000 -
Has been partially restored.
2714414 Feet SailboatMake an Offer -
This boat has been in the same family for three generations. It is made out of teak and has a rib and batton design covered with fabric. Current owner is motivated to sell due to a lack of storage space. Comes with a set of oars, 3 seats, centerboard, and a rudder.
2823814 Feet Peterborough Vacred Inboard Skiff$3,000 -
The current owner acquired this cedar strip inboard 12 years ago. The boat had been redone a couple of years previous. The hull has some minor scuff marks and it appears to have a patch in the bottom which was well done. The serial number and model tag were from Peterborough have gone missing but did read # 389 and Model Varced 14 which stood for varnished cedar. The inboard motor bunks propellor shaft and rudder are with the boat. The boat can be seen at any time.
2694514 Feet Great Canadian CanoeBest Offer -  
Beautiful canoe built by the Great Canadian Canoe Company. Boat needs a little tlc, has leather strap seats
3603114 Feet CL-14 SailboatNo Reserve -
The choice of many yacht clubs, sailing schools and camps for their training sloop. The CL14 has remarkable stability and ease of handling with a double chine, planing hull and uncomplicated rig. A great little sailboat for the cottage. The CL 14 is a nice little boat to learn on and handle by yourself. Trailer not included but may be used for local transport. No Reserve!
3701314 Feet Texas Daysailer Sailboat $1,000 -
Nice little simple day sailer with main and jib sails....A great boat to introduce one to sailing. Light and easy to move and best of all complete ! Just needs soap & water
3060814 Feet Huron Canoe$1,750 -
Vintage 14' Huron wood/canvas canoe. Originally First Nations built in Quebec, Canada. Original brass hardware and babiche seats. Documented full restoration including new canvas, by an expert. Unused since. More information and pictures available. Located in Kamloops,BC, Canada.
3751514 Feet Firefly Sailboatno reserve -  
Nice little wood and fiberglass Firefly sailboat. 14 feet in length - a great starter boat! All proceeds from the sale of this boat will benefit the Antique Boat Museum and its many programs. Offered at No Reserve.
3748314 Feet Rushton Rowing Skiff Replica$6,900 -
Built by Sutherland Boat & Coah, this beautiful skiff is a replica copy of a Rushton model 109. She is in very good condition and comes with the original matching oars.
2806214 Feet 1890's Chase Boat Works Adirondack Guideboat$7,500 -
A true collectors Guide Boat. Built by Chase in the late 1800's and restored by Jack McGreavey to like new condition. Pine on Spruce construction with three seats of maple, yoke, and oars. Ready to show or your home or on the lake...a beautiful valuable piece of Adirondack history.
2934014 Feet 1900 St Lawrence Skiff$3,200 -
Boat was acquired in 1996 in an estate sale on Wolfe Island, Ontario, CA. Research indicates that it might be US built. Nice condition but not show. Would need a strip and refinish to be a show boat. Has two rowing stations with two sets of oars. Has been stored indoors and used sparingly since 1996. Great chance to get into a turn of the century skiff for little money. Make an offer.
3023414 Feet 1910 Rushton Rowing Skiff$4,400 -
This Rushton "Iowa" model rowing skiff is in wonderful, original condition. Built in Canton, NY and sold by DH Folson Arms Co. Boats and Canoes in Broadway, NY. Complete with oars. She is an outstanding survivor!
3820214 Feet 1910 Rushton Iowa Rowing Skiff$5,750 -
One of the most sought-after builders of canoes and rowing skiffs; Rushtons are known for their detailed construction and beautiful designs. This Iowa model has been dated to 1910. She is completed with period 8 foot galvanized-tip spruce oars, built by H. Morin, Magog , Quebec. $4,000 restoration and refastening completed by NH builder Kevin Martin in 2013. Boathouse kept since, perfectly balanced and rock steady. JH Rushton imprint and bronze NYC department store emblem on bow.
2871414 Feet 1920 Mullins Skiff$2,400 -
This is a Mullins 14' galvanized steel rowboat. The Mullins company originally started as a decorative pressed steel maker and got into boat manufacturing in the 1890's. At one time they were the largest producers of boats and yet very few of these are known to exist today. The boats were built until the 1930's and were advertised as unsinkable. The date of manufacture is approximate, based on all available information. Boat is in original condition save one rib having been replaced. No rust, no leaks. Used in fresh water.
2607614 Feet 1920's Knapp Canoe$1,000 -
Knapp was a boat builder in the Kingston area in the 50's and most of these boats were built for use on the Rideau Canal system. Very few of these boats remain today. This boat is complete but has been in storage for over 50 years and should either be restored or placed in a Museum and used as a exhibit piece.
3745914 Feet 1920's Peterborough Rowing Skiff$1,500 -
This is an all original, barn-find Peterborough Rowing Skiff. She is completely intact and ready for a cosmetic restoration. The boat has been well preserved over the years and stored indoors. This would be an easy winter-time restoration!
2576314 Feet 1929 Century Hurricane$11,000 -
This is a beautiful example of a very rare Century Raceboat. It was raced by the Syracuse University Team from 1929 until 1932 by Stephen Dudek. The boat is completely restored to museum quality condition. Included is a rare 1929 Johnson VR 45 Racing engine in mint original condition that runs. The boat has all of the original hardware (steering wheel, skid fin, etc) and century nameplate.
2897914 Feet 1929 Edward Long Outboard$3,900 -
This 14 ft boat was made in Massachusetts by Edwin Long in 1929. The boat has been fully restored. This boat is all original except for the bow light. It comes with a trailer.
2786014 Feet 1929 Old Town Canoe$1,200 -
2693814 Feet 1930 St. Lawrence Skiff -
This boat came from Comfort Island in the Thousand Islands region. The current owner has had it for quite a few years. It was completely stipped and refinished in the 1990's, and has won many awards including, Best of Show. It received a few coats of fresh varnish in early July.
3104214 Feet 1930 Rhinelander Guideboat$3,200 -
1930 Rhinelander 14ft Guide Row Boat. Complete restoration with fiberglass hull wrap and late 1940s Johnson 5hp motor included. Trailer has been restored with new hubs and bearings (lights work). Beautiful Boat
3744414 Feet 1930 Aykroyd Sailboat$2,900 -
Built in Toronto, Ontario, Aykroyd Sailboats are regarded to be some of the finest sailing craft of their era. Beautiful construction and attention to detail. This is an early example, quite possibly older than the 1930's. She features nearly all of her original wood and original painted canvas decks. The boat was in the water sailing approximately 8 years ago and has been in storage since. Ready for a clean up, but believed to be complete and still in sound structural condition.
3837614 Feet 1930 Peterborough Skiff$5,500 -
Offered for sale is a very rare 14 Foot Peterborough Skiff built in 1930. The Skiff was restored by Brackley Boats on Gravenhurst, Ontario and has been seldom used and boathouse kept it's whole career. This is a fine example of a well known Canadian builder, in excellent condition and string in it's appearance. Included in the sale are two sets of Shaw & Tenney spoon oars which are also in excellent shape. Over the years the Skiff has had some new floorboards, new ribs, planking and fresh varnish. Own a piece of Canadian history- Use it or display it at your choice.
3158714 Feet 1930's Thompson Rowboat -
This is a 1930's Thompson Rowboat which is in good restorable condition. It has the original varnish inside. It should probably have the canvas recovered and is cedar planked and ribs. It is offered WITHOUT Reserve.
3159014 Feet 1930's Vampire Sailboat -  
This is a very cool cedar planked Vampire Sailboat with a retractable wood and steel centerboard. The masts and rigging are all present but it needs new cotton sails. The boat has no rot and is in good restorable condition and would make a great project. The boat is being offered today at NO RESERVE
3026214 Feet 1930's Ackroyd Sailing Dinghyno reserve -
This a Ackroyd Sailing Dingy built in the mid to late 1930's. It is an excellent project boat as it requires some work. the boat requires a full refinish as well as new decks, a few new ribs. The boat comes with all hardware, mast, boom and gaff but is without a sale. Another fine example of Canadian craftsmanship.
3081114 Feet 1933 Aykroyd Sailing Dinghy$1,500 -
Varnished lapstrake cedar planking on steam-bent white oak ribs. Varnished sitka spruce spars (mast, boom and gaff), along with old mainsail (pattern). We have all the parts including the rudder, tiller, floorboards and hardware.
2632514 Feet 1933 Summerset Boatworks Raceboat$75,000 -
This boat was built by Summerset Boatworks in 1933. The company custom built two boats, the "Hebe" and the "Bebe" for racing. This is a D-Class Hydroplane that won many races back in its day and was clocked at 71 knots on the Charles River. It's sister boat, the "Bebe" was wrecked making this the last in existence. The boat has been entirely restored and is still very fast. The transom and decks were replaced about 7 years ago. It is ready to be enjoyed and raced in vintage events.
2868214 Feet 1935 Peterborough Rowing SkiffSold -
This beautiful antique guide boat was built in Peterborough, Ontario. It has had a full restoration completed 3 years ago and is in Show Condition with no apologies or flaws anywhere. The planking is original cedar. Most of the ribs are new and the seats are mahogany. Comes with a set of oars. These skiffs are rarely seen and highly desired by collectors and Canadians who recognize and appreciate the fine craftmanship of these Peterborough boats.
3689914 Feet 1935 Aykroyd Sailing Dinghy$600 -
Circa 1935, Canadian-built Aykroyd Sailing Dinghy. Your next restoration project! This Aykroyd has been part of the Antique Boat Museum's collection and is now being deaccessioned. Fairly complete with partial sailing rig. Boat and Trailer sold with bills of sale only. All sales proceeds will benefit the Museum. No reserve!
3746114 Feet 1935 Aykroyd Sailboat$2,500 -
This is an all-original, preserved Aykroyd Sailboat, ready for restoration. Built in Toronto, Ontario, Ayroyd Sailboats are very collectible and an elegant design. This example is believed to be complete and requiring only cosmetic attention.
2996214 Feet 1937 Old Town Rowboat$2,100 -
Classic Old Town 14' rowboat, originally canvas over cedar. Fully restored. Canvas replaced with West expoxy and Brightside paint. The rest of the boat is original. Beautifully aged patina on cedar inside. Boat includes original running boards, oars and oarlocks. Hard to find a complete 30's wooden rowboat. Boat in great condition and bears the Hull ID # of 116443
2809714 Feet 1937 Thompson Outboard$2,500 -  
This 1937 Thompson needs a full restoration but appears to be solid and complete. The wood looks to be in sound condition. Comes with a 1935 4hp Johnson outboard. Offered at No Reserve.
2726414 Feet 1937 Peterborough Lakeside$995 -
1927 Peterborough Lakeside. Cedar strip construction. Has original seat backs and oars. It is in good condition for its age, but could use some work. There is one bad rib and some patching outside the front of the keel.
2544414 Feet 1938 Thompson Brothers-Cortland, NY$1,100 -  
Sound hull; 2 fold down seat backs; 5 ft. deck; needs refinishing.
2954914 Feet 1938-1948 Peterborough Buckhorn Rowing Skiff$5,000 -
This is a very nice Peterborough Buckhorn Skiff. Just professionally restored at great cost and time. Absolutely stunning. All original wood. Museum piece. The pictures do not do this justice.
3113914 Feet 1939 Old Town Outboard$1,750 -
Professionally refinished and repainted with oars and oar locks. Has steering wheel but no motor. Professionally replaced transom.
2938014 Feet 1940 Aykroyd Sailboat$8,000 -
14 ft Aykroyd sailboat Restored, Dacron sail, cedar hull canvas deck, mahogany transom and rudder. She is in very nice shape and is ready to sail!
3022114 Feet 1940 Penn Yan Outboard$3,200 -
The boat was completely restored including new canvas about 12 years ago. It has received limited use since restoration and always stored inside. The seat insets, gunnels and corner pieces are mahogany which improves the appearance. Even though the boat is considered an outboard, we have used it as a rowboat. It has two rowing positions and rows easily. This is a great boat for small lakes and ponds.
3019414 Feet 1940 Penn Yan Cartopper$700 -
This Penn Yan Car Topper is complete. It has the original canvas with only one coat of paint. Re-canvasing would make it look like a brand new boat new boat. This is a very restorable boat with only one broken rear seat which was improperly repaired. we bought this boat in 1970 and it has been in a garage for the last 6 years.
3063214 Feet 1940 Aykroyd Sailboat$9,999 -
14ft Geo Aykroyd Dinghy built by J.J. Taylor and Sons in Toronto. It was raced on Stony Lake for about 10 years. It has a recent enlarged North Sail and aluminum centre board. She was completely restored in 2010 back to original condition. Sailed only 10 times in 2011. Comes with an aluminum dolly and custom sunbrella cover. Owners also have original steel centre board and cotton sail.
2562714 Feet 1940 Wagemaker Wolverine$6,000 -
Beautiful Wagemaker Wolverine outboard utility. Many brass plated acessories (oarlocks, cleats, trim, etc...). Boat is in excellent condition with exceptional varnish. Antique Johnson outboard included, new outboard available for $1200.
2762214 Feet 1940's PennYan Trailboat$2,500 -
This is the most complete PennYan outboard of this vintage that we have seen. All hardware is original. Hull number WGD53599 on the boat. Canvas over cedar strip with new seaming. Original lights with boat.
3011614 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Trailboat$1,500 -
A fun and easy project and a perfect Fall/ Winter project boat. This is a RARE opportunity to purchase an early, decked late 1940's Penn Yan Seagoer wooden Trailboat. 14 feet long. Hull # WG1083. Own a piece of Finger Lakes wooden boat history. Needs re-canvassing and varnishing, otherwise totally complete and great condition, including all brass fittings and all three seat backs (RARE!) Restore and go fishing in a classic wooden boat or donate to a museum! Trailer and (original?) wooden paddles included.
2924914 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Cartopper$2,400 -
Nicely restored, early 1940's cartopper. Hull was fiberglassed a number of years ago and is in good condition. Motor runs perfect. This outfit is a real head turner.
3116614 Feet 1940's Indian Head Boat Company Outboard$1,000 -
This boat was inherited by my cousins and they sold it at auction to me. It has seen limited use and was stored in a pole shed for many years. I have cleaned it up and varnished it. It is sitting on its original trailer as well.
3131114 Feet 1940's Row Boat$800 -
Old row boat that is a prime candidate for restoration. 14 feet in length, 4 feet wide, and about 21 inches deep. The story is that it belonged to a retired sea captain from Long Island and it was estimated at 100 years old. Needs major restoration and looking to get it to someone who wants the task, not firewood
3159614 Feet 1940's Penn Yan Car Topper -
This is a nice 14 foot Penn Yan Car Topper which is in nice restorable condition and worthy of a small winter project. This boat is being sold with NO RESERVE.
3176114 Feet 1940's Adirondack Skiff$3,500 -
Little is known about the origins of this Adirondack skiff, but she is believed to have been built near Boonville, NY sometime during the 1940's. Nicely restored and kept on and island on the St Lawrence River near the Gananoque Narrows. Beautiful caned seats and brass-tipped oars. Stored on a water-access only island, but will be accessible once again Spring 2014.
3161814 Feet 1946 Penn Yan Kingfisher$2,450 -
Beautiful 1946 Penn Yan Kingfisher antique row boat canoe. Reluctant sale due to moving to the UK. 85lbs. From the catalogue: "Designed for maximum carrying capacity and minimum weight w/steadiness and carry capacity of boat 50% greater in width and depth and twice the poundage." Gorgeous boat that I will miss not having, and not sure I will be able to replace. Happy bidding. Please ask any questions. Listed in Old Town, but stored in Addison, Maine (6 hours from Boston, 1 1/2 hours from Bangor) May ship, but please contact to organise Serial #MCS46477.
2986914 Feet 1947 Steel Bike Shop Outboard$3,400 -
1947 Cedar Strip made in 1947 at the Steel Bike Shop, in Niagara Falls only 1000 of these boats were made. The boat sits on a Tee Nee trailer and has an outboard motor Mercury K motor 10 horse. The boat can hold up to a 14 horse motor . The boat comes with a canvas cover and is full of fishing gear from the late forties. Also in the boat are 1947 life jackets and oars. The boat is in great shape for its year and is a very rare find.
2782814 Feet 1947 Alumacraft Model B$800 -
This rowboat was manufactured by Alumacraft the 2nd year they were in business. Still a solid boat and is used regularly at the lake. Two rowing stations on gunwales, one set of 7' oars included. I've not found an aluminum boat this age and in this good condition on the web.
2561614 Feet 1947 Custom Made Runabout$0 -
This boat is made entirely out of mahogany plywood. It is in very good condition and is completely water ready, needing nothing. Included is an older trailer that was used mainly for storage purposes.
2693014 Feet 1948 Penn Yan SwiftSold -  
Needs complete re-canvasing and minor woodwork. Complete with all hardware. The is a very nice boat that needs some minor work.
2817614 Feet 1948 Thompson Sea Skiff$4,800 -
Has been stored indoors, FL title and trailer registration. Last run March 2005. Survey value 2/28/03 $7000. Includes anchor, life jackets. Boat is in good, usable condition.
2932014 Feet 1949 Inland Marine Boat Co. Globemaster R6$18,800 -
This is a very RARE one owner boat. This model was only manufactured for two years. Original motor in boat, runs great! Have spare motor with most external part and spare prop with shaft.
3633814 Feet 1949 Old Town Rowboat$650 -  
A prime candidate for restoration. This 14' Old Town rowboat has been fiberglassed and looks like a floater! Complete with a set of oars and the correct oar locks.
3770714 Feet 1949 Old Town Outboard Square Stern $1,600 -
This handsome, sturdy mahogany outboard boat was built by The Old Town Canoe and Boat Company of Maine in December of 1949. The hull is very stable, intact and in need of rib repair and refinishing. It is a very "doable" project boat with beautiful lines. She has been in dry, indoor storage since 1980 which has helped to preserve her condition!
3220014 Feet 1950 Peterborough Cedar Strip Outboard$5,500 -
A classic Canadian 14 ft Peterborough cedar strip and mahogany runabout professionally restored with varnished hull and fiberglass bottom (restoration history available). All period decals have been replaced, all chrome replated including 2 piece windscreen, in perfect condition. Seats 4+ and comes with classic OMC controls plus steering. Powered by a 1967 Evinrude 18hp with electric start and OMC gas tank of the era. Boat has been stored indoors but comes with custom made tarp. On a nice EZ Loader galvanized trailer with spare tire and new wiring harness. Boat looks great and runs even better.
3690014 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Swift Outboard$500 -
Nice project Penn Yan outboard. Center-deck model Swift model. Appears complete and a good restoration candidate. Has steering, no canvas on the hull. Deaccessioned from the Antique Boat Museum's collection. All proceeds benefit the Museum. No Reserve.
3114714 Feet 1950 Shell Lake Boat Company$3,475 -
This beautiful antique wooden row boat is in excellent condition.
3002614 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Car Topper$2,600 -
100% original, barn kept for 30 years, original canvass in great shape. Nice display piece for the cottage or take it to a show!
3024714 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Cartopper -
This row boat was kept in a Camp at 7th Lake near Old Forge. The Camp has recently been purchased and the owners have no need for the boat. The row boat will be sold with oars and will be sold with NO RESERVE at the 47th Clayton Boat Show and Auction being held at the Antique Boat Museum on Saturday August 6th at 1pm, 2011.
3034414 Feet 1950 Speedliner Model 814 Marathon Raceboat$7,500 -
This is a very rare model of Speedliner that was purpose built for Marathon racing. This D-class utility, "Custom DeLuxe" originally came from Oklahoma where it was campaigned by a racer by the name of Gene Zaloudek, a high-points champion for several years. The boat and engine were totally restored to museum quality by the current owner. This rig is also very runnable and handles excellent in rough water. The 44ci Mercury runs strong and matches the boat well. Has a vintage brass prop and a custom built stainless steel cleaver that both work excellent. Sold complete with history, provenance, and restoration documentation.
2815814 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Rowboat$2,500 -
This Penn Yan Rowboat has been freshly painted has all of it's original hardware. The ribs are all intact and in good shape and the boat is nicely finished and shows very nicely. It also has the original Penn Yan tags. It comes complete with a trailer.
2723514 Feet 1950 Bell GP14 Sailboat$2,200 -
1950 Jack Holt design. This is number 4119 of 12,500 built. Good all around sailer. includes 3 sails, main jib, etc. Comes with trailer. Usable as is, but could use some cosmetic work.
2733614 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Trailerboat$2,500 -
This is an excellent example of an untouched, original boat. The current owner purchased it from an elderly couple that owned it for many years. It has always been stored indoors, and is in excellent condition. The decks have a fresh coat of varnish on them, but everything else is entirely original. The interior varnish has excellent 'patina'. Complete with all hardware and original oars. Original decals are present and intact. Owner is willing to deliver within a 250 mile radius for the cost of gas.
2662914 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Rowboat$2,500 -
This is a gorgeous 14' Penn Yan Rowboat. Fully restored, canvas covered and painted in jade green with pettit easy poxy paint. This boat has been well cared for and requires nothing. A trailer is available if needed for an additional price, and a new or used outboard is also available. Boat is available with oars.
2561714 Feet 1950 Peterborough Sportsman$2,200 -
The year is approximately a 1950. The Serial Number of the hull is 6-19*428-113. The boat was originally seldom used and has not been restored. It remains in excellent original condition.
2549614 Feet 1950 Peterborough$1,500 -
This is Peterborough cedar strip from about 1950. In restorable, original condition.
2624614 Feet 1950 Milo CraftMake Offer -  
1950 Milo Craft Runabout. One owner, All wood boat outside is Blue inside is natural wood grain. Last time in water 2003, All reasonable offers will be considered
2635714 Feet 1950's Wilson SandsBest Offer -
This boat is believed to date back to approximately the mid 20th Century. A builder's plaque in the front of the boat reveals that it was built by Wilson Sands in Abaco in the Bahamas. It is a gray boat, but may have enough historical and structural integrity to bring it back to life as an outboard utility or a dinghy. Included is a small single axle trailer that is in need of repair.
2702614 Feet 1950's Wagemaker Outboard$3,990 -
Boat has new decks and interior as well as 6 coats of fresh varnish. The bottom has been painted and is sealed and tight. There is absolutely no dry rot in boat.
2729014 Feet 1950's Peterborough Lakeside$2,500 -
This is a 1950's Peterborough cedar stip outboard. It is currently in water worthy condition and can be used as is. Could use a refinishing.
2823714 Feet 1950's Penn Yan Car Topper$500 -
1950's vintage, this boat has been well-used and loved by a family on the St. Lawrence River. It would make an excellent winter restoration project or decorative piece in restaurant or home. All the original hardware is intact.
2864014 Feet 1950's Thompson Outboard$400 -
A full project boat that is ready for restoration. Complete boat, made in Cortland, NY.
2874514 Feet 1950's Peterborough Sportsman$1,500 -
This early 1950's Peterborough Sportsman is entirely original and has never been restored. She is a well preserved classic that could use a minor restoration. No motor, but comes with a single axle trailer.
2850914 Feet 1950's Peterborough Canadian Outboard$750 -
Here is a nice little 14' Peterborough Canadian molded plywood boat. Complete but needs restoration. Center deck and all hardware.
2941014 Feet 1950's Elgin Outboardno reserve -
It has brass hardware. We have a copy of the original advertisement for this boat from Sears and Roebuck, it sold new for $249.00. This boat is an ideal project as it is intact and has no rot and only needs elbow grease to bring it back to it's original glory.
3104814 Feet 1950's Gentlemans Racer Outboard$3,000 -
This is a boat that is best described as a Gentleman's Cottage Racer. It was built on an aluminum 50's era hull and then customized to resemble an outboard version of a Gar Wood Speedster. It is a very solid and fast boat (depending on your choice of motors). The hull design is pleasant and the hardware, steering and instrumentation are very nice. The fuel tank and battery are forward under the hatch. She cruises nicely with a lone pilot or with the grandkids on each side. A fun boat which is very low on maintenance. It is sitting on a nicely restored TEE NEE yellow trailer ready to go. Just add the motor of your choice (presently rigged for an OMC). Also included is a 40 HP Johnson. The freshwater outboard is all original and in great condition.
3147414 Feet 1950's Peterborough Handy Boy$650 -
I bought this boat with the intentions of restoring it. However after replacing the Transom I never got the chance to finish it.
3689214 Feet 1950's Peterborough Aqua Flyer$1,500 -
Peterborough Aqua Flyer for sale, circa 1950's … Acquired when we purchased our lakeside property, this wooden boat appears to be all original and is in good shape. Purchaser responsible for pickup and must bring own trailer.
3217513 feet 1950's Aristocraft Sea Flash 13$5,000 -
We inherited this boat from my husband's parents, but have not used it in over 5 years. My father-in-law took very good care of it while he had it. It's in great condition other than needs half a windshield and I don't know what the condition of the motor is in. It worked the last time we used it.
2918214 Feet 1951 Thompson$2,900 -
This 1951 Thompson boat comes with an original Tee Nee Trailer. This boat was been fully restored. A rare boat. A 25 HP Johnson Seahorse or Evinrude 28hp motor is available for an additional cost.
2793014 Feet 1951 Old Town Lapstrake Outboard$4,500 -
Unrestored original with bronze and brass hardware. Classic high crown mahogany planked front deck. Electric start engine runs smoothly. Own a piece of nautical history. Comes with a trailer and tonneau covers for front and rear cockpits.
2797314 Feet 1952 Larson/Crestliner Commodore$2,000 -
Excellent condition. Has wood gunnels, seats and oars. Transom width is 51". Depth amidship is 20". Depth of bow is 27". Weight is 185 lbs. Hull thickness, full remper aluminum alloy .064. Has Buoyancy tanks, aluminum keel, rub strakes and full length splash guards. Maximum motor hp is 33. Also includes two clamp-on swivel seats, anchors, 24lb thrust trasom mount trolling motor, 2 life jackets, and an eagle graph. This is an excellent handling boat.
2896814 Feet 1952 Peterborough Sportabout$3,500 -
1952 Peterborough Sportabout. Cedarstrip "deluxe" model mahogany decks. Good shape, very sound hull and transom, but needs complete stripping and re-varnishing. I just do not have the time to take for this boat, but it will be a collectors item when restored. I would love to keep her, but need to find a good home. Including a 1955 Mark 25E Mercury. in VERY good condition. all orig. controls and tank included. Electric start. This is a perfect match for the boat.
2606714 Feet 1952 Thompson Outboard$750 -
Another great project. Strip-planked, in decent shape. Three bench seats, steering wheel, windshield, and lights. Complete and original. An easy restoration.
2988914 Feet 1952 Wagemaker Wolverine Deluxe$8,900 -
This Wagemaker Wolverine is a multiple prize winner in preserved category. 95% original wood, all chrome redone, motor professionally restored and painted, new custom windshield, custom cover , wood in immaculate condition, a real head turner, boat has never been in salt water. Price just reduced!!
2971314 Feet 1952 Wagemaker Wolverine$1,500 -
Boat needs some wood restoration done to it. Has not been in water for a few years. Motor has electric/manual start.
3054214 Feet 1952 PennYan Trailboat$3,800 -
A complete restoration on both theHull #CWG-52523 is a 14' PennYan Trailboat from 1952. Excellent condition, original wood and canvas and steering wheel with PennYan script. Repainted and revarnished in late 90's and not in the water since. This is a classic Trailboat that is ready for daily use or to add to your collection. Boat and engine.
2666614 Feet 1952 or 1953 Century Sportsman$4,000 -
This is a nice original boat that needs work on the bungs on top of the screws. The boat is in excellent general condition. This boat has been in storage for 20 years and appears to have had only one motor on it judging from the marks on the transom. We purchased this boat from a gentleman in upper michigan with the intent to retsoreit. It was suposed to be a Father and Son project but unfortunately he passed away. Dog not included !!!
2696114 Feet 1953 Simps Molded Plywood Outboard$125 -
This is a 1953 molded plywood outboard boat made by Simps in Rochester, New York. It is one of only eight ever produced. It is a project boat being offered at no reserve.
2885214 Feet 1953 Chris Craft Barracuda$7,000 -
Immaculate 1953 Barracuda- spent the years from 1956 until 2008 in an airplane hangar in Manchester Iowa. One previous owner - all history available.
2809614 Feet 1953 Canadian Nymph Outboard$10,000 -
Rare, professionally restored with Honduras mahogany, white oak, red cedar, using cold-molded technique-West System Epoxy. Takes on zero water, so she does not have to be "soaked" each spring! Gorgeous Epifanes varnish finish, original brass hardware, custom white ash floorboards. Gravenhurst Antique Boat show participant. Multiple Lake Couchiching and Orillia Creamery race winner in 1950's. She has been in the same family her entire life.
3058714 Feet 1953 Aristocraft Torpedo$4,000 -
I found it at Lake Hopatcong, NJ in 1977 and restored it with my Dad. I am second owner. Our four kids learned to water-ski behind her. Original chrome and steering and upholstery. Original gas tank.
2985114 Feet 1953 Penn Yan Trailboat$2,950 -
This is the largest of the Trailboat series called a Trailboat Seagoer. It is in very nice condition and ready to launch. Suggested engine size is 10-25 HP. Oak ribs, cedar front and wheel deck. Canvas covered. All hardware and steering controls included. Just add engine and controls.
2962014 Feet 1953 Elgin Outboard$5,500 -
Just out of 2 year restoration with full picture documentation of restoration. Engine has been totally rebuilt, is very clean, and runs like a top. Boat comes on a trailer with cover, bimini top, side and aft curtains.
2993514 Feet 1954 Penn Yan Commodore$6,500 -
This Penn Yan spent 25 years in storage before being resurrected by the previous owner. The transom has been replaced and the boat is in nice condition. She has been repowered with a vintage Mercury Mark 30. The motor is in nice, original condition and is suitable power for the boat. It has restored Kaminc controls, Atwood steering wheel and vintage working speedometer.
2996014 Feet 1954 Feathercraft Favorite$2,000 -
This is a rare find. 1954 Feathrecraft Favorite model. Serial number is F4 213 54. Relatively uncommon model. In good overall condition; very functional and sturdy design.
3120714 Feet 1954 Canadian Nymph$4,200 -
This Canadian cedar strip was sold new on August 19th 1954, complete with motor & trailer for $1082.80. She was lightly used until 1958, then went into storage for the following 54 years! Complete history from day 1 is available. Motor has been tuned up and is ready to run. This package would make an excellent candidate for restoration or preservation...a true time capsule.
2892614 Feet 1954 Aero-Craft$5,200 -
Original one owner collectors item aluminum boat. Garage kept its entire life, and it shows. This boat is just remarkable. Good chance to own a collectors boat.
2751314 Feet 1954 Peterborough Zephyr$7,900 -
The current owner has owned this boat for 5 years. It was awarded best in its class in Gravenhurst 2007. She is in excellent, show ready condition and needs nothing. Comes with a full cover.
2703414 Feet 1954 Peterborough Canadian Nymph$10,000 -
A true collector's boat & motor in excellent , original condition. The cushions, gas tank, and all original documents come with the boat. The current owner has all of the paperwork and the bill of sale from the original owner. This boat is in excellent condition and has been carefully stored for over 40 years.
2624714 Feet 1954 Peterborough$8,000 -
Excellent condition, one previous owner day use only always stored indoors, therefore never has or needed to be restored - shows pride of ownership. Original cushions and Morse Controls - a pleasure to drive!
2558314 Feet 1954 Thompson Car Topper$1,800 -
1954 Thompson Car Topper Boat. All original, great shape, canvas on outside needs to be replaced.
2558414 Feet 1954 Thompson Utility$800 -
This is an example of the early style, narrow lapstrake hull with crowned decks, tapering bow, and near vertical stem. A semi- advanced restoration requiring copying and replacement of foredeck, coaming some delamination repairs, a new keel and complete refinishing. This desirable boat has a nice galvanized trailer, and original steering wheel.
3815914 Feet 1954 Larson Double Cockpit $8,500 -
Beautifully restored 1954 double cockpit runabout, set up for rear cockpit helm. Interesting transition year boat with red painted fiberglass bottom, integrated trim tabs and cut out for the lower unit of the outboard motor. The motor ias a 1955 Mercury Mark 55, 40 HP. It was professionally restored and is extremely dependable. It starts and runs beautifully all the time. The trailer is included with the boat purchase. All registrations and inspections are up to date.
2672114 Feet 1955 Penn Yan Swift Model CUT$3,950 -
Serial # CUT-55232. Purchased in 1956/57 from a person who upgraded. Only one user since then. Kept indoors or covered when in the water. Was powered by 1956 Johnson 15 hp. Includes controls. Used only on a northern Indiana lake. Has original canvas with a few repair spots, and painted once. Interior is original finish. Needs new canvas, and one rear-side support (top left side). Keel is worn some, and should be repaired. Max O.B.C. HP = 33.
2752414 Feet 1955 Plaste Craft$900 -  
This is a project boat. It is complete and in good shape. No major work on hull needed. Engine needs to be rebuilt
2744214 Feet 1955 Aristocraft Torpedo$15,000 -
Great original condition. The boat has always been stored in a garage to prevent weathering. Made of mahogany plywood, has never been fiberglassed.
2818914 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Kit Boat$950 -
This plywood kit boat is believed to be a Chris Craft design. It is in reasonable condition and is complete with all hardware and a steering wheel.
2837914 Feet 1955 Yellow Jacket Catalina Outboard$3,800 -
Solid boat, mahogany and Beachwood Birch. Needs some veneer work on top deck. I have owned the boat for 15 years.
3095814 Feet 1955 Thompson Sea Swift$4,000 -
1955 Thompson Sea Swift 14' wooden boat. Original owner and in very good condition. 1955 original Evinrude 25 HP Big Twin included but 1978 25hp shown (35hp hood), excellent condition, never had power head removed, incl. (2) 5 gal. fuel cans. 1978 Evinrude 25 HP electric start - purchased used. Very good running condition, (1) 5 gal. fuel can included. Original paddle, full seat cushions for both seats, life vests and spare props for engines also included. Boat has never been in salt water, nor had to be restored, has been garaged when not used. Varnish and paint well maintained.
3013314 Feet 1955 Cutter Outboard$1,300 -
The interior has been painted with a 2 part epoxy paint and the original deck color matched with a boat deck enamel. This boat has a classic look that is accentuated by the deck color, a true head turner with the wings! This boat has lots of potential, it is very comfortable with high sides. It does float and has NO LEAKS. The chrome deck hardware (cleats, brackets, etc...) will need to be reinstalled. I rebuilt the cable steering system with new cables and hardware. its all ready for you to add your classic outboard for many summers of fun.
3018914 Feet 1956 Penn Yan Commander$2,500 -
This 1956 Penn Yan is a good survivor boat in very solid condition. Powered by its original 1956 Evinrude Big Twin outboard and sitting on a vintage Mastercraft trailer. Complete with all original hardware and fittings. Penn Yan "Striptight" construction. This is a fine, original example that will clean up very well. Owner is selling storage facility - priced to sell!!
2998514 Feet 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo$7,800 -
This is a very collectible 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo. It is in good original condition with some repairs made over the years. Equipped with all original hardware. Johnson Sea Horse 35hp, custom cover, and good Shore N' Landr trailer.
3027414 Feet 1956 Penn Yan Car Topper$2,900 -
Unused, stored carefully indoors for 40 years. Original canvas and interior.
3055314 Feet 1956 Thompson Outboard$4,500 -
This is a very clean boat. The Mercury Mark 55 engine runs great. Ready for water and sitting on a nice trailer!
3047414 Feet 1956 Penn Yan Runabout$4,000 -
This is a good runner that in still in nice shape. Looks good but could use a refinishing job. This would be a real nice project.
2965214 Feet 1956 Crosby Outboard$4,600 -
A beautifully maintained and restored boat/motor & trailer combination. Vintage fun on your little lake for a reasonable amount of investment. Classic fiberglass.
2918014 Feet 1956 Elgin Gale Buccaneer$3,900 -
This 14 ft 1956 Elgin boat comes wiht a 1957 Gale Buccanceer outboard motor and a trailer. This boat has been fully restored. The electrical system and upholstering is new.
2945614 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Zephyr$12,000 -
For Sale is a rare 1956 Chris Craft 14' Boat that is in "A"1 show condition. This boat has won many show titles over the past few years and I have it ready for this season with additional items has brought this boat to have all original hardware and accessories. Also, get this, the 1957 18 HP Johnson is original that has been totally recondition by a professional including paint and decals, you have to see it to believe it, the pictures do not do it justice. PLUS!!!! I have a spare engine that I found just a few serial numbers apart, how rare is that. Other Items inc: Chris Craft custom Paddle Electric start, brand new trailer, Spot light. This boat is fully ready to go, turnkey for shows and your boating pleasure, this boat rides like a dream. The only reason I am selling it because I bought a new project along with my other boats, my wife thinks I have to many toys. This boat current market price is $15,000, I have price it to sell, I don't have time to show it this year, do you?
2939114 Feet 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo$7,500 -
This Torpedo is in excellent original condition and is very clean! 35hp Merc is a little newer but is a good combination for the boat.
3108414 Feet 1956 Larson Falls Flyer$15,000 -
This is a completely restored fiberglass boat, purchased at the Mickelson auction in Willmar MN. Nothing was left undone, the engine was completely gone through with new everything and runs and starts beautifully. The trailer was also completely redone and looks as new.
3130214 Feet 1956 Penn Yan STF$2,800 -
This boat spent a lot of time on Lake Ontario off of the bay at Fair Haven State Park. It has belonged to one family only and has not been on the water in at least 20 years. Needs minimum renovation, no major overhauls. Serial # 1000 Engine serial # 0 B222534
3122814 Feet 1956 Dunphy Bonito$5,500 -
This 14ft. Dunphy comes with a 1956 Evinrude Lark 35hp engine. The boat was fully restored in 2012. It has been varnished with 6 coats of varnish and painted. It comes with a 1958 Teenee trailer.
3151014 Feet 1956 Canadian Canoe Company$2,800 -
1956 Canadian Dart, Cedar Strip Runabout. 15 hp Johnson electric start and Tee Nee Trailer. Hull has been fiberglassed by previous owner. The boat does need to be refinished but the wood is in good shape. Good solid transom. A couple of ribs could be replaced. I am the second owner and the boat was always stored in a boat house since new on Lake of Bays. For some reason the controls (Steering wheel, throttle, Forward and Reverse) are Evinrude Simplex. The plexiglass windshield is broken but complete enough to use as a template for a replacement. Boat has lots of potential for restoration! Original gas tank and electric starter box included.
3630114 Feet 1956 Whirlwind Outboard$2,900 -
Whirlwind manufactured moulded mahogany plywood boats that have a reputation for being light, strong, fast, and maneuverable. Boat has two gas tanks, anchors water skis, seat cushion life preservers, and trailer. Boat has been garage kept, on trailer, under cover.
3610014 Feet 1956 Yellow Jacket Outboard$6,900 -
This boat is in show condition and the engine was gone through by a Mercury mechanic and starts and runs great.
2848814 Feet 1956 Penn Yan Captivator$7,500 -
3-owner 1956 Penn Yan Captivator with the original 1957 Evinrude BigTwin 35. This boat is fun to drive and ready for another summer. The boat has been lightly used, regularly maintained, and garage-kept. The boat has a full cover in like-new condition. Both the boat and the trailer are currently registered in Canada, but were previously registered in the US.
2809014 Feet 1956 Glasspar Lido Club$3,500 -
This outboard was just painted but some subsurface cracks are still slightly visible. New carpet. New seats. Not a accurate restoration but clean. The engine is very clean and runs excellent. It also has CD player.
2774114 Feet 1956 Peterborough Outboard$2,800 -
Cedar strip boad in really good shape.
2657914 Feet 1956 Higgins Deluxe Runabout$7,000 -
Mahogany wooden boat, outboard engine & trailer for sale . Turn- key condition. Original 30hp Johnson outboard engine & TeeHee trailer included. Original parts; great chrome; some restoration completed in 2002 (new seats, paint of sides/interior & varnish of deck/transom). Comes with two 6-gal Johnson pressure gas tanks, fenders, ropes, seat cushions, customer cover. Last run on Lake Lanier, GA in 2003, and has been in storage since. A great little boat for someone who knows outboards & enjoys flying across the water. Insured with Hagerty Insurance for $10,000.
2634114 Feet 1956 Penn Yan Captivator$8,800 -
New old stock boat from the Todd Warner Collection. Professionally refinished and won best of show at the Hammondsport boat show in the late 1990's. Very fine boat that belongs in a museum.
2557714 Feet 1956 Pacer Industries$6,500 -
This is the finest outboard I have ever found. It was custom built out of molded hulls sold in the back pages of Popular Science Magazine in 1956. My friend’s father hand built everything else of the best matieials and craftsmanship. I personally used and maintained it since 1972. The engine is a first-pull-start `67 Johnson and it runs like new. The Pacer Industries 14’ has Sapelle decks under 8 coats of varnish, all finishes were redone 2002, including the trailer that matches the bottom, new custom cushions and all gear included, it’s a super nice package that goes 30 mph.
2556914 Feet 1956 Dunphy$500 -
1956 Dunphy 14 feet, molded hull like a Whirlwind, this unusual design was created by U.S. Molded shapes has a distinctive bow and high crown deck. It once had a “v” windshield. The big horn has a pump under the dash. The high crowned deck and old style coaming give this boat a look that few ever have. The 1953 Ford steering wheel was adapted to a marine cable steering system. The hull appears to have been fiber glassed and is holding its old finish well. There is soft wood in the structural members near the transom which appears solid. This boat has the most unique high crown deck I have ever seen! Finished up nicely it would be a head turner, easy to maintain, and have excellent handling due to the molded hull and rounded chines.
2550614 Feet 1956 Penn Yan$2,850 -
Absolutely perfect! It has been recently restored, which included a revarnishing and a recanvasing. Has all of the original hardware.
2629214 Feet 1956 Larson Falls Flyer$795 -
Project boat, looks like 1956 serial number 3157,left hand drive, not sure how common that is. All hardware in very good condition, could be used as is but will need refinish for show quality, aluminum band at bottom of windshield is missing. Very nice black Attwood steering wheel, speedo in excellent condition, light switch on dash works smoothly, chrome dash plate in good condition. Original appearing seat back covers, seat bottom wood in good condition. Boat has been stored in and outdoors for the past 30 years. Asking $795
2629314 Feet 1956 Penn Yan Trailboat$1,000 -
This 1956 Penn Yan Trailboat has a beautiful interior but requires new canvas on the outside. Owner currently has several mid-50's outboards including various Mercury's,Johnson's and Evinrudes. Engine sizes include 30, 35 and 40 HP. These motors are available in unrestored or unrestored condition and all are complete and most of them have controls.
2592514 Feet 1956 Duracraft Aluminum Speedboat$1,000 -  
The hull of this boat is in good condition. Just needs small outboard motor to be ready for the water. Also needs small trim pieces for exterior and lights. Has steering. This would make a great project that is manageable.
3950914 Feet 1956 Cadilliac Outboard$5,995 -
1956 Cadillac brand boat/totally restored/turn key Johnson 35hp electric start reconditioned/restored outboard super Quiet (made one year only). Flywheel pulled, new points/condenser/timed/fuel lines. New fuel pump, carb kit, impeller, battery, in battery box, clean fuel tanks with alum lock downs siting on wood grate. New wiring harness-chokes, starts, runs,stops as should, original controls, new control cables. Made in Cadillac Michigan, names after the city, GM sued, Cadillac boats won a $41,000 judge net against the car company, settlement documented and available. Michigan registration. period correct Tee Nee trailer with optional bubble fenders available.
3727214 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Barracuda$6,500 -
I found this boat in a friends garage. He had inherited it from his uncle who had passed years ago and was the original owner. I recently restored the boat trying to keep it as original as possible. Was able to reuse the original upholstery. Hate to sell this beautiful fun little boat but I need money to finish another project.
2586114 Feet 1957 Molded Ply Outboard$ 3500.00 or B/O -
Boat is a 1957 molded plywood outboard with leather seats and console. The hull is molded ply and topsides are all mahogany. It is completely restored with lots of chrome, engine redone, ready to go just put the key in, all accessories for marine security included, this is a real vintage boat, you won't see any other one like this. The engine runs strong and smooth.
2557314 Feet 1957 Lyman Outboard$1,500 -
This charming 1957 Lyman 14’ has had its interior repaired and refinished. New Sapele decks have been made and are beautifully varnished. The exterior has been sanded, treated with CPES and fairing compound applied. The bottom is ready to sand and paint, transom needs refinishing. The boat is complete with steering controls, wiring and hardware. It needs finishing and your engine.
2557414 Feet 1957 Lyman Outboard$1,500 -
This charming 1957 Lyman 14’ has had its interior repaired and refinished. New Sapele decks have been made and are beautifully varnished. The exterior has been sanded, treated with CPES and fairing compound applied. The bottom is ready to sand and paint, transom needs refinishing. The boat is complete with steering controls, wiring and hardware. It needs finishing and your engine.
2558814 Feet 1957 Philcraft Utility$1,200 -
1957 Philcraft 14’ utility. During the last of the wooden boat era, Montogomery Ward sold this plywood model equipped with the Sea King 35 which is included. This boat requires a complete refinishing and is in good structural condition. This would be an easy vessel to restore and would make a nice performing family boat.The engine needs coils, carburator checkup and perhaps, waterpump service. The boat is complete with wheel, controls and its original trailer.
2643114 Feet 1957 Lakefield Hopi$4,700 -
This 14 foot classic Lakefield cedar strip boat has received a total professional restoration and it remains in excellent condition. The 35 hp Evinrude Outboard Motor was recently serviced, compression tested, and received new points, coils, etc. All necessary emergency gear is included.
2790114 Feet 1957 Glasspar Club Lido$4,000 -
Rare 1957 Glasspar Club Lido twin cockpit. This model was only made for 2 years, 1956 and 1957. New transom professionally done last year. Interior done 2 years ago. Boat is in overall great condition. Top end of the motor was rebuilt 50 hours ago and last season the lower end of motor was rebuilt. Started right up when I recently charged battery.
2736314 Feet 1957 Peterborough Royal$1,500 -
This classic cedar strip boat has nice chrome hardware and a good, clear windshield. Comes with 2 motors, 2 fuel tanks and other misc. items such as evinrude bow pennant and stern light flag, anchor, etc. Comes with a vintage, single axle TeeNee trailer
2725414 Feet 1957 OldTown Canoe$4,200 -
This beautiful wood and cavas Old Town canoe is in good, restored condition. New canvas by Androscoggin Boat Co. in the 1990's. Very little use since then. New varnish in 2006. Ready to go. 9.9 hp works perfectly.
2807514 Feet 1957 Crosby Aeromarine Fish & Ski$950 -
This has been sitting, hull is solid, no instruments, but a good restoration project for a classic buff.
2824114 Feet 1957 Peterbourgh Lakeside$4,500 -
Fully restored center deck model. New ribs, decks and transom. Refurbished motor. Period trailer(useable but not restored, new lights)
2889414 Feet 1957 Cadillac Outboard Runabout$1,000 -
Classic 1957 Cadillac aluminum boat. It is in reasonable condition. Interesting runabout style configuration. Offered complete with a Mariner 40hp outboard and a single axle trailer. This charming vintage boat has been in the same family for close to 20 years, and has roamed the shores of Lake Minnetonka for just as long. Prior to that the boat sat in storage for most of its life.
2884114 Feet 1957 Whirlwind Outboard$6,000 -
Your chance to get into the wooden boat organization with a Whirlwind. This boat is fully restored and treated with the Smiths CPES epoxy solutions ensuring long life and durability
2882914 Feet 1957 Feathercraft Ranger III$2,400 -
This Feathercraft Ranger III model is in nice original shape. There is no motor included.
2861214 Feet 1957 Canadian Islander$3,500 -
The current owner bought this boat from the estate sale of the original owner 4 years ago. It has been used very little & has been stored in a barn all of its life. Boat & engine are in extremely nice shape & have not been restored . Engine has had new points/coils/impeller & plugs. The boat leaks very little & and only needed to be varnished to make it seaworthy again. The trailer is complete & original but would need some work to make it roadworthy. It has mostly been used to store the boat. Package includes a really nice pressure tank & hose & original oars. Boat is North of Havelock Ontario and can be viewed on weekends.
3642114 Feet 1957 Feathercraft Ranger III$3,500 -
This is a great, turn key package! Feathercraft boats are getting harder to find in good shape. This little blue Feathercraft Ranger is complete with a 35hp Johnson Super Sea Horse outboard and single axle trailer. She is a nice runner in good overall condition.
3680214 Feet 1957 MFG Outboard Runabout$3,500 -
The boat is a MFG the company that originally made Corvette bodies before GM built the bodies. Fiberglass copy of Thompson 14 ft runabout. All original hardware is on the boat. Boat had full restoration about 8 years ago with awl grip paint, new interior, electrical, steering, engine rebuilt. New plastic floor with flotation below. Trailer, cover and spare rebuilt motor. Both Mercury, 1957 and 1959. in good shape needs new owner with time to use the boat.
3160414 Feet 1957 General Marine Speedliner Outboard$10,000 -
1957 SpeedLiner, built in St. Joseph, MO. by General Marine Company. (Restored in 2007). 1959 Mercury "Keikhaefer" Mark 58A Outboard, 45 HP. "Super Thunderbolt". 2 Brass props, 6 Life jackets, Seat cushions, Battery, Paddle, Fire Extinguisher, 1960 Mercury gas tank, Custom Boat Trailer, Custom Boat Cover, Boat Lift.
3169414 Feet 1957 Penn Yan Swift$4,300 -
This beautiful Penn Yan Swift serial #CUT488 is in excellent condition having new canvas 5 years ago. A period correct 1957 Mercury Mark 25 18 hp completely restored is available for an extra $500. This motor will push the Swift at 23 MPH!
3114014 Feet 1957 Trojan Sea Queen$4,500 -
Recently varnished and repainted wooden boat in good condition. Professionally rewired boat and serviced motor.
3108514 Feet 1957 Aristocraft Torpedo$7,900 -
This boat spent all but 4 or 5 years of it's life in a museum. I have used it the last 3 years from time to time, It looks like new and there are no flaws anywhere. The engine has all new ignition system, new carb. kits, new impeller and elect. start and alt. runs great. Speedometer and tach, running lights and bilge pump.
3099214 Feet 1957 Fleetform Commodore$5,500 -
This Fleetform is an awesome boat. Everything is operational and you get a lot of thumbs up on the water. Great piece of classic 'glass!
2933314 Feet 1957 Whirlwind Outboard$5,495 -
This boat has been completely refinished, but is otherwise original. Didn't need to be totally restored. Its current condition can be attributed to many years of dry storage. Full Coast Guard package provided!
2992914 Feet 1957 Crownline Outboard$2,395 -
Still in good condition and runs all day on a few gallons of gas. The cushions are not perfect but still look good. There is a Bimini top but it needs recovered. The frame is good. The engine mixes the oil, starts and runs very well. We have skied behind this a lot and have even done some fishing. There are hidden mounts to accept seats. I have the original Evinrude 35HP engine and all of the controls. This would be a great boat to shuttle back and forth from a bigger rig and turn heads while doing it. Boat and trailer have been garaged most all of its life.
3042014 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine Outboard$6,000 -
Beautifully restored mahogany ski boat in excellent condition. Towed skiers last weekend. Electric choke 40 hp Evinrude runs perfectly after recent tuneup. New bimini top. Bronze prop like new plus spare. Boat runs 29 mph (gps speed) and carries 12 gallons of fuel. Fits easily in any garage. Trailer has new hardware, bunks, coupler, and maintenance free LED lights. Ready for the water.
3060314 Feet 1957 Peterborough Canadian Canoe$8,000 -
1957 Peterborough Runanbout meticulously restored with new trailer and Marine cover and Honda 4 stroke motor that has minimally been used. I have been told by the Peterborough Canoe Museum it should be in a museum but they only accept canoes. $8000.00 firm This lovely 14 foot cedar strip and oak frame runabout has been completely stripped, sanded and refinished with 6-8 coats of high quality marine varnish. The optional engine is a four stroke, 2000 Honda with approximately 50 hours of running time. Beautiful new custom-made upholstery. The price includes a brand new mooring cover and single axle trailer. The Dart has not been in the water since its complete overhaul and has been meticulously stored.
3058414 Feet 1957 Feather Craft Ranger III$3,800 -
Found in Albuquerque, NM in 2010 after sitting on the sand for 20 years near Elephant Butte Lake near Truth or Consequences, NM. A custom, hand-made set of convertible oars/paddles was made from aluminum. Seat bottoms fore and aft are hinged to provide access to spaces where a 6-gallon fuel tank is now mounted, and a new custom-made electrical panel and battery storage rack was installed. Front seat area is vented. About 1000 man-hours were expended in the total restoration project (boat, motor, and trailer).
2676714 Feet 1957 or older Larson Runabout$4,000 -
I purchased this boat as a 1957 Larson, but have been told that it is older than that. Has been completely restored 2 years ago. The motor was restored also, but the previous owner left plugs out and motor is seized. The boat is in great shape.
2706314 Feet 1958 Clark Craft Kit Boat$1,500 -
This looks to be a kit boat, which was a popular option in the 1950's. It is hard to tell if it was home made or professionally built, but the frames appear to be factory buildt. The boat came from an estate sale, and was stored for at least 30 yrs inside. Hull is in good shape, but requires a complete refinishing. Boat is complete with windshield, OEM matching Scott wheel, tank & controls, and 25hp Scott motor (mechanical condition unknown) Boat is sold without trailer, but purchase can be negotiated. Johnson or Mercury power could also be arranged.
2559014 Feet 1958 Glasspar Lido$3,000 -
Classic Glass! 1958 Glasspar Lido 14' beautifully restored and ready for your engine, this charming beauty will turn heads for sure, nice hardware, varnished seats.
2558114 Feet 1958 Lakefield Mohawk Brydon Boy Deluxe$2,000 -
A true Canadian cedarstrip classic. Double cockpit with walk through. I am 3rd owner and first to trailer as it was boathouse kept.
2549914 Feet 1958 Lakefield$3,500 -
Boat in original condition, usable as is, minor work to get to show condition. Motor is in excellent condition, completely overhauled 2003. Available as well is a complete supply of documentaion including bot limited to a catalogue, list of spare parts
2625414 Feet 1958 Peterborough Capella Outboard$5,500 -
The restoration of this boat is 95% complete, and only needs finishing touches. All hardware included with the boat. It has a 1958 Johnson 18 hp outboard that is completely restored for power. This boat is sure to be a show winner. No trailer.
2610114 Feet 1958 Crestliner Aluminum Outboard$5,500 -
Very very clean boat, purchased from original owner. Runs very well, very low hours on boat and engine. All original, paint very nice. Includes original trailer, which is a tilt launch unit. Email for more information and photographs to
2611714 Feet 1958 Glasspar Sport Lido$4,500 -  
The boat looks like it just was off the show room floor in 1958. Currently registered, 2-gas tanks,spare tire.
2852114 Feet 1958 Cadillac Coronado$2,000 -
Very rare Cadillac marine and boat Compnay aluminium outboard boat. These boats were built in Cadillac Michigan ( hence the name) and were one of many boat manufacturers during the 50's. They closed in 1958. This boat is very original and if it was restored it would be a beautiful boat.Comes with motor and trailer and offered as a full package.
2896414 Feet 1958 Glasspar Sport Lido$2,250 -
Just in shop for check-out, new water pump. Interior and Exterior in good condition. No windshield.
2833014 Feet 1958 Chris Craft Barracuda Boat Kit$9,000 -
This is a complete Chris Craft 14' Barracuda Boat Kit that has never been built. Has not been opened until last week to take pictures and check content. Bought it in 1958 and never used it. It is in excellent condition. The inventory is 100% complete.
2726614 Feet 1958 Penn Yan Captivator$5,000 -
The work done on this Penn Yan includes refastening of the bottom, a new keelson and stem were fabricated and installed, the decks were totally disassembled, stripped, refastened, chalked, and finished, interior was totally stripped of varnish and re-varnished, the structure was completely rebuilt, exterior completely stripped and refinished to factory colors, correct seat backs fabricated and installed, and period style floor boards fabricated and installed.
2729514 Feet 1958 Fiberglass Outboard$950 -
1958 fiberglass outboard runabout. Needs some work. Looks good cosmetically. Includes 1958 50hp Evinrude Starflite 4 cylinder outboard. Completely rebuilt 2 years ago and runs great. Has owners and service manuals. Switch assembly and throttle controls included. 1978 trailer.
3037014 Feet 1958 Aristocraft Torpedo$8,500 -
This is a nicely restored, original Aristocraft Torpedo. Powered with a period correct Mercury Mark 55 outboard. Classic package that looks great, runs great, and is very dependable!
2962214 Feet 1958 Chris Craft Kit Boat$5,300 -
Restoration included a vintage windshield, new steering plus lighting. We added a few touches that gave it a more authentic vintage appearance. The hull is finished with Pettit Easypoxy Off White, the bottom is Pettit Copper Bronze and the bright work is Z Spar Captain’s Varnish. We recreated a vintage windshield, fabricated new floor boards covered with nonskid Nautelex and also fabricated new seats. A vintage rebuilt 18 hp Evinrude twin cylinder motor was located, new chrome hardware was added, new steering was installed, engine controls were added plus lights, battery and wiring that did not exist on the original. Price reduced and owner is anxious to receive serious offers for his consideration.
2941314 Feet 1958 Penn Yan Captivator$6,500 -
This is a beautifully kept, never restored Penn Yan Captivator. Strip-Tite construction over cedar planking makes this a "no-soak" boat. This is a great "small water" boat. 1989 Merc 25hp engine very low hours. New (never used) cushions and life jackets included. Trailer is 1988 of sufficient size to be very road-worthy.
3111114 Feet 1958 Dunphy Ski Rider Outboard$2,200 -
1958 Dunphy Ski Rider that was owned by the current owner's father. It has been in a garage for its entire lift. It has not seen the water in 25 years. 14 ft Length, 62" Beam. 40hp Evinrude outboard. Molded plywood construction. Boat is in good overall condition and is ready for restoration this winter.
3135714 Feet 1958 Glassmagic Playmaster$13,500 -
3 year project. New gelcoat, updated steering, new wiring, custom interior, lots of chrome and polish, new Trailer. Stereo is for iPod only. There is no head unit. iPod plugs directly into Alpine amp. New JBL 6x9 speakers custom boxes tucked up under the front seats. Super clean. Courtesy lights and custom panel under front seat. Boat has been treated liked a classic car during the renovation. Super clean and detailed to the max. As you can see the motor is super well done and runs perfect. gauges are Faria. Helm collar is custom billet aluminum built just for this boat. Gas tank is custom aluminum. Way to much stuff to list. Serious inquiries will get additional data. One of a kind boat, only three 1958's out there that I could find and this one is super unique.
3157514 Feet 1958 AeroCraft Outboard -
Recently pulled out of long term storage! This 1958 Aerocraft is all original and powered with its original 35hp Johnson outboard. The vintage trailer has new lights and bearings - ready to tow home! Boat comes complete with all of the bells and whistles.
3143314 Feet 1958 Peterborough Outboard$2,650 -
Boat, motor and trailer are all orginal and came as a package deal from Peterborough. I'm the 3rd owner. It was barn kept by 2nd owner in Ontario for many years. Engine was tuned up and runs. Boat/motor/trailer usable as is but a makeover would make it a SHOWPIECE. Boat has no structural flaws. It is mahogony. From it's condition it has had light use. It has had no repairs or coatings. All original. Boat currenty in Pittsburgh PA. I purchased it in 2011 and it has been under roof since. I've had it out; it runs good and it's fun!! I'm putting together a video of the boat on the water and plan to have it available for a buyer. I'm willing to work with buyer on transportation.
3740214 Feet 1958 Wolverine Catalina$3,850 -
This Wolverine has a molded Mahogany, lapstrake hull that's in great condition. The hull and decks are original and the mahogany frame windshield was built last years by cabinet maker. The Johnson, 35 hp. is electric start and has been refurbished from top to bottom at a cost of over $1,500. It has a new battery, starts and runs very well. The trailer is the original Holsclaw that has new lights, third wheel jack, good tires and spare. Price reduced for quick sale!!!
3828514 Feet 1959 Lake N Sea OutboardNo Reserve -
Fins, flash, and flare! This 1959 Lake N' Sea is the epitome of 1950's styling. In 1957, Chris Craft bought LakenSea Boat Corp. with the intent of making a fiberglass boat. The Lake ‘N Sea became Chris Craft's first attempt at using fiberglass on a hull. Parson Corporation of Traverse City, MI bought the Lake ‘N Sea model from Chris Craft, and produced it from 1958 – 1960. With its classic lines, two-tone paint, car-like interior, sporty performance, and yes, even tail fins, the Lake ‘N Sea evokes a memory of classical boating from the ‘50’s.
3765114 Feet 1959 Sea Fury Runabout$3,500 -
A true classic 1950s runabout with jet age automotive style fins. This little runabout really turns heads wherever she goes! Florida built boat is still on the fresh water of Florida lakes. The motor is the original that came with the boat.
3192414 Feet 1959 Peterborough Sanguay Outboard$2,800 -
All original Peterborough Sanguay model outboard. Complete with vintage Evinrude 18hp outboard. Appears to be in solid condition needing mainly cosmetics. Perfect winter project, have it back on the water in the spring time!
3649214 Feet 1959 Adirondack Outboard Runabout$5,500 -
1959 Adirondack wooden boat. Fully restored in 2006. Boat has not been in the water since restoration. Powered by a 35hp Mercury 35A outboard. New battery. 2006 Loadrite trailer in excellent condition. Nice package - just needs a new owner!
2918114 Feet 1959 Lake N' Sea Outboard$9,900 -
This 14 ft 1959 Lake N Sea boat comes with a 1960 Gale 35 HP motor. Boat was fully restored in 2006 with new gelcoat, new fiberglass floor and new transom. Lake N Sea was manufactured by the Parson Corporation of Traverse City, MI with only limited production. This boat won Best Boat on the Boardwalk 2006 fiberglass winner in Traverse City, MI.
2912514 Feet 1959 Glasspar Sport Lido$950 -
Boat motor and trailer $ 975 excellent compression checked it myself no fire to plugs has magneto issue. Probably points need to be redone The owner has have titles in hand.
3070414 Feet 1959 Larson Thunderhawk$4,000 -
Brother bought is from orinional owner been in sorage for several yeats. All guages origional good condition
2718614 Feet 1959 Glasspar G3$2,200 -
This is the first production year of the Glasspar G3. Center deck models such as this one are quite uncommon, and desired by many classic fiberglass boat collectors. This boat is serial number #35. Much work has been done, but it is still in need of some TLC.
2744714 Feet 1959 Larson Pla-Boy$100 -
The current owner was given this boat but does not have any knowledge of fiberglass repair. The boat needs a complete restoration, and the owner needs to get rid of it.
2754514 Feet 1959 Custom Fiberglass Runabout$67,000 -  
This beautiful classic runabout has just undergone a complete custom restoration and has already won "Best of Class" at her first show. The boat was stripped and gutted to the original 1959 hull and redesigned to be an era-appropriate twin cockpit runabout by a professional boatwright with over 23 years experience. She boasts hand-fashioned, all new mahogany, maple and rosewood planking, new vintage style hardware, stainless fasteners, new custom upholstery, a new cable steering system, a Grant collector edition mahogany steering wheel, tinned marine grade copper wiring throughout, a new gel battery, Ritchie compass, 11 gallon Tempo fuel system with sender and gauge, courtesy lighting in both cockpits, compressor driven air horn, and a complete rebuilt and custom decorated trailer. Perfect for Captains gig
2747614 Feet 1959 Montgomery Ward/Gale Sea King$2,600 -  
Classic original runabout. Runs well, new red top side paint, nice red and white upholstery. Comes with original trailer, fuel tank, and vintage water skis. Good windshield. This is a nice, clean little boat.
2749514 Feet 1959 Sea Scamp Outboard$2,000 -
This classic mahagony outboard is perfect for water skiing! She was lovingly restored ten years ago and has been housed in a garage since. Beautiful bright work. Electric start engine has new plugs and battery (2007). Boat comes complete with skis, tow rope, seat cushions, 2 life vests and vintage Coppertone.
2712214 Feet 1959 PennYan Deluxe Cedar Strip Runabout$4,000 -
This 100% original example of the "sports car of the waterways" has been refinished twice, first in 1985 and then winter of 2006. The boat is in excellent condition and is ready for more good times on the water.
2680614 Feet 1959 Peterborough Outboard$2,500 -
This boat is in original condtion and requires a restoration, ribs & seat need to be replaced (started removing old fiberglass coated bottom) and the windshield is cracked. The electric start Johnson runs great. Original trailer. Needs a good home. The current owner recently finished another restoration and does not have the time to complete this one.
2781514 Feet 1960 Custom Craft Manta Ray$500 -
This is an original 1960 Custom Craft Manta Ray, 14', no motor or trailer, just the boat. It is mostly complete, but needs restoration. Make an offer and you may own it.
2841114 Feet 1960 Cliffe Craft Dart$2,000 -
Cliffe Craft boats were made in Gananoque Ontario. This particular boat is Lapstrake mahogany plywood construction on white oak ribs. Solid Mahogany dash board & transom (16 inches). Interlux polyeurethane hull coating: 3 coat primer, 3 coat finish. Inside: spar varnish & marine Cetol. All in good condition. Very dry hull. Restored in 2001 and stored inside since. Original cable and pulley direction. New electrical circuit and new Mercury control (no tilt button). New Attwood automatic bilge pump and Quicksilver tachometer. Full storage tarp. Original hardware & windshield. Weighs about 400 pounds. Max. 40hp. Capacity of 1010 pounds. Registered. Needs touch up on flooring, canvas and on the one seat's upholstery.
2892914 Feet 1960 Southampton Leader Sailboat -
Beautiful wooden dinghy built in Southampton, England in 1960. Fully restored in 2009 and hardly used since completed.  Sails and wooden mast in perfect, like-new condition.
2868414 Feet 1960 DuraGlas Clipperline Outboard$2,200 -
This classic DuraGlas outboard is a real eye catcher! Great example of classic glass. It is in solid condition and comes with a vintage trailer.
2931814 Feet 1960 Whirlwind Outboard$3,600 -
This boat is in good overall condition and is a strong runner. It is believed to be a 1961, the motor is a '96. The owners have added a chrome steering wheel and a removable bench seat in the rear.
2971714 Feet 1960 Crestliner Mustang Deluxe$5,000 -
This rare collectible boat is in pristine condition. There is not a scratch on it, the chrome shines like new and the upholstery is in 100% mint condition. The steering has been upgraded to a brand new teleflex system. The 35 hp Evinrude Lark runs strong and is reliable. I just spent $700.00 making sure it runs perfectly. The chrome horns and flag mast on the running lights were upgrades in 1960 making this boat even more rare. The trailer tilts for easier loading and unloading and is completely rewired with new submersible lights.
3679514 Feet 1960 Southampton Leader SailboatNo Reserve -
This unique sailer was built in Southampton England in 1960. she was restored in 2009 and a new custom mooring cover made in 2014. this is a great boat for learning to sail or just rag hauling for pleasure. Mainsail and jib and in near perfect condition. All you need is a little gust of wind and you're having fun! Boat and trailer sold with bills of sale only. Offered with No Reserve!
3181214 Feet 1960 Pipestone Runabout$1,100 -
1960 14FT Pipe stone Runabout. Solid boat,no leaks with dependable 25hp Johnson. (Needs steering cable but has tiller arm)'80s galvanized trailer with lifetime tag all needs TLC.Have used this boat every season for years. See photos (boat looks better in the photos). Bought pontoon must sell.
2795414 Feet 1960's Traveler Outboard$1,500 -
This boat would be an easy restoration. The coils in the motor have been replaced and it is a strong runner. Comes with a trailer
2726014 Feet 1960's Chestnut Fox$1,950 -
Vintage wood canvas canoe. Just restored and un-used. A very rare model. Ready for display or paddle. Located in Kamloops, B.C., Canada
2790614 Feet 1961 Cadillac Aluminium Row Boat$2,500 -  
Rare 1961 Cadillac Aluminum Row Boat. 14ft overall length. Boat is in very good vintage condition. Come with a tilt trailer which makes it easy to launch in any ramp condition. It is a very wide and very deep boat which makes it comfortable for anyone to fish from. No leaks.
2791414 Feet 1961 Lakefield Outboard$5,000 -
1961 14' Lakefield Outboard with 18 hp Evinrude. Great condition. Has electric start/choke and tilt tongue trailer. Garage kept for decades.
2781914 Feet 1961 Glasspar Lido$3,500 -
Real nice boat has all the extras life jackets, anchor, ladder & others. The owner has had this for 7 years and has not been using it as much in recent years. The long shaft motor runs very well and will move the boat right along. Also included in this sale will be 2 other motors . One is a short shaft Evinrude Big Twin circa 1957 35 HP and a 50 HP Evinrude made around 1958. All of these motors run well and have the carbs redone on them. This is a great opportun ity to own a very desireable boat and have a choice of motors to go with the boat.
2768914 Feet 1961 Penn Yan Coquette$550 -
Good winter project, hull has been sanded down, needs a few oak braces replaced, along with the bow wood. Has winshield and frame, (8" crack in plexi-glass), steering wheel, and all of the trim. Setting on a 60's model Tee Nee trailer. Wheels and tires are good on trailer.
2655914 Feet 1961 Glasspar G3$1,800 -  
Original Lake George NY boat. Floor, transom, interior re-done. Runs great, all original brochures, manuals etc.
2912414 Feet 1961 Glaspar G-3$950 -
The Glaspar G-3 has a good hull and transom with no soft interior. No windshield and a trailer that will pull the boat but will not win any awards. The boat is offered with no motor. This will make somebody a great, collectable boat with a little work.
3065814 Feet 1961 Penn Yan Swift$5,500 -
A beautiful example. Bought new by the present owner. Almost completely original. Now fully restored.
3214014 Feet 1963 Starcraft Arrow$2,495 -
Excellent condition for its age. 90% original. Stored inside past 10years.New trailer wiring, tires,bearings.Many new accessories, lines, manuals, etc. Recent marine survey. This was a fresh water boat originally from Indiana.
2728414 Feet 1963 Thompson Sea Mate$4,995 -
Excellent condition. Second owner. Always stored & covered indoors. All original. Includes: 2 new paddles; new anchor w/line; new mooring lines; new fire extinguisher; 4 new life jackets; new convertible top w/side curtains; new gas tank; new fuel lines; spare gas tank; new battery & battery box; new steering cables; new ignition switch w/2 keys; new mooring cover w/fiberglass bows; & 3 new fenders. Motor has new wire harness; spark plugs; water pump impeller; gear case lube; new spare prop; & new engine exhaust gasket. Both cylinders have 125 psi. Engine runs well. Real nice wood classic. Needs nothing but a caring owner. Boat will be in transit from mid-Florida to upper Saranac Lake, NY late July & possibly to Clayton Boat Show Aug. 3-5, 2007.
2862614 Feet 1963 Starcraft Arrow$4,000 -
1963 Starcraft 14' Arrow with an Evinrude Big Twin 40hp, electrice start outboard. This is a fresh water boat, originally from Goshen, IN. It runs great and is started regularly. Equipped with back-to-back fold down seats, removable rear fishing seat, rod holders, and kicker motor mount. Purchased for boat show use 1 year ago.
2986514 Feet 1965 Lake Flight Open Outboard$25,000 -
This Boat is all original. It runs great. She is in unbelievable original condition! Current owner has all the paperwork. This is a fine example of classic fiberglass.
2940114 Feet 1966 Duracraft Outboard$2,000 -
This boat is in very good condition for it's age. Original paint and engine. The seats have been recovered. A very good boat to restore to new condition.
3102314 Feet 1966 Saf-T-Mate Commander$950 -
All fiberglass, was stored in a barn in Michigan for 30yrs. The engine started the day I got it and with a little work I was able to get the engine to work perfectly,and the battery now charges when the engine is running.Seats need some work but the Logo is in near perfect condition.
2606814 Feet 1966 Ruark 145 Class Hydroplane$5,000 -
A good complete example of Harold Ruark's Red Top-design boats. Complete with all original hardware and modified Ford Pinto engine. Missing Charlie Lloyd-design tail fin. This can be located, or we can make one from an original we have. These little boats are getting hard to find and expensive. Pics updated October '08
3105314 Feet 1967 Steury Outboard$1,500 -
It is in great shape with new seats AM/FM cassette stereo. Rear transom has been modified to accept a long shaft outboard but can be changed back for a short shaft if necessary.
2923914 Feet 1967 Donzi F-14$5,500 -
This is a very rare Donzi F-14 which is now owned by Brock Yates. Founder of the Cannonball run, Editor of Car and Driver magazine and writer of Smokey and the Bandit, the boat was purchased by Brock as a reminder of his good friend Don Aronow who was the founder of Donzi, Formula and Cigarette boats and was murdered South Florida. This boat is one of only a handful known to exist and is in excellent condition. A wonderful piece of Donzi history and a fun toy. New power and ready to run. Trailer and full boat cover included.
2931014 Feet 1968 Larson All American$2,000 -
This boat is in awesome factory condition and was always stored in a garage. It was never left in the water. The boat runs and drives like new. It has all original top side windows and rear cover. A must have for the Classic Glass lover.
3072314 Feet 1968 Duo Outboard Runabout$2,000 -
Speedy little red boat that has not been used much since the early 1970s. Classic fiberglass! Stored in the garage for past 35 years and the 65hp Mercury engine has very low hours.
3120814 Feet 1968 Alpex / Alumacraft Alora$7,500 -
It is a 1968, 14 foot Alpex Alora (by Alumacraft). She is completely original including the 33hp Evinrude, Ski Twin. I found her in a barn in North Dakota, where she had been sitting for nearly 25 years. I have the original convertible top as well, but it is the only thing the mice seemed to like... I did paint and update the trailer, but it is the original trailer.
3067514 Feet 1969 Chris Craft Barracuda Kit Boat$2,600 -
I am selling for my uncle an authentic 14' Chris Craft Barracuda kit boat. This kit was built in 1969 on Harsen's Island where it was stored in a dry boathouse. In 1986 my uncle purchased the boat in rough shape. The hull was sound but the decks were poor. I replaced the interior and the decks, re-sealed the hull sides, painted the entire boat and strengthened the transom to accommodate a larger motor. We located and installed a three bracket windshield (not shown. Although the bottom of this boat was fiber-glassed and the hull epoxied by the original owner, in 1987 the bottom was beautifully re-glassed by my uncle.In it's entire life the boat only spent one year in the weather and it's never spent a night sitting in the water. During that year the decks did sustain a bit of damage (ply separation). Last fall the bottom was re-painted and the hull sides have been sanded ready for paint. All of the hardware, steering and trailer are included with sale. No motor included.
2850714 Feet 1969 Larson All American$3,500 -
1969 Larson All American 146. This beautiful classic, wonderfully maintained, boat is a MUST SEE!! Primarily garage kept it has reclining sunbather seats, upgraded custom wood interior trim, new carpet, brand new convertible vinyl top, updated rack and pinion steering and updated engine electronics. The 55 hp has been professionally serviced to include rebuilt carburetors, fluids, lower end seals, propeller seal and bearing assembly, and thorough tune up. This boat is a head turner and a blast to drive, everything works and runs like a champion. Also includes a newly restored trailer: New rollers, New bumpers, New lights and wiring, New tires and wheels (including spare), New bearings and seals with bearing buddy’s, sandblasted, new primer and paint on trailer and axle. Also includes: 2 Johnson 5.5 gallon metal fuel cans, fuel line and bulb, depth/fish finder, cover, fire extinguisher, life vests (2), flotation cushions (2), First aid kit, air horn, anchor and anchor line.
3132114 Feet 1970 Larson/Crestliner Commodore$3,000 -
Classic aluminum skiff. New Cypress gunnels, new oak breasthook and transom quarter knees, fresh varnish on mahogany seats, console and transom, gunnels. Fresh paint in bilge with non-skid.
3149514 Feet 1970's Rhodes Bantam Sailboat$1,000 -
A Rhodes Bantam Sailboat, Class Registration 789, with two sets of sails and a trailer. Needs only minor cosmetic work.
2640814 Feet 1971 Folbot Sportabout Sailboat$770 -  
This is a one owner, all original production plywood sailboat built by the Folbot Boat Company. It still has its original factory fiberglass bottom and the original sails made of dacron. The boat also has all of the original lines and rigging. It is being offered at No Reserve and includes a 1987 Sears Single axle trailer.
2684114 Feet 1973 MFG Fiberglass Outboard$3,000 -
Nicely Restored Boat with Pole Holders, Battery, Pump, Fuel Tank, Ores, New Life Jackets, New Cover. Mercury Twin Cyl 35HP Outboard is pre '74 and has almost no wear on it. It has been sitting indoors for many years and runs like it is brand new. Very Quiet and Very Strong motor.
2893314 Feet 1975 Pigeon Marine Outboard$4,500 -
This outboard is in very good condition and is an all mahogany wood boat. Very appealing and easy to buy and get going for next year.
3075714 Feet 1978 DeSilva Formula E Hydroplane$9,900 -
DeSilva was widely known for making some of the best racing runabouts, but also built a variety of winning hydroplanes. This 1978 model was originally built as a Forumla E class hull, but has been campaigned on the vintage circuit recently with an F-class Mercury 75H engine. Completely rebuilt, restored, and ready to run. This package runs well and comes with props - just add gas and go. Can be packaged with trailer or launch cart as desired. A package deal may also be made with boat #30758.
2543714 Feet 1988 Adirondack guideboat$3,500 -  
The boat is in good to excellent condition. The exterior hull is white and the interior is finished natural. All traditional construction with sawn spruce ribs and cedar planking. Selling to buy a sailboat.
2641114 Feet 2001 Northern Light Woodworks Seneca Canoe$5,000 -
Made in Vermont, this handcrafted cedar strip canoe features mahogany hand-caned seats, gunells and decks, along with a stunning mahogany and spruce decorative strip. This custom built canoe is fiberglassed inside and out, then varnished. It has a total time in the water of about four hours. It has also been used at weddings as a gift table and also a raw bar table. Includes two matching cedar paddles. Featured in September 2004 issue of Boat International magazine.
3076514 Feet 2001 Aristocraft Torpedo$8,750 -
This current owners purchased this boat directly from Atlanta in 2001 and it has been very well kept. She has never been left in the water for more than 5 days in a row and has only been used a handful of times each summer since new. Always stored indoors. Classic 1956 design with modern construction and reliable power!
3703814 Feet 2001 Aristocraft Torpedo $6,495 -
The boat has been well cared for and only used a handful of times each summer .It has always been stored indoors and not used for the last two summers.
2759514 Feet 2002 Continental Single Axle Trailer$900 -  
This is a brand new 18 foot trailer that has been barely used. The trailer has bunks and is in very nice condition.
2727714 Feet 2004 Custom Built Outboard -
This boat was custom built by an establised naval architect with many years experience. It was designed to be fast and stable at any speed. The decks, transom, and interior are constructed of African mahogany. The keel, stem, and bottom stringers are made of white oak, while the frames are ash and mahogany. The bottom is made up of 9mm plywood, sheathed with 28oz. S glass inside and out, soaked in epoxy resin. Kledgecell foam was installed on the inside for stiffness and flotation, then coated with another layer of S glass. This boat runs excellent at any speed and is a solid 50mph performer. Well documented construction.
2759714 Feet 2005 Continental Single Axle Trailer$1,000 -  
This is a bunk trailer with side rails, a jack stand, 12" wheels, and a 2" hitch.
2796314 Feet 2005 Vermont Dory$3,500 -
This is a modern design of a Adirondack Guide Boat which is made of Kevlar, meaning that it is very light. It has the lines of an older hull design with modern technology. She is very light and easy to take to and from the water. She is also very quick. 3 caned seats, cherry gunwhales, cherry decks, a flat backrest, floorboards and footbrace. The backrest has a fancy design leather straps and brass buckles. Finishing off the boat is a pair of gorgeous 8' guideboat oars made of maple.
2947814 Feet 2005 James Craft GR14 Gentleman's Speedster$9,000 -
This was the prototype of the James Craft GR14 Gentleman's Speedster model. She is a beautifully built boat and performs very nicely. It is styled much like a vintage speedster and has appropriate interior upholstery and hardware. Paired with a classic Johnson Sea Horse.
3036914 Feet 2006 Aristocraft Torpedo$12,000 -
This Aristocraft Torpedo is in outstanding condition and is practically brand new. Only 4 hours of use!! The new cost of this package is in excess of $23,000. Everything is nice about this boat - shows well and runs well. It is being offered for sale for a very reasonable price and is very sharp. Needs nothing but a new owner.
3166014 Feet 2007 Wherry Sail Boat$4,995 -
This is a sailing model with 2 rowing positions. Custom Shaw & Tenney oars, Glued 9 plank lapstrake hull with West Epoxy System. Honduran mahogany rub rails, rowing seats, mast thwart, horseshoe rear seat, Deks Olje #2 finish on mahogany. Douglas fir mast and sprit pole, kick-up rudder. There is 20Lbs of lead ballast in the keel. Boat is currently stored in a boat shed with sunbrella cover.
2816614 Feet 2008 Adirondack Guide Boat$4,100 -
The hull is Kevlar and glass, the gunwales are cherry. three cherry seats, 2 seatbacks, soft maple oars, 3 rowing stations, floorboards and a footbrace. 14', 80 lbs, 700 lbs. capacity. This is a brand new boat...
3020614 Feet 2009 Thompson Lake Model ReproductionNo Reserve -
This is a lovely reproduction of a 1947 Thompson Lake Model Strip planked outboard boat. The boat was crafted by an amateur restorer located in Massachusetts and was graciously donated to the Antique Boat Museum. The boat was used to test out a variety of outboard motors that the owner had in his collection. This boat will handle an outboard motor nicely up to 35HP. It is being offered with No Reserve.
2646914 Feet 5 Inches 1956 Peterborough Monarch$4,500 -
Owner used for 15 years, second owner. The boat is in restored condition and everything is sound and in good running order. The hull and decks are made of cedar, and the interior seats and dash are made from mahogany. Canvas covers for cockpits are included. Aft steering. Stored inside, out of the water and used only on sunny days. Regretably, owner is selling to upgrade to another.
2612514 Feet 58 Orr Craft$800 -
This is a great little boat I have ran it for three years with no trouble.I would like to trade this boat for a larger one,So please e mail me if you want to deal.I live in Joplin Missouri.I have a spare powerhead and lower unit also
2685414 .7 Feet 1965 Larson All American$2,750 -
This is an Original Classic Larson boat in very good condition. It has a clean fresh water 60 HP motor and a galv Majic Tilt trailer. This boat was a Paul Larson design with the "Million bubble ride." A great fun boat to enjoy the water sports.
3215314 feet Feet 1956 Whirlwind Outboard$3,900 -
Whirlwind boats were made in Cockeysville,Maryland by a company that had made wooden airplanes for the military. After WW II the factory was converted to boat manufacturing. Whirlwind boats have a reputation for being light, strong, fast and maneuverable. This boat has been completely restored as has the Mercury outboard. It runs well and is ready for the water. The hull is marine plywood and the deck is mahogany planking. The wood is beautiful. Boat comes with two gas tanks and excellent trailer with new tires and wheel bearings. Electric start with new battery.
3218514 Feet 1920's Mullins Rowboat$3,000 -
Believed to be a 1920's era Mullins steel rowboat. It is in need of restoration, but she is a beautiful survivor. The Mullins Boat Co. was famous for their ornate, steel hulled boats. They were once the world's largest manufacturer of boats and produced watercraft for nearly 40 years in their Salem, OH plant. The company's metal forming expertise originates in the late 1800's as a sheet metal works, where they made Victorian decorations, roofing components, and statues.
2712714' Feet 1950`s unknown$850 -  
Nice wood boat, needs work, fiberglass top, all controls, 25hp Evinrude electric start, montgomery-ward trailer
3915714' Feet 1955 Crestliner aluminum$6,500 -
All original with polished aluminun sides
2883214' Feet 1957 Glasscraft Citation$3,000 -
This is a very ligntweight, agile boat. She has been nicely restored and is a great example of classic fiberglass! Offered on a vintage trailer.
3681214 Feet 1957 Crosby Sportsman Deluxe Runabout$7,900 -
1957 Crosby 14' Sportsman Deluxe Runabout completely restored over the last 11 years. This classic has dark blue with an old English white for paint and custom maple & walnut slatted floor with two tone interior. Reconditioned Mercury 4 cylinder motor and all new controls. Painted to match the boat. Excellent condition. Trailer included. Over $10,000 invested. Price firm
3169514 Feet 1957 Penn Yan Commander$3,500 -
Real nice restored 14' Commander...serial #WRHM 1510 Has a Mercury Mark 25 on it, Serial # 1010994 it is a late 1956 motor. New bottom paint, and inside paint. It has a automatic sump pump, remote plastic 6 gallon fuel tank, the green 2 handle mercury controls. new Sunbrella, seat covering, Bimini top, trailer is a Ventura, about 1990 or so with NO title for the trailer. Completely restored by East Hill Boat Shop in June 2010. I have overhauled the Mercury Mark 25, with new water pump, new ignition system, coils, points, condensers, etc. New fuel lines, Overhauled fuel pump, Carbs, etc. It runs great, and powers the boat on plane with no trouble. It has a 2 blade prop on it now but can put a 3 blade on it if the new owners would want. The trailer has buddy bearings and new wiring and lights, and is ready to go.
3685414 Feet 1958 Larson Outboard$4,500 -
Current owner of this boat has had the boat for 40 years. The boat has rarely been used and as such the engine hours of 50 is accurate and correct. The boat was used strictly around the lakes in Minnesota and on the 4th of July for parades.
3034914' Feet 1958 Crestliner Voyager$1,500 -
Just got it back from the Marine and the motor runs great! Drop in the lake & your ready to go!! Nice starter boat. Last in the water in 2004. Needs a little TLC! Includes trailer, extra prop, bimini frame, gas tank, 2 bumpers $1500.
3768114 Feet 1960 Peterborough Cedar Strip Outboard$4,500 -
This boat was won in a lottery. The winner traded the boat at the AMC dealer in Bancroft for a Nash Rambler. The boat remained in the dealers family at their cottage. It was completely re-conditioned a few years ago at a cost of $4500. It has not been used since then as the owner left the boat on the trailer in storage when they moved to British Columbia.
3680414'6 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine Outboard$6,500 -
Restoration completed in 2015, kept inside since. Has new bimini top, compass, new upholstery, bilge pump, horn, windshield, original gas tank & new plastic one. Bought at Sunnyland boat show in 2009 - came from New Hampshire. Fresh water boat. Original trailer disassembled primed & repainted, 3 new tires in 2009. All Offers Considered
3096014' 7 Feet 1957 Feather Craft Vagabond$4,900 -
I bought this boat with all intentions of cruising the river in this beautiful classic. The boats has never been in salt water and I after a lot of thought I decided I would not put it in salt water either. I then decided I would send it up to my daughter and her family...well they have moved back home :) So I regretfully have this nice boat for sale. The exterior is anodized (yellow) I believe this is the year they introduced color. The matching 1957 Evinrude Lark is just as impressive as the boat; she starts first time every time. You will be pleased!
3841614' 7" Feet 1956 Larson Falls Flyer$16,000 -
Bought this boat about 14 years ago. Just the typical fiberglass shell from that era. Needed everything but the fiberglass was pretty solid. Added/fixed everything else you see over 10 years ago. It is not a "museum" quality boat as I use it during the summers in a lake here in Minnesota. (but it still looks good) It's been in storage for the last 3 years. No issues with the motor. You can see by the pictures I don't have a light on the top of the bow. Had one didn't like it so I sold it! oops! The fiberglass between the seats is solid but has a slight concave to it. You can't really see it in the pictures and it wasn't enough that I wanted to change it before paint. Motor was repainted and tuned up many years ago. Found a brand new "in the box" faceplate for the motor from 1956.
2666814' 8 Feet 1957 Larson Thunderhawk Jr.$5,000 -
Reconditioned, repainted,original upholstery,cushions and hardware. Everything except the back navigation lights are. Owner has had the boat 3 years. Original hardware. Missing decals
3705314'9 Feet 1920 Duck Skiff$3,000 -
This antique skiff was purchased by my grandpa in the 1960s. My father was there at the time of purchase and believes the skiff was built in the 1920s or '30s. The cover laying next to the skiff in one picture and the unpainted wood inside the skiff were built by my grandpa for storage purposes. There is some rash in the front from breaking ice but the skiff has not been used in over 20 years and has not been fiberglassed and is an excellent antique of a typical Lake Winnebago (Wisconsin) area skiff of the era. After speaking to some historians, we have been unable to identify the manufacturer and it is possible it is homemade.
2728514'5 Feet 1956 Higgins Deluxe Runabout$6,500 -
Complete package with original 30hp Johnson outboard motor and TeeNee trailer. Beautiful varnish, paint and chrome. This boat has always been used in fresh water. It is one of only 4 boats of this size and style remaining. The boat was last used in 2003 and has been in good dry storage since. She is clean, ready to run, and in turn key condition. Comes with fuel tanks, fenders, burgees, lines, anchor, live vests, and the original owner's handbook.
2866314'6 Feet 1956 Glaspar Lido$3,500 -
Newer interior and exterior paint. AM/FM stereo with CD installed. All lights are in working order. Comes with fire extinguisher, paddle, life jackets, and anchor. Not exact restoration but really nice. Dual cockpit model, fun to drive.
2839614'6 Feet 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine$7,500 -
Wagemaker Wolverine has become one of the most collectible outboard boats for serious boat collectors, and those that want performance and good looks. This boat is wonderfully restored to "out of the box" condition. The boat, motor and trailer are perfectly matched to please the most discernable critic. Here is a classic outboard that speaks the era of manufacture and demands a look at any dock.
2782214'6 Feet 1958 Glass Craft Citation$2,500 -
Needs restoration but appears to be complete. Comes with a trailer.
2816314'6 Feet 1961 Texas Maid Fleet Jet$4,400 -
This is a quite rare Texas Maid "Fleet/Jet" Cruiser. Comes with a 40hp Johnson Motor and a Texas tilt trailer with 14" tires. This boat is a rare beauty that has been restored with a passion. All new paint - inside & out, sleeping room for the little ones or your doggie under the front deck, completely painted underneath with pillow pads. Custom trimmed windshield, all gauges, new steering wheel cover, tarp/cover, battery & gas tank. This little beauty will even turn the fish's heads.
2731414'6 Feet 1963 Ian Proctor Zenith Sailboat$1,500 -
Mahogany plywood sailing dinghy. This is a racing version of the Wayfarer. It is in good condition with the original sails (some minor repair needed), main and jib. Metal mast
2849314'6 Feet 2001 McCurdy & Reed Canoe$2,500 -
This is an abbsolutley beautiful canvas on cedar canoe with cherry trim. But, it is also a very serious solo tripper/camper. Its length allows for carrying anything that you are willing to portage, while the keel helps keep you straight in windy conditions. Quite round in cross-section and having a bit of rocker, it is very maneuverable when rolled up for keel-out paddling. This boat was hand built by Kip McCurdy in 2001.
2726114'7 Feet 1928 Custom Built St. Lawrence Skiff$4,500 -
14 ft oak and cypress St. Lawrence skiff built by Mr. Huntley of Essex Jct, Vt in 1928. The boat has been refinished, the hull, seats and decking are varnished, the interior is painted International green. The boat includes a pre WWI solid brass boat horn and a vintage solid brass bildge pump. I have added a custom made clamp on cross bar in maple and brass that allows for the addition of an outboard motor. There is a compartment capable of holding a battery for an electric trolling motor under the stern. The original oars and oar locks are included. The cover was custom made at the Shelburne Shipyard in green canvas and leather.
3801514'9" Feet 1964 Sooner Craft El Rey$3,000 -
She's a classic with chrome detailing, seats have no tears or holes, needs new wiring and transom. She's in great shape for her age. Manufactured in Oklahoma.
3824614-15' Feet 1956? 1958? not sure Herters$3,500 -
3707914 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Trailboat$1,000 -
This Penn Yan Trailboat is an excellent project. Canvas is serviceable but will need replacement at some point. Rubrails need replacment, along with splash rails, and there is one hole in the deck. Otherwise the boat is absolutely complete.
2991614.5 Feet 1930 Peterborough Buckhorn Skiff$2,900 -
The owner found this boat three years ago that had been in storage for 26 years. The skiff is in excellent shape, needs refinishing only. While Peterborough skiffs in this condition are hard to find, the Buckhorn model is even harder and more rare to find in this kind of shape.
2572814.5 Feet 1953 Aristocraft Torpedo$9,900 -
Only 9 of this model of boat were ever produced. The boat has been in many shows and has won plaques & trophies. Great condition, almost all original. Hull has been completly fiberglassed to waterline.
2618514.5 Feet 1957 Penn Yan Outboard$3,300 -
14' 6" Mahogany lapstrake, hull in sound condition. Needs new varnish and repairs to front deck and seats. Has been in good storage since 94. Ready to transport with included trailer. Priced as is, where is.
3683814.5 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine$3,600 -
Restored with new cedar boards replacing plywood deck. Removable rear deck added for runabout appearance with 3rd seat underneath. Rebuilt engine with new coils and wiring harness. Running lights, horn, spotlight, clock & compass. New gas tank and battery and new Sunbrella traveling cover. Photo log of restoration. Trailer has new wheels, tires and bearing buddies.
2680714.5 Feet 1960 Peterborough Outboard$4,500 -
This 1960 Peterborough Outboard is in original condition and has never been restored. The current owner bought the boat from the original owner and has used it 5 times since he acquired it.
3000914.5 Feet 1961 Leavens Lancer$1,200 -
Comes with older marine radio & antenna, most safety equipment including 4 PFDs & reboarding ladder, electric air horn, trolling engine mount, two gas tanks.
2660314.5 Feet 1966 Richardson Aquacraft$1,200 -
Made in Lakefield, Ontario this Richardson Aquacraft bears the Hull ID# of 4064. This boat model was Avalon 66CB. This boat is obviously a project boat requiring a full restoration but the boat does not show any rot. The boat has potential for someone looking for their first and a manageable project. The boat had a capacity of 930 Lbs and was rated for a 35 HP motor.
2639914.5 Feet Thompson Outboard$4,000 -
Run and floats great. Solid boat!
3620714.5 Feet 1956 Wagemaker Wolverine$1,400 -
This runabout has been in the same family for over 50 years. Was used in the summer on a lake in new hampshire. Always stored indoors. Needs complete restoration of bright work. Does nor leak and no soft spots. Sits on a Mastercraft trailer.
3060915 Feet Huron Canoe$1,650 -
Vintage 15' Huron wood/canvas canoe. First Nations built in Quebec, Canada. Original brass hardware and babiche seats. Fully reconditioned, including new canvas, by an expert. Unused since. Ready to paddle or display. Located in Kamloops, BC, Canada.
3061115 Feet Huron Canoe$1,950 -
Vintage 15' Huron wood/canvas canoe. Built by the First Nations in Quebec, Canada. Original brass hardware and babiche seats. Fully restored , including new canvas, by an expert. Unused since. Exterior is an antique Ivory. Located in Kamloops, BC, Canada.
2607815'6 Feet 1890 Bastien Sailing/Rowing Skiff$5,000 -
A Hamilton, Ontario boat builder of some note in the late 1800's, this is a great piece of Canadian history. this is a sailing skiff with ALL of the origoinal rigging, mast, sail and gear. thios is a very rare boat and it is doubtful if there are 5 in the world currently in existence.
2767615 Feet 1895 Wilbur & Wheelock Canoe$8,000 -
Beautiful delicate smooth-sided cedar canoe built circa 1895 in Clayton, NY by Wilbur & Wheelock. Excellent condition but missing seats. Has been in the same family for at least 50 years.
2983315 Feet 1897 Rushton Rowing Skiff$2,000 -
This Rushton rowing skiff is in solid condition overall but is in need of some restoration. Current owners acquired the boat in 1966 from the Galbraith family and they were believed to be the second owners.
2900915 Feet 1905 Rushton Rowing Skiff$3,800 -
Reported to be a Rushton but without a distinguishing plate this boat looks very much like a Rushton Florida. It has been in the same family for many years and has always been stored indoors. The skiff was purchased off of Moose lake and used apparently at Camp Tojenka and is believed to have been built in 1905 and owned by the Kingsford family of charcoal fame and was located in the Old Forge area in New York. There are two sets of oarlocks and there are no oars that go with the boat.
3746815 feet 1905 Canadian Canoe Company Standard Canoe$3,000 -
A beautiful, very early canoe built by the Great Canadian Canoe Company. She is a basswood, standard model - one of the only painted models offered at the time. This historic canoe has been beautifully restored in a manner to preserve her original character.
2747315 Feet 1915 Old Town Canoe$825 -  
The hull is in very good condition. The canvas has not been replaced in 35 years, and should be redone. Has 2 cane seats. Comes with an original Old Town paddle.
2783215 Feet 1920 Huff, Daland & Co. St. Lawrence Skiff$4,900 -
This is a gorgeous St. Lawrence Skiff made by the Huff, Daland & Co. in Ogdensburg, New York. The boat has all of it's original hardware as well as an original plate from the manufacturer. The St. Lawrence region had a number of builders in the area in the early 1900's and this company was one of the many builders which did not survive past the war. These boats were extremely useful for means of communication and were really the best boat for fishing in the St. Lawrence River. They were also used for sailing, pleasure boating, oaring and sightseeing. This boat would make a fine addition to a collection, a decorative piece or could be used once again in the water. In May of 1920 Leyare leased his manufacturing plant to Huff Daland for $ 3000 per year and then accpeted a job as their designer as superintendant of new motor boat department. In 1925 Leyare would move back into the building signifying the end of the Huff Daland period of boat building.
2674415 Feet 1920's Peterborough Outboard$1,000 -
This boat is from Glosterpool, in the Muskoka region, between Bigchute and Lock 45 on the Trent Severn waterway, from a place called Severn Lodge. It was sold to a man named Herbet White, then sold to my father, and passed down to me. I believe it was made in the 1920`s. It is in good Restorable condition, nailed with copper nails. Still in Muskoka.
2695015 Feet 1920's Peterborough Skiff$2,200 -  
This boat was purchased by the current owner at an auction sale 3 years ago. It was refinished shortly before the sale. This boat is double ended and has two rowing positions. The varnish work is not perfect, but brings the overall condition of the boat to an 8 out of 10. Comes with two sets of spoon blade oars.
2930315 Feet 1920's Peterborough Rowing Skiff$1,500 -
The current owner purchased this boat in 1999 and it has been stored indoors since. Several characteristics identify it as a Peterborough built rowing skiff. It appears to be in solid, original condition and would requires a restoration to bring it back to show quality. This is a nice original example and is complete with floorboards and oars.
3158515 Feet 1920's Peterborough Rowing Skiff w/ Oars -
This is a 1920's Peterborough Rowing Skiff. It has the original varnish and is need of a restoration. The current owner has had the boat for 10 years and it has always been stored indoors. It bears the Model 390 and is Hull ID# 5992. The boat is made of cedar and is a fine example of Canadian Craftsmanship.
2695115 Feet 1925 Peterborough Inboard Skiff$10,000 -
The current owners bought this boat from a gentleman on Stoney Lake 20 years ago. The man had it for many years and sold it due to a lack of use. The current owners completely stripped and refinished the boat. It is trimmed in mahogany and white oak, and has butternut seats. It is powered by a Dispro 3hp copper jacket engine.
3171615 Feet 1929 Mullins Steel King$1,000 -
My grandfather purchased this boat from a doctor sometime in the mid to late 1930's (the license says 1940)as his fishing boat. He pulled it out of the water after every use and stored it in a fully enclosed boathouse. All my life I saw it with a Johnson 9 1/2 HP motor (not seen in the photos). For four generations this boat has served as a sunbathing platform, rowboat, pleasure craft but mostly a fishing boat. My father has given it the same level of care since 1985. He is the owner. I am helping him sell it.
2793915 Feet 1930 Mason Boat Works Skiff$5,500 -
An Original, Unrestored St. Lawrence Skiff with it's original oars. This boat was stored in a barn for more than 30 years, and was discovered July 4th 2007. It was cleaned and then displayed at 4 antique boat shows where it won an award at every show, taking best of show in the Finger Lakes, and finishing second at the 2007 International Antique Boat show in Lake George. The trophy it received was signed by Mr. Chris Smith of Chris Craft. Built by Mason Boat Works in St. Williams, Ontario, Canada.
2863115 Feet 1930 Lapstrake Rowing Skiff$5,000 -
The builder of this skiff is unknown, but it is believed to be a factory built boat. Restoration included fresh green paint and varnished trim. Lapstrake construction.
3746015 Feet 1930 Peterborough Gull Rowing Skiff$1,500 -
This is a totally original, barn-fresh Peterborough Gull Rowing Skiff. This model features a square stern suitable for a small outboard motor. She has been stored indoors and still retains some of her original varnish. This would be a very manageable restoration project.
2590715 Feet 1932 Peterborough Speedster Model 370$4,500 -
1932 Peterborough Speedster outboard runabout, shiplap strip of cedar on oak ribs with copper clout nails. Totally restored by John R. Millar (Millar-Potter Boat Restoration, Manotick, Ontario. Very limited use since restoration, recent varnish, needs nothing. With Shorelandr trailer (purchased new in Septmeber 2000) Reference: "Classic Boats on the Rideau Canal" page 138.
3130515 Feet 1934 Rhinelander Guide Boat$2,000 -
Thought I'd restore the boat, and row it from Phil Foster Park to Peanut Island to snorkel and fish. But time and money vetoed that fantasy. Very dry, under a tarp, but deserves better. Trailer and '46 Evinrude Ranger optional. Delivery possible in SE USA.
3106815 Feet 1935 Gar Wood Utility$7,200 -
The current owner found this boat in a barn in NY state and purchased it in 2010. It spent most of its life on Lake Caroga. Last restoration was completed about 10 years ago. The current owner has stripped and revarnished the boat, got the motor running, and cleaned the fuel tank. Boat is reported to be solid, interior is in good condition, and it comes with a nice mooring cover. Electrical was converted to 12V. Engine has an alternator, gauges have been changed, and an electric fuel pump has been added.
2827615 Feet 1937 Old Town Canoe$600 -
This is a original Common Sense Model 50 15 foot Old Town Canoe which was ordered in 1937 and delivered on July 13th of 1937 to Camp Mogisoa which was on Lake KanaWauke in Tuxedo New York. The hull ID# is 1214254 anmd was made of Spruce and Oak. It was originally shipped as a dark green in color. This canoe has never been restored and will need woodwork as well as a full restoration. The keel is missing at one end and will need to be replaced.
2890915 Feet 1938 Peterborough Handy Boy$12,000 -
Restored Peterborough Handy Boy. Custom seat cushions, all chrome parts refinished. Transport Canada compliant plate number 875091, 1050 lbs. New battery, ropes and 2 gas tanks, new flags, fish tracker. Single owner over 45 years, kept in boat house for 41 years. Kept in garage for 4 years.
3601415 Feet 1938 Lyman Outboard -
A very rare 15' Lyman outboard runabout. Constructed of mahogany lapstrake planking rather than the customary cypress. Authentically restored to original in 2013/14. This boat is in remarkable condition for a late 30s outboard model and would make a fantastic display piece for the cottage!
2947315 Feet 1939 Chris Craft Utility$6,000 -
My Father bought this boat in the fall of 1971 and it has remained in our family ever since. It has always been a fresh water boat. The boat has been out of the water for almost 8 years. The bottom has been glassed and the engine has been replaced. It was only used on a few weekends in the summer and stored indoors at all other times. The boat does need to be refinished but has no rotten wood. My Father was a mechanic and as such the engine was always well cared for and ran strong.
3690915 Feet 1940 Comet Sailboat$600 -
Circa 1940 Comet Sailboat. No rig, but appears to be complete otherwise. This boat has been part of the Antique Boat Museum's collection and is now being deaccessioned. Proceeds of the sale will benefit the Antique Boat Museum. Boat and trailer sold with bills of sale only. No Reserve.
3691015 Feet 1940 Comet Sailboat$600 -
Another circa 1940 Comet Sailboat. Hull is in pretty fair condition. No rig, but otherwise intact. Complete with Skaneateles Boat Company tag. Trailer and boat are sold with bills of sale only. This was part of the Antique Boat Museum's collection and is now being deaccessioned. Sales proceeds will benefit the Museum. No Reserve.
2602415 Feet 1940 Century Sea Maid$17,000 -
Split cockpit runabout. Completely restored and very authentic/original boat. "Best Century in Show" Lake Arrowhead Boat Show 2003. Engine was just rebuilt with all new parts. Unique Ross Steerer, beautiful gauges. An excellent little boat. Turn the key and you are ready for Spring boating season. Boat also was awarded "Best Pre-War Double Cockpit" at the Lake Arrowhead Wooden boat Show this year ..2005 confirming it's excellent show condition
3927915 Feet 1940's St. Lawrence Ladies SkiffNo Reserve -
We are offering a St. Lawrence River Ladies Skiff. It is believed to have been built in 1940's and has a distinctive butternut inlay suggesting that it is Canadian made. Based on the construction we believe that it was built just North of here in the Chaffey's Locks area. It is being offered with NO Reserve here today at the Auction.
2654015 Feet 1941 Dowsett Rowing Skiff$3,900 -
This 15' square stern rowing skiff was built in 1941 at Dowsett boatworks in Portland, Ontario. The cedar-plank-on-oak Big Rideau Lake boat is in superb restored condition. It has two sets of oars, a lighter-weight and a heavyweight pair, equipped with leather-padded openings that fit over thole pins. The transom is set up for a outboard motor; marks on the transom show that one was attached in the past. A custom pull-out fishbox fits neatly under the rear seat. This perfectly restored boat is currently in dry, indoor storage. All it requires is to be put into the hands of someone who will fully enjoy and appreciate it. There is no trailer.
2754115 Feet 1942 Peterborough Fisherman$5,500 -
This is a two owner boat. It has always been stored in a boathouse. It was professionally restored in 2001. This is a great fishing boat. The motor has very low hours on it, but needs a new prop. This is a great runner!
3098315 Feet 1942 Century Utility$7,500 -
One of the last produced model before WW2. It was purchased in North Hampton Mass. in 1987. The restoration began in 1989 and finished in 1991. The boat was used on lake Winnipsaukee from 1992 to 1997. The Boat has not been used in four years and has been stored inside or in a boat house since restoration.
3018115 Feet 1945 Peterborough Outboard$2,500 -
1945 Cedar strip Peterborough Runabout equipped with 1992 30hp Yamaha. Stored indoor garage from 1948 through 1986 and used from 1993 through 1999. Never seen the sun except when away from dock. Includes trailer (2002) and original 25 HP "greeneye" Johnston outboard.
2793815 Feet 1947 Old Town Lapstrake Outboard$750 -
This boat has been in the same family since it was purchased from Old Town in 1947. She is in need of a complete restoration but appears to be pretty solid. Comes with a vintage Tee-Nee trailer. Owners still have the original paperwork.
3800815 Feet 1948 Peterborough Handy Boy$3,500 -
Seats 4 comfortably, in water every season for the last 10yrs. 2oz cloth in 4 layers of epoxy no soak bottom, work done last season. Sistered frames fastened with traditional copper clench nails in mid section for extra strength. 59 Johnson with forward controls, 6gal pressure tank. Water pump, thermostat, coils replaced in last few yrs.
2880915 Feet 1949 Lyman Outboard$1,900 -
Boat is in good condition. I have just had the stem work done and the outside of the boat restored. Interior still needs restoration. The trailer has had new lights put on and a new boat tire. The old one has been fixed and goes as a spare.
2591515 Feet 1949 Lyman Runabout$4,150 -
Complete boat and motor package including trailer. Excellent condition. Kaminc controls. Manual start. Excellent condition.
2940715 Feet 1949 Home Built Motor Skiff$3,500 -
This is an interesting little motor skiff that would be great for cruising the canal or putting around the cottage. Powered by a 1926 Bridgeport single cylinder motor.
2965415 Feet 1950 Geisler Rowing Skiff$4,500 -
This 1950's Geisler has two new stems and rub rails. Originally built in Powassan, ON. Completely stripped and re varnished. Two removable custom tackle boxes. One set of oars. Rows with ease. Asking $4,500.
3047815 Feet 1950 Cedar Strip Outboardno reserve -
This cedar strip outboard was built during the 1950's. Very common construction style of the era. This design is similar to Thompson, Penn Yan, Elgin, etc, but the exact builder is not known. Would make a great winter project!
3695515 Feet 1950 Peterborough Cedarstrip Outboard$500 -
Great project Peterborough - appears to be complete and solid. Cedar strip construction with steam bent white oak ribs. No motor or trailer. Fisherman-style, open cockpit layout.
3197815 Feet 1950 Peterborough Zephyr$11,200 -
This is a fully restored Peterborough Zephyr. The restoration was recently completed and the boat is in wonderful condition. Of specific note, the classic Peterborough grab handle at the nose is the original.
2620915 Feet 1950 Turner Tender boat$5,000 -
Originally built for the Canadian Government as a Tender for a West Coast Survey Ship. BC Fir Lapstrake on Oak Frames. All fittings are bronze. Interior bright work is Cypress. Leather Seat Cushions. Trailer. Engine runs well. One of a kind.
2834815 Feet 1950 Penn Yan -  
This rare Penn Yan is a restoration project needing many ribs and wales. It is quite possible for the determined boat lover. All the unique hardware is with the boat.
3746215 Feet 1950 Abbott Outboard Runabout$1,900 -
Abbott Boats, of Sarnia Ontario, are best known for their sailboats. It appears they also built a handful of outboard boats and this is the only survivor we have seen to date. Built around 1950, this example features typical cedar strip construction and its design is a middle ground between Peterborough and Penn Yan. She is in good original condition and ready for some light restoration work.
3828015 Feet 1950 Lakefield Cedar Strip Outboard -
This little Lakefield is an easy winter project needing mainly cosmetic refinishing and some light woodwork. She'll be a beauty when finished and could be your next show winner!
3759815 Feet 1950's Folbot Carefree Travel Craftno reserve -
A really interesting piece of Americana! These Folboat (folding boat) Carefree Travel Craft boats were built in Charleston, SC and represent an era when America was on the move. Very unique folding design, allowing the boat to break down for transport. Aluminum and wood inner structure with an impermeable canvas exterior. Both of these folding boats came out of a private collection in Rochester, NY recently.
3759915 Feet 1950's Folbot Carefree Travel Craftno reserve -
This second folding boat came from the same private collection as its sistership. Built in Charleston, SC and often found advertised in such publications as Popular Mechanics. Very unique folding design, allowing the boat to break down for transport. Aluminum and wood inner structure with an impermeable canvas exterior. A real interesting piece of 1950's engineering.
2838415 Feet 1950's Chrome Craft Day Cruiser$2,000 -
This is a boat I got from my Dad. He said he thought it may have been one of the prototype military river boats made at St Roberts,Missouri. It is offered with a 45 HP motor and bears the Hull ID# I16390. It's a very cool cruiser. It has some damage to the bow but does not take on water and is repairable.
2895715 Feet 1950's Peterborough Handy Boy$3,500 -
All original cedar-strip Handy Boy has never been painted. Clean with no evident repairs. Garaged last 20+ years. Deck boards included. Potential for show restoration.
2858515 Feet 1950's Lakefield Cedar Strip Outboard$5,500 -
This boat has recently emerged from the shop after a complete restoration. Bottom is original. Comes with a trailer.
2585215-16 Feet 1950's Peterborough Handy Boy$3,000 -
Boat was delivered into the Muskoka's and has spent all of it's life in fresh water. Boat probably needs varnish, a few ribs and some minor transom work. Almost all of the hardware comes with the boat. This would make a great winter project for someone looking for something manageable.
2644115 Feet 1950's Penn Yan Trailboat$5,900 -
This Penn Yan Trailboat is in excellent condition. It has been restored and looks great. Canvas is in excellent condition. Comes with a 2004 Loadrite trailer. Ready to hit the water.
3064615 Feet 1950's Lyman Outboard$2,900 -
15' Lyman runabout, restoration just completed. Hull stripped, treated with CPES, 5 coats Brightside paint. Inside stripped and painted. All mahogany stripped, stained, varnished--4 coats Epifanes varnish throughout. Trailer excellent, Motor ran before winterizing last year, new prop. Motor just gone through at a marina, new solenoid and water pump, everything else good to go. Boat, motor, trailer excellent. Nice boat for the price, please compare.
3049115 Feet 1951 Modern Outboard Runabout$2,200 -  
This boat was used by its current owners for water skiing until 1989 and was then put in dry storage. It was set up for a newer OMC engine but the original controls come with boat. Light restoration work needed and glass panes for windshield need to be replaced. Trailer is in good shape with no rust, newer tires, and bearing buddies.
3018315 Feet 1951 Lyman Outboard$2,500 -
This 1951 Lyman outboard will clean up nicely with a bit of TLC! Complete with all hardware and in reasonable condition. Only needs an outboard to complete the package. Comes on a good single axle trailer.
3211815 Feet 1952 Lakefield Outboard$2,500 -
Boat was purchased by the original owner in Picton, then restored to an original condition and paired with a set of period 1950's outboards. Partially re-ribbed. Has an appropriate vintage trailer.
2545715 Feet 1952 Lyman Ouboard$3,600 -
A very nice 15" Lyman, would make a great boat to run errands or for the kids. Completely original and varnished this spring. Make an offer!
2549815 Feet 1953 Peterborough$5,000 -
Classic cedarstip center console totally and professionally restored including West System bottom. Has mohagany decks, and comes with custom made cushions.
2549015 Feet 1953 White Canoe Company$0 -  
The White Canoe company is from Old Town Maine and were best known for their canoes but also made a lapstrake version. The Boat is being offered free, restorable, includes all parts, lapstrake ply, red steering wheel, motor $100. This boat is complete but needs to be assembled. The ribs appear to be good but needs at least one plank replaced. Other frames need to be tighten or replaced but otherwise the boat itself is quite sound and needs only someone who is interested in a small project.
3116215 Feet 1953 Yellow Jacket Outboard$9,500 -
This is a wooden boat that has been restored. History of company includes being owned partially by Roy Rogers. This boat is in great shape. All gauges work, carpeted and has an OR capacity.
2937615 Feet 1953 Modern Boats & Motors Petrel Super Deluxe$4,000 -
This is a great boat and is in nice condition. The owner has the original sales slip and brochure. Powered by a classic "tower of power" Mercury Mark 78. Hull no. 41546-203
2539515 Feet 1954 Lyman Outboard$1,500 -
A great boat for the kids. Nicely redone.
3749315 Feet 1954 Thompson Sea Skiff$3,500 -
This beautiful Thompson Sea Skiff outboard has been nicely restored and is complete with all of her original hardware. These boats were known for wide beam and strong lapstrake construction, using over 2,000 bronze machine screws and nuts! Excellent condition - complete with trailer and oars. Just add your favorite outboard motor!
3833915 Feet 1955 Courtney Craft$5,000 -
Canadian built in Sualt Ste Marie Ontario 1955 Courtney Craft Klinker model. 15 ft lapstrake . Hull has been stripped to wood and 6 coats of Interlux polyurethane brightside paint. All wood is solid. New varnish on decks, rails and transom. Comes with a strong running 1960 Mercury 200 22HP outboard,tank and hose, storage cover.Shore lander trailer with new rims and tires, bearing buddies and two spares
2677415 Feet 1955 Lyman Runabout$4,000 -
Restored in 2005 to mint condition, this boat needs nothing other than to be enjoyed. Hull issolid with no dry rot and painted with white semi-gloss and vivid anti-fouling bottom paint. the deck has 15 coats of sikkens varnish resulting in a very high gloss mirror finish. Boat has been in covered dry storage for 12 years prior to restoration and has not been in the water since. This boat and motor have nevr seen salt water and have resided in the Finger Lakes all of it's life. Motor is in excellent running condition. Boat includes a new gas tank, battery in 2006 and original Lyman mahogany stain.
2877315 Feet 1955 Whitehouse Outboard$1,000 -
This is nice project for the classic fiberglass enthusiast. Last in the water in 2006. Needs a new windshield and a bit of TLC. She is a real fun boat to drive. Needs an outboard and will take up to a 75hp engine. Trailer not included.
2745015 Feet 1955 Lyman Center Steer Outboard$3,500 -
Boat has been restored. New keel, keelson and transom made of mahogany not plywood.7 coats varnish. Center steer.Motor has been in storage for years and has very low Hrs.Has been checked out and runs great. Hull ID# is 36853
2992115 Feet 1955 Lyman Outboard$10,900 -
This 15 foot Lyman outboard is a real sweetheart! It is very easy to handle and can be pulled around to your favorite body of water with ease. She has been nicely restored and sits on a good galvanized trailer. Comes complete with a cover.
3032615 Feet 1955 Crestliner Buccaneer$3,500 -
Antique - 1955 Larson Crestliner Buccaneer Sturdy .064" aluminum hull with beautiful wood accents. Oak seats, dash and gunwales. Wood sanded and finished with multiple coats of spar varnish. Hull was painted and had it soda blasted and is ready for your desired finish. Polish or paint. 1955 Sterling trailer. Media blasted and restored. Epoxy base with cherry red top cote. New lights, wiring and winch. New seals and repacked wheel bearings. 1960 Merc 400 Outboard. Solid good running. Over $800 invested in last tune up (mainly electrical, impeller and carb work, have receipt). New battery. Starts, runs and idles fine. Shifts into forward, neutral and reverse smoothly. Have clean title to both boat and engine. Trailer transfers on a Bill Of Sale in Ohio.
3028315 Feet 1955 Lyman Fisherman -
This is a very cute little 15 foot Lyman Fisherman being sold with a 35 HP outboard. It is a nice little boat that needs some work but is a very worthy project. The engine ran last year but the boat has not been in the water this year and is not being used.
3034315 Feet 1956 Feather Craft Ranger$1,500 -
This is a mint Feather Craft with a walkthrough cockpit. Boat has no dents, dings, or serious damage - the hull is absolutely perfect with no repairs. This is the boat only without motor or trailer. The original Johnson Sea Master throttle/gear shift remote is included.
3071615 Feet 1956 Larson Crestliner$2,500 -  
I am reluctantly selling my restored 1956 Larson Crestliner 15' Runabout. It has a 35HP Evinrude Big Twin on the back. This boat was bought new by my uncle in 1956 at Kleiman marine in Milwaukee, WI. Boat and Motor are in excellent condition. It has been repainted the original red color, I ordered replica side decals, all the wood has been redone and custom built and shaped for the boat, and the windshield was custom made here in Wisconsin. In addition, it rides on the original 1956 Tee Nee Trailer. It has been modified a little to make it a bunk trailer to better support the boat. **My cousins, my brothers, my uncle and many others have been behind this boat to tube and waterski. It is a blast!! I also have another working 35HP motor that will go with the boat to the new owner. This motor is in good working order and was fogged after it was used the last time.
2933615 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Cavalier$4,500 -
Boat is in good overall condition and would make an excellent user boat around the lake. Engine has been rebuilt and has approximately 200 hours on it. Comes with a single axle trailer.
2918315 Feet 1956 Thompson Outboard$4,900 -
This 15ft 8" 1956 Thompson boat with a 1958 Evinrude Lark 35 HP motor has been fully restored. It comes with a 1989 Gator trailer.
3118315 Feet 1956 Yellowjacket Riviera$2,000 -
1956 Yellowjacket ski boat with original Mercury 70Hp outbaoard. Very nice unrestored boat. Complete with trailer and miscellaneous original equipment.
3122415 Feet 1956 Skipper Craft Outboard$5,500 -
Sharp looking outboard with fins. This 15' Skipper Craft was fully restored in 2011/2012. It has all new decks and sides, new wiring, cushions and a lot of new hardware. Comes on a single axle trailer. Has NO engine
3193615 Feet 1956 Trojan$5,500 -
All original boat, true barn find, been stored indoors its whole life. coming on the original unique tilt trailer registered as a 1957. The boat has a very cool rear deck that makes it look like it should have an inboard in it, doubles great for storing gas tanks, batteries and all other boating items you want out of the way. The seats have the removable original seat cushions. The steering is a cool mechanical style, no cables and pulleys. Fresh varnish on decks. Please note the cushions in the photos are not in proper positions. Just showing that they are included.
3714715 Feet Anderson Outboard$4,900 -
Beautifully restored Anderson outboard runabout! The Anderson Boat Company existed in Oak Harbor, Ohio from 1953 to 1958. The company made custom lap strake Clinker type boats in the 14 and 16 foot lengths. At the time they employed about 20 people and were planning on expanding production to include 20 foot boats. In December of 1958 the building housing the operation burned and completely destroyed the building. The company did not rebuild and is believed to have gone out of business. This boat is one of the last and finest examples of their work. Very reminiscent of a Lyman or Thompson of the same era. Lapstrake construction. Excellent fresh finish and powered by a matching 35hp Evinrude Lark outboard. The boat is in very nice original condition and could go in the water tomorrow.
3644715 Feet 1956 Lyman Runabout$7,500 -
Complete restoration done 2005-2009 boat won best lyman of show at Sunnyland Show. Runs great, nothing needs to be done to this boat.
2865115 Feet 1956 Wagemaker Wolverine Outboard $7,500 -
Three year restoration, all original except for windshield brackets (old available) deck framing all newly reinforced under deck. Bottom fiberglass reinforced, two layers of mat & epoxy. Epiphanes finish, seven coats. African mahogany plywood used in transom, sika-flex caulking throughout, very carefully and thourghly rebuilt boat. Engine completely rebuilt, low hours.
2850015 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Cavalier$5,250 -
Great starter Chris Craft. Recently refinished. Engine runs well, but could use a rebuild. All original instruments. Servicable trailer and cover included.
2549215 Feet 1956 Peterborough Lakefield$7,000 -
In very good condition. Boat was completely refinished a few years ago. Excellent running boat with trailer.
2566415 Feet 1956 The Canadian Boat Company$6,200 -
The boat is a 1956 15 foot cedar strip boat made by the Canadian Boat Company in Winnipeg, Canada. Included is the original 1956 Johnson 30 hp Javelin. The boat is in good to very good original condition throughout. Some cosmetic work is required. It has a windshield, steering wheel and throttle controls. The engine includes electric start. A trailer is not available. The boat is a rare classic and is very well preserved. The price is $6200.
2611915 Feet 1956 Century Palomino$5,000 -
The Century palomino was a planked boat made between 1955 and 1961. It was styled with the sports car in mind. Built with blond mahogany foredeck and aft decks on a planked phillipine mahogany hull constructed in a round chine form. it was meant exclusively for the forward steering with concealed remote fuel tanks and remote controls. the fully upholstered vinyl interior seats six and features a walk through front seat. The Palomino's came equipped with a wrap around chrome edged windshield, chrome framed step pads and stainless steel fender rails. It offered big boat features and inboard styling in an affordable stylish family boat. this is an excellent running boat which was used several times last year and will only appreciate in value.
3847615 Feet 1956 Lyman Outboard$7,900 -
This 1956 Lyman 15 Footer has undergone a complete and through restoration with an all new Mahogany Interior. The seat backs are original, new oak stringers, gunwales, deck and transom. The boat is powered with a period correct 30 HP Johnson Javelin built in 1956. The boat is a multiple Boat Show award Winner in many categories including Outstanding Layman, and Best Restored Classic.
3850215 Feet 1956 Lyman Outboard$7,500 -
One of the nicest Lyman outboards we have seen and quite possibly the best one on the market today! This 1956 model was full restored between 2005 and 2009 and has seen limited use since completion. The matching 1956 Johnson 30hp Sea Horse is in excellent condition. Well equipped and sold complete with the original 1956 Tee Nee trailer.
3795315 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Custom Runabout Kit Boat No Reserve -
This boat has been with the same owner since 1977. Transom replaced circa 1992. This boat is best suited to protected waters due to its light scantlings. Will need some work, but nothing that an ambitious DIY'er can't handle. Comes with a cover and bimini top. The file comes complete with a service manual for the motor, extra documentation, and trailer manuals. Offered with No Reserve!
3810815 Feet 1957 Carver Colonel Deluxe$7,500 -
“THE LAST ONE” is in excellent showboat condition. She was restored by an award-winning boat builder and rocket engineer. All the original metal parts have been re-plated. The steering has been updated using original parts. The transom has been reinforced so she can pull a water-skier. Updates include a new wiring harness, new battery and new fuel tank. The electric-start 1958 motor has been overhauled and repainted in the original colors and has very few running hours. All decals on the boat, motor and trailer are originals or based on the originals. The boat has a unique overlay on both sides from bow to transom. She is bright finished using Deksolje 1 to preserve the wood and Deksolje 2 for the varnishing. The bottom has been painted with copper paint. The floatable seat cushions are new. The lights are white transom pole light and a combined bow port and starboard light. The boat is stored on the trailer in a garage. This a fast and smooth-running show boat ideal for family use and an eye-catcher on the water.
3762615 Feet 1957 Century Palamino$14,750 -
Professionally restored in 2014. New 5200 bottom, sides, decks, and transom. Chrome, flooring, interior, and rebuilt motor. Includes custom mooring/trailering cover and custom trailer. Scored 97 points at it's first ACBS show. Selling due to growing family and needing a larger boat. Always stored indoors. No disappointments.
2560215 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine$300 -
1957 Wagemaker Wolverine 15 foot antique wooden boat, closed bow with 4 seats, partially restored, nearly all of the original hardware is present. There is a 1957 30 hp Evinrude outboard that does NOT run. The decking and seats are in refinishable condition, just need surface refinishing and varnish. The hull is mostly in good shape, however has a soft spot in the bow, and a fair amount of rot in the stern.
2575315 Feet 1957 Thompson$3,850 -
Completely original boat, motor and trailer package. Super condition -inside and out. Bilge is still bright. Oak ribs are golden from stem to stern. Mahogany interior is very nice. All original controls and steering. Motor starts easily and runs great. Exterior has no dents, or dock hits. This boat can be used as is. This boat has very few hours on it.
2552715 Feet 1957 Peterbourgh Handy Boy$7,500 -
1957 Peterborough Handy Boy. Restored in 2002, this classic cedar strip comes with a matching 1957 Evinrude Lark 35 horsepower electric starting motor complete with controls (optional push button start) and pressure tank. The motor was restored in 2003. Trailer Included!
2674815 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Cavalier$6,000 -
This 1957 Chris Craft 15’ Cavalier was in the garage all it’s life and used very little. Everything about the boat is in nice presentable condition and ready to use and enjoy. It starts right up and goes on a plane easily, everything works and no leaks. New windshields were made last year, the trailer has new tires and the bottom needs painting. The small size makes it easy to handle and great for two persons, includes everything needed for boating.
2685615 Feet 1957 Cayuga Outboard$1,500 -  
Good condition, cockpit front seating, lapstreak white and a natural interior. Boat has been in storage for 12 years and is good condition. Boat is sound and has no soft spots at all. It will need a refinish as one might expect with a boat of this vintage.
2821415 Feet 1957 Whirlwind Outboard$4,000 -
This is a 1957 Whirlwind molded ply outboard boat. Appears to be in solid condition. Comes with an Evinrude outboard that is not currently hooked up. Original Trailer. Price reduced, must go!
2810915 Feet 1957 MFG Outboard$650 -
This a MFG fiberglass boat with wood decks, transom, seats, etc. Gives the look of a classic Thompson with the maintenance of a fiberglass hull. Some of the wood needs to be refinished, some needs to be replaced.
2865915 Feet 1957 Streblow Speedster$16,000 -
This is a one of a kind inboard runabout built by the Streblow Boat Company. This builder was well known for its outboard boats, but also built one inboard runabout, the Custom Liner (Speedster) model. The current owner has had this boat for 14 years. It has been completely restored. The restoration included a new bottom, a complete refinishing, and upholstery. It is powered by a period-correct Gray Marine Fireball engine that has also been rebuilt. She has had minimal use since the restoration.
2860315 Feet 1957 Trojan Sea Queen$2,200 -
Classic 1957 Sea Queen wooden runabout located in upstate New York, Plywood Boat is in good shape with lots of original items such as gas cans, even has a scotch metal cooler, gaffe, oar, canopy top. There are two portable original red gas cans. It is ready for the next step of making it shine. The trailer is included with tear drop bumpers, color is yellow. Trailer is original to the boat. We had the boat in the water last year and she started right up and off we went. Boat has been stored in a garage/barn prior to our purchasing in 2007. We have also garaged it. Would be a show boat with some refinishing. There are not layers of varnish or paint so would refinish nicely. if you so desired. Boat is located in the 1000 Island Region of New York.
2896615 Feet 1957 Cayuga Runabout$7,500 -
Cayuga wooden outboard boat-1957- 30 hp Evinrude Lark. I am only the second owner-this boat is all original and in excellent condition-includes the following:original wooden oars, brass fire extinguisher, seat cushions, cloth seat backs, and spotlight. Last ran it in 1997 and fogged it for storage-it ran perfectly! This is a real piece of WNY boatbuilding history in excellent original condition - built in Cheektowaga and sold at a Buffalo dealer.
2743315 Feet 1957 Century Palomino$6,900 -
Boat was last surveyed in August 2004, which yielded excellent results. It has been stored indoors. Won Best Century in 2005 as well as 1st place Classic Outboard. It was also 2nd place Classic Outboard in 2006. Comes with original 6 gallon metal fuel tank.
2725115 Feet 1957 Crestliner Voyager$3,500 -
This is an 1957 aluminum boat was built by Crestliner. It has had 2 owners, my father and myself. My father loved to boat but never had the time so it got used once a year July 1-7 for his vacation in Canada. The Evinrude 35 HP engine I would doubt to have more than 100 hours on it. I recently had the engine tuned up, and had any fuel lines replaced that needed it. For the last 5 years I have used it one day out of the year for about 8 hours. It has always been stored inside with a mooring cover. The Bimini top with side curtains needs replaced, but the old one is still with the boat. It has a Gator trailer along with the tilt trailer for easy launching and loading.
2733315 Feet 1957 Peterborough Ouboard$800 -
1957 Peterborough cedar strip outboard. Powered by a 1960 40hp Evinrude Big Twin. Needs a complete restoration. Comes with a trailer.
2793115 Feet 1957 Feathercraft Vagabond II$1,500 -
Sound hull with new mahogany on the transom. All original deck hardware included. No loose rivets. The Continental trailer shown under the boat does not convey. The included trailer is pictured. It has fresh paint, bearings, tires, wiring, and lights.
2763115 Feet 1957 Whitehouse Outboard$2,500 -
Very rare!! No chips or scratches in fiberglass. needs seats. Promotional boat for Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. Has fins like 57' Chevy!! The boat is well marked with Whitehouse and firestone markings and there are no problems with the fiberglass as there are no holes or cracks. This is a fabulous collector pices and one of very few ever made and even fewer remaining.
3713815 Feet 1957 Lyman Outboard$10,500 -
A total of 1099 15 Foot Lyman Runabouts were built in 1957. This is one of the rare ones which was built with a windshield which became a regular option in 1958. The boat has been completely restored and is a perfect little package as it is offered with a 1957 engine and complete with a 1957 Gator tilt trailer. The bottom has had a West System applied to it and the top sides and interior have 8 coats of varnish. Both boat engine and tank have been restored. Registration for boat and trailer are up to date.
3122615 Feet 1957 Thompson Sea Coaster$4,900 -
Very clean boat that fully restored in 2012. The boat has new decks and wiring. It has been fully varnished and repainted. Comes on a single axle trailer. No Engine
3162315 Feet 1957 Peterborough Jupiter$6,900 -
This boat is the 1957 "Jupiter" model part of the "Starliner" series. The motor is a 1961 Royal Scott 43.7 hp . The outboard engine has been completely rebuilt. The boat has a West system epoxy bottom, all ribs have been replaced. Custom cover and full convertible top. The boat has all new wiring with vintage bowlight.
3185515 Feet 1957 Slickcraft Runabout$6,500 -
This 1957 Slickcraft Boat and engine was restored a few years ago and used at shows here in Florida. It was usually run at each show. Molded plywood and does not leak, have pics of restoration and info on original owner. It is powered by a matching 1957 Johnson Javelin. Owner may also consider "interesting trades".
3156515 Feet 1957 Hiliner Star Outboard$5,200 -
Completely restored a few years ago. Fresh paint, varnish, chrome, and upholstery! Powered by a matching Johnson 35hp outboard. Needs absolutely nothing - gas and go!
3154215 Feet 1957 Vintage Single Axle Trailer$150 -
This 1957 Trailer had a 14 Wooden Row boat on it and will fit another perfectly. The fenders are great and the lights look original. The fenders may be suitable for someone with another trailer that has lost its fenders.
2915315 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Barracuda$7,200 -
The is an ORIGINAL Chris Craft Kit Boat. This Barracuda model was built by a boat builder from Maine in 1957-1960. He bought the kit and built it for his own personal use. The boat was finished beautifully as shown in the photos. It is museum quality. Upholstery, carpet, full dash. Absolutely no rot - always kept inside.
2903915 Feet 1957 Lyman Outboard$10,000 -
This is the best 15 footer that we have seen in a long time. Full restoration including, strip & bleach (Smith's CPES)Epiphanes (10 coats inside, 12 all outside mahogany), 5 coats Easypoxy hull paint, Hull refastened and reclinched, all joints below waterline 3M-5200, vintage Tee-Nee trailer sandblasted and repainted, new bearings and tires. Engine; new top-end seals, impeller, paint/decals, rebuilt carbs and starter; all chrome is vintage NOS purchased as a set; full custom cover; no leaks - ready to run & fun. Great package!
2939315 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine Seafarer$7,500 -
A multi award winning fully restored beauty with its original motor. The electric start Johnson Golden Javelin 35HP motor looks amazing and runs like new.The boat was stripped of all paint and West system epoxy was applied to the bottom. Boat was painted and varnished and all chrome was re plated. New rub rails. New foam seats and backs professionally upholstered with high quality marine vinyl upholstery. Boat has new steering cables, new throttle and shift cables. Everything has been done and boat is mechanically like new and stunning. It has won Best in Show or the first place trophy at every antique boat event to which we have taken it. The engine has new coils and wires, a new starter, a rebuilt carburetor, a new water pump and impeller. Has two props. one is aluminum and one is polished bronze. Both are in very nice shape. Boat and engine need absolutely nothing. This boat is ready to be enjoyed today.
2988415 Feet 1957 Wolverine Invader$7,500 -
All original Wolverine Invader with original Johnson and Gator trailer. Good finish, chrome, windshield, upholstery. Very close to show quality...but a wonderful daily user boat. No rot or wear & tear evident and a very sweet running outfit. Great small lake boat, motor and trailer. Road ready...100% original Wagemaker.
2956415 Feet 1957 Slickcraft Outboard$6,900 -
PRICE RECENTLY REDUCED TO $6,900. All original, all plywood construction, decks, hardware all original. THIS BOAT COMPANY NOW IS TIARA AND S2 YACHTS. The slickers family started with this boat...and it's beautiful. Fresh refinishing, Firehouse Boatworks, Holland Michigan. Dash panel is "new old stock". Full gauges and hardware.
3077515 Feet 1957 Cantiere Boat Yard Outboard$15,000 -
This is believed to be the only boat of this type in America. This rare outboard was made in Italy for a well known resort near Lake Como and this one boat is the only one of that group to have been spirited out of Italy and brought to the US. This is one of only 50 made and believed to be the only one in North America. The boat has been superbly restored and will turn heads with its unique Italian design. The boat needs nothing and is powered by a excellent running Evrinrude Fast Twin with a new powerhead. It is finished off with a custom trailer which will pull it handsomely to any lake or boat show. Andiamo !!!
3024515 Feet 1957 Fleet Craft Outboard$5,500 -
This boat was part of a real estate purchase and the owners of the property have no use for the boat. This Fleet Craft was used in the Adirondacks for many years and was in the fresh water lakes near Old Forge. It is in running condition, was used this summer and is offered with a trailer. The boat is offered with No Reserve and will be sold as part of the 47th Antique Boat Show and Auction and will be sold on Saturday August 6th at the Antique Boat Museum.
3017515 Feet 1957 Delta Outboard$6,900 -
The boat is a in very nice shape, not perfect, but very nice. Runs strong and looks good. New owner will be very proud to own this classic.
3035915 Feet 1958 Penn Yan Carribean$8,800 -
Absolutely the finest Penn Yan for sale anywhere! This little beauty is flawless! Thousands of hours spent creating this show winner!!
3082315 Feet 1958 Old Town Fisherman 15$3,200 -
This is a nice example of an unrestored lapstrake Old Town. Paint, woodwork,and copper/bronze bottom finish are all original. My grandfather always kept several boats at his Black Lake,NY camp and this one was intended for use as a fishing/utility boat. It was last used in 1960, and has been dry stored since his death at that time.
2961015 Feet 1958 MFG Outboard$3,500 -
1958 was one of the first production years for the MFG fiberglass boat. This was a transition design that featured a fiberglass hull with wood decks, seats, and a wood skinned transom. This example is in great shape and ready to use! The current owner replaced the floor and refinished the boat. Excellent entry into the classic fiberglass hobby. Powered with a 45hp Mercury outboard. Sitting on a good single axle trailer, comes with a full cover. Very slick package!
2971815 Feet 1958 Penn Yan Dynamold$650 -
Lovely wooden Penn Yan with restoration friendly Dynamold plywood hull. Easy first time restoration project. Perfect for entering the classic boat hobby. Would need an 18-40HP motor.
2945015 Feet 1958 Brydon Boy Deluxe Outboard$4,800 -
Complete restoration to show quality as of June 2010. Turnkey, complete and water ready. Custom cotton fenders, oriental carpets, new dock lines, brass fire extinguisher, standard fire extinguisher.
2916615 Feet 1958 Lyman Outboard$7,900 -
Hull was completely stripped and gutted, refastened where necessary, sealed with CPES and recaulked with 3M5200. All new Philippine mahogany on decking, toe rails,covering board, rear consoles, coamings and inner transom. The boat has been finished with Epifanes varnish, Pettit white semi-gloss, and Pettit Copper bronze bottom paint. Engine has been mechanically rebuilt (honing, rings, bearings etc)from top to bottom by a professional outboard mechanic, including new starter, dist. cap, rotor, plug wires, points, condenser, and all new external engine wiring harness. Carburetors have been rebuilt also. Deck hardware is original and has been rechromed. Wiring/switches for running lights is new as is the bilge pump. The original mahogany windshield, pattern safety glass, and white weather strip and runners go with the boat. This is as good as it gets. You wont be disappointed.
2922215 Feet 1958 Parsons Lake N Sea Biscayne Outboard$3,500 -
Hull #84000292- Refinished in 2006. Has unusual port(left)side steering. The 1962 Merc 500 runs great. A eye catcher when cruising the lake.
3152815 Feet 1956 Cadillac Marine & Boat Company Seville$19,000 -
Stunning 3 year restoration of cold-molded mahogany & avodire twin cockpit Cadillac Seville runabout...better than show quality!!! Boat, motor & trailer are 100% restored. This is most likely the only one in existence...even the GM Heritage Collection does not have one! The Cadillac hull number is 5883 and the Tee Nee VIN is 103237.
3124015 Feet 1958 Penn Yan Carribean$8,900 -
Absolutely the finest Penn Yan for sale anywhere! This little beauty is absolutely flawless and shows pride of ownership and craftsmanship! Many hours have been spent on this beauty and the next owner will surely be proud to show it off.
3679915 Feet 1958 Trojan Marlin Outboard Runabout$3,250 -
Great little outboard runabout - add gas and enjoy! This Trojan "Marlin" is a very original boat that has been well kept. Features ample cockpit space and ventilated windshields for cruising comfort. 1963 Evinrude 40hp engine runs well! Used during the Spring of 2015. Trailer is roadworthy and in great shape. Located about 30 minutes outside of Cleveland.
2758815 Feet 1958 Glastron Surflite$3,200 -
This is a 1958 Glastron Surflite with the original Johnson 50hp motor,(Fat Fifty),the original 1958 Tee Nee trailer, and a soft convertible top. Boat, motor, and trailer are in good condition. Had the boat out at the OKCOBRA boat meet on 9/15/07, and the motor ran very well, has quick response, and pumps water, although it could use a good carb cleaning. The boat is very close to original. It has a factory added splash well and has had fuel compartment ventilation added for safety compliance. The boat has never been painted but looks like the gel-coat has been redone. Two small cabinets have been added behind the seats for a stereo and extra storage. The seats have also been recovered. This boat draws a lot of attention and is a real head turner. Don't miss your chance to own this timeless classic at a fair price. Extra parts for the motor are also availavle.
2790415 Feet 1958 Grew Outboard$1,250 -
1958 Grew project boat. Kept in dry storage. Mahogany construction. No trailer.
2731915 Feet 1958 Lyman Outboard$6,300 -
Classic 1958 Lyman Mahogany 15 foot Runabout. Sandusky Ohio, has the “Clinker built” insignia on the dash. Stored indoors. 1988 Johnson 30 HP motor. Brand new never mounted until the boat was refinished in 2004. Approximately 25 hours, runs great. New lower unit. Bottom side was stripped and has Pettit easy-poxy paint, three coats. Top side mahogany was stripped and has 7 coats varnish. Two pieces of gunnel (armrests on either side in front) were replaced. Lapstrike has some blemishes from past use, but wood is all in excellent condition. Note the amount of chrome. I have the stalk light too, pictured off boat without the plastic top. Canvas is in good condition too,snaps on to windshield. Never been in salt water. All new waterproof trailer lights and wiring. Trailer has new axle and all new bearings in 2005. Tires are like new plus 3 spare tires on rims. Automatic bilge pump, windshield rubber, stainless steel screws and backrest hinges.
2865415 Feet 1958 Lyman Outboard$7,900 -
Hull was completely and correctly restored. Only minor finishing details need to be completed. All deck hardware has been rechromed and awaits installation. Varnished Mahogany windshield frames and new weather stripping go with the boat. Engine has been mechanically overhauled from top to bottom. Call for restoration details.
2814815 Feet 1958 Lyman Outboard -  
This fully restored boat(2008) was originally sold in 1958 by Mercier Marine of Clayton,NY. For the next 50 years,the boat was housed in a heated garage in Schuyler County,NY and was used only occasionally by its owner to fish on Seneca Lake, the deepest and largest of the Finger Lakes. Low engine hours on this meticiously maintained boat.Hull #51029
2816215 Feet 1958 Century Palomino$3,500 -
This is a varnished, mahogany Palomino. It has been garage kept for the past 16 years. New upholstery, original red with white piping, $3,400 in wood restoration work, motor ran strong when stored. Selling as is.
2840415 Feet 1958 Lyman Outboard$3,500 -
This boat has been stored inside a barn for over 30 years. It has been well preserved and is in very restorable condition. There are 2 outboard engines with this package. The orginal 35hp Johnson pull start andan Evinrude 35hp electric start. The new owner can have a choice of maroon or blue for engine colors The covertible top and side curtains will need to be replaced.
2635315 Feet 1958 Century Palomino$5,000 -
This Palomino is an estate inheritance from the owner's father's marina. This man was in the classic boat restoration business for about 60 years. During his career, he specialised in the restoration of Century and Chris Craft Boats. He owned the boat for approximately 15 years and he had completely restored it prior to his passing. This boat has seen limited use since it was restored. It has been in storage for 3 years under a cover. Prior to that, it was stored in a covered boathouse. This boat has never been exposed to the elements. Although this sale does not include a trailer, the seller would consider a reasonable delivery distance with transport expenses arranged.
2674715 Feet 1958 Lyman Utility$6,500 -
This excellent `58 Lyman 15’ has undergone a 5 year thorough restoration. The hull had no rot or rib problems, just joint and fastner repair and new decks and complete refinishing with Epiphanes, a Chris Craft windshield, and all chrome is freshly replated. The low hours 40 hp Evinrude has new coils and waterpump, and has been lubricated, touched up and clear coated. It gave smooth and reliable performance all last year with safe, comfortable trips in rough water. It received a thorough fitting out by a careful concientious craftsman who makes great boats. The wide stance and low profile trailer carries it well; the custom made marine canvas cover keeps it clean and dry.
2550315 Feet 1958 Chris Craft Special Runabout$10,900 -
Complete engine rebuild, 12 volt conversion, new seats, relined fuel tank, bilge pump, placed 2nd and 3rd in 2003.
2592215 Feet 1958 Chris Craft Cavalier$7,000 -
In fair condition. Needs to be revarnished and foredecks should be redone as well. Chris Craft made 1096 and they were very popular. Weighing in at 1225 lbs these boats only drafted 17 inches. This is a manageable project for anyone who has been thinking of refinishing a boat as none of the work required is difficult or overwhelming in order to bring it back to it's original beauty. Perfect boat for a small lake or as a second boat.
2604515 Feet 1958 Lakefield Mohawk Brydon Brass Boy$1,800 -
Nice cedar strip boat. Handles like a dream, 40 Hp Johnson pushes it along quite nicely. Mostly original, needs a few ribs and fresh varnish. Motor overhauled last spring, runs well. Solid trailer, in good shape (though kind of ugly, could use fresh paint).
3733615 Feet 1958 Lakefield Chinook$4,500 -
Varnished cold-moulded mahogany construction on oak framework. Varnished cedar decks and mahogany transom. Oiled teak accordian floorboards. Vessel is equipped with a good running 35 H.P. Evinrude outboard motor and tank, trailer with brand-new tires and new cushions. "Chinook" has been repaired and refinished to excellent condition throughout.
3952715 Feet 1958 Kainer Flying Scott$5,800 -
In excellent condition with trailer. New battery, engine and boat completly rewired. New tires, new gas tank. Has a fiberglass Bimini top. Show stopper and very unique.
3931815 Feet 1958 Penn Yan Carribean Outboard$9,900 -
This 1958 Penn Yan and matching Johnson Sea Horse engine have been beautifully restored and show true pride of ownership. New bottom, new ribs, new trailer, new upholstery, mooring cover. She is sold complete with a thick file of paperwork, manuals, and documentation. Her next owner will be proud to show her off!
3840115 Feet 1958 Lyman Outboard$8,000 -
We purchased the boat in August of 2015. We had it professionally caulked and painted in 2015. The boat has a new transom, re-chromed hardware and new decks.
3795415 Feet 1959 Century Palomino$7,500 -
Purchased from original owner who moved to Canyon Lake, Texas from the great lakes area years ago. I have owned for 5 years. Boat has been stored indoors (no sun damage) and has been restored to excellent condition, including a $4,000 bottom job by a professional less than two years ago. Structure is original and boat has no dry rot, softness or other wood damage. When the bottom was restored, a complete inspection was done to insure integrity of entire structure. No fiberglass has been used. Engine is in good shape and runs well.
3795615 Feet 1959 Mfg Outboard$2,000 -
I am selling my 1959 MFG with 35hp evinrude with gator trailer has an older pump radio and fish finder.
2588615 Feet 1959 Milo Craft Outboard$6,500 -
When Chris Craft went out of business Milo, who was one of their builders bought all of the remaining hulls and completed them. This boat comes with white pinstripes, a white interior with red piping, stored carefully for 15 years all indoors, minimal usage in 15 years of careful ownership. Fresh water usage only when it was used. Similar in appearance to ad # 25486
2571815 Feet 1959 Glastron Surflite$5,900 -
This 1959 Glastron is red and white and in excellent condition everything on it is original very nice boat one of a kind. The trailer is also the original that goes with the boat. Everything works lights , and tilt trailer with rollers,excellent condition.
2578915 Feet 1959 Mercury Sabre$8,000 -
This boat was entirely restored in 1995 by the previous owner. It is still powered by it's original Chrysler 6 cylinder engine. The prop was rebuilt in 2001. The boat was in the water last year and everything functioned properly.
2814315 Feet 1959 Barbour Outboard$300 -  
This is a nice little Barbour Outboard which were made North Carolina. The boat has been in the present family here in the 1000 Islands for the least 5 years and is in very nice condition. The boat is solid and could be enjoyed for the remainder of the summer.
2717515 Feet 1959 Glastron Surflite$3,300 -
This boat is original red and white color scheme, it dose need to be restored as well as the engine and the trailer. I am the 3 owner and received it when my late wife passed away. JKS Storage facility, where her father kept the boat, notified us of the boats existence. The boat has not been in the water since 1968 season, and was in covered storage from 1968-1995; it sat out one year and has been in covered storage (garage) since. I began to restore – removed old molding, one cleat, and lights but have all items labeled and in a box, along with period Northland™ Bimini Skis (w/manufactures pamphlet). I have 25+ additional photos and other items regarding the history of the boat. Please contact me if interest, price is negotiable.
2744015 Feet 1959 Larson Falls Flyer$16,000 -
This is a real classic that has been totally restored. She has only seen one freshwater lake in her life. The boat was purchased boat for the original owner’s daughter. Copies of the original receipts are available. Gelcoat was removed down to the fibreglass and was totally redone in the two original colors. The aluminium trim is new, all hardware running lights, tail lights, horn are original and in working order. There is a Ride guide steering system that was installed new, along with a Bronze prop. Full restoration receipts are available, along with Mercury owners guide and steering system guide. New boat cover included. Showroom condition.
2786915 Feet 1959 Thompson Sea Coaster$3,400 -
The boat has always been garage kept. Boat in very good condition and the motor runs well. Two gas tanks, anchor, current fire extingusher. Includes original sales receipt and paper work.
3668815 Feet 1959 Car Aqua "Station Wagon" Classic Fiberglass Outboard$12,500 -
Very cool piece of Classic Fiberglass from Atlanta, GA! The Car Aqua "Station Wagon" bears a striking similarity to the '56 Chevy, right down to the color scheme. Complete with stereo and a newer 50hp Mercury engine with only 5 hours of run time! This boat is a real head turner and is the epitome of 50's automobile styling on the water. Complete with a nice custom cover. This design was featured in a recent Classic Boating Magazine - the article states only 11 were made, and only 2 of the "Station Wagon" models are known to exist today!
3664415 Feet 1959 Herters Allstate Outboard$3,500 -
Very cool classic fiberglass boat! Complete with bimini top, depth finder, and compass. Good single axle trailer. Engine turns over but needs a tune up.
3716215 Feet 1959 Glastron Redfish$11,000 -
Beautifully restored and very rare. This Redfish Outboard fiberglass boat has a 70 HP motor with only a handful of hours of use. Always stored indoors and in really nice shape. A one Family boat since new in 1959 and carefully cared for since new.
3199215 Feet 1959 Reinell Runabout$18,500 -
Professionally rebuilt hull (recertified 2011),professionally installed gauges, new tinted windscreen, modern steering, built-in gas tank, ladder, grab rail, cleats, running lights. Much better than the original boat. Very smooth, quiet, plenty of power.
3137215 Feet 1959 Quaker State Holiday$2,500 -
Nice starter boat with classic 50's styling. The boat has had some hull damage, but repaired and coated with copper paint. Good varnish. Engine not presently operating but could be started.
3118915 Feet 1959 Cutter Jet deVille Outboard$6,750 -
Before they started Owens Yacht Company, Cutter Boats, Inc., Tell City, Indiana was the Owens brothers’ foray into the rapidly growing late 1950’s fiberglass sporting boat market. Left-handed drive & original steering wheel - built for racing on the left-turn-only, NASCAR-type oval circuits. Original, electric-start, Mercury Mark 55 Thunderbolt outboard - completely rebuilt, starts easily & runs well. Original Vollrath stainless hardware & windshield - cleaned & buffed. Original mechanical speedo, tubing & transom-mounted pick-up - cosmetically excellent & fully functional. Hull sanded, faired & finished to its original Mercury Sunset Orange & white. New upholstery - matches the original sunset orange & white pattern. original fully restored trailer with moon hub caps.
3145315 Feet 1959 Peterborough Handy Boy$2,500 -
Used every year. Stored in boathouse. Some ribs replaced in 1995. Kept in very good condition.
3193015 Feet 1959 Marlin Sportsman$450 -
A rare, interesting barn find! Built in Boca Raton FL. Complete with most of its original hardware. She will require a complete restoration, but will be a real head turner when finished.
2902715 Feet 1959 Russell/Sandusky Runabout$3,000 -
Extremely rare runabout. Seats 4. Molded plywood hull. Needs restoration but has all necessary parts. Includes detailed repair manual for engine.
2934115 Feet 1959 Chris Craft Cavalier$7,000 -
This classic is in good shape. It has newly rebuilt gauges and carburetor, starter, battery, generator, voltage regulator and more. Freshly sanded and varnished and bottom coated. Has a factory fiberglass coating on the hull. Runs great. Needs some cosmetic touchup. Custom trailer in good condition.
2982715 Feet 1959 Wagemaker Wolverine$3,500 -
1959 Wolverine Ply-Lap Wagemaker, It has a 1966 Johnson 20HP Model is FD-20C(Comes with original Manuel) which uses a unleaded gas oil mixture. It hasn't been out in the water in awhile but last time it was on the lake it worked great, That was probably 9 or 10 years ago. It has most of the original parts that came with it, except the windshield was taken off years ago. it comes with a Minn Kota Trolling motor, Loran-c receiver and a TCR id-1 Humminbird fish finder, and a Ritchie compass, they all come with manuals and places to doc them on the boat.The condition of the boat went from being a beautiful garage kept boat until the last 8 months being kept outside with a boat cover at a apartment complex, but from all the storms and everything else the wood is not as pretty as it once was but not to far gone.It still would make a great fishing boat or for someone who likes to restore old boats.I would love to see this boat get the care it deserve.
3039315 Feet 1959 Sherry Outboard Runabout$3,000 -
Classic 'glass alert! Up for sale is an original, very decent Sherry outboard runabout with its original Merc powerplant. Upholstery is intact and the boat seems good structurally. Classic fiberglass is a good, affordable way to get your feet wet in the Antique & Classic boating community! Engine is not stuck and the boat is complete with all original hardware.
2997015 Feet 1960 MFG Outboard Runabout$4,900 -
Boat was completely rebuilt in 2000 on a bare 1960 MFG fiberglass hull, which is a direct copy of a 15-ft. Lyman to achieve a classic runabout that looks like a wooden boat with the durability of a fiberglass hull. Varnished Honduras Mahogany deck and trim. Two 6-gal. fuel tanks under under aft driver's/passenger's seat for 10 hrs. of running. Flotation tanks, one forward, two aft. Teleflex steering.
2984115 Feet 1960 Correct Craft Atom Skier$2,000 -
Antique wood 1960 Correct Craft, Atom Skier "Special". Original Gray Marine 70hp engine. Would be a beauty restored! Engine is not locked up & was running when we bought the boat several years ago.
3176715 Feet 1960 Herters Flying Fish MK III$3,000 -
I bought the boat because it just looked fast. Only after researching, I found that Herters have quite the following. Herters is still in business selling hunting equipment through Cabelas. The earlier Mk I & II Flying Fish models have exaggerated fins unlike the sleek Mk III. When purchased, there was no windshield. When I saw a Mk II Flying Fish with clear bubble windshields I started to envision the boat as you see it - smoked dark tint low bubble windshields, Ferrari Fly Yellow paint over black antifouling paint (the boat stays in the lake all season). This boat weighs 400 lbs with aluminum transom, stringers and polished castings, a 25 HP Johnson easily propels it. In its day it was advertised as the fastest runabout available (with a 75 HP). My boat (affectionately known as "The Bat Boat" on the lake), throws up a wall of water off the bow, always getting plenty of "thumbs-up". I'm selling our lake house and this classic deserves an appreciative caretaker.
2785315 Feet 1960 Winner S-15 Outboard$1,000 -
Always garage stored, will pull skiiers, good condition. Being offered with a Sea King Trailer that is in the same time period.
2805715 Feet 1960 Lyman Outboard$6,750 -  
Boat is in excellent condition. Recently restored professionally. Hull sealed and painted last year. All original equipment available. 1987 Evinrude currently mounted.
2820415 Feet 1960 SeaKing$4,000 -  
1960 15’ Sea King Boat. Model #8913. Manufactured for Montgomery Ward by Span America. Trailer and motor are also Sea King. Boat, motor and trailer restored in 2005 by the present second owner. New top and bottom paint, reconditioned seating using original covering, new trailer paint, motor tune up and servicing.
2848515 Feet 1960 Performer Outboard$1,500 -
I've had the boat for 15 years and used it for fishing at Castiac Lake. Before that, the boat was given to me from my Daughter-in-law's step father. It comes with a trailer, a Minnkotu Turbo 65 Troller 36 lbs. Thrust. Fish finder included. Johnson outboard motor 125 HP
2850415 Feet 1960 Red Skin Ski Boat$3,500 -
Boat is in very good condition. Been stored last 3 years so the motor needs to be cleaned up. New marine battery
2562815 Feet 1960 Ocean Clipper Runabout$4,000 -
1960 Ocean Clipper runabout with 1960 evinrude outboard. This boat was designed by trojan boats and reminds one of a trojan sea bee. The boat has been completely re-varnished and re-painted. Restored and remains in mint condition.
2558615 Feet 1960 Thompson Sea Coaster$600 -
1960 Thompson Sea Coaster, a lapstrake utility with opening windshields, this was one of their more deluxe models with glove compartments in the dash and other interesting trim. This is an advanced restoration because the transom has started to rot, requiring replacement. The ribs and hull are in good condition.
2557515 Feet 1960 Lyman Lapstrake$800 -
1960 Lyman Lapstrake, Complete, weathered, restorable beauty was never refinished before - Clean ready to copy some seat parts, solid, have new glass, on trailer.Includes full instructions for restoration.
2639315 Feet 1960 Ocean Clipper Outboard$2,500 -
This 1960 Ocean Clipper runabout was designed by the Trojan Boat Company in Lancaster, PA and is reminiscent of the Trojan Sea Bee. It is constructed of Marine Plywood with Mahogany Decks. The boat has been revarnished & repainted and looks great. It is powered by a 1957 Evinrude Lark 35hp outboard motor. The boat comes on a black Mastercraft trailer that has been repainted along with new safety chains and front end jack.
2681415 Feet 1960 Higgins Runabout$5,000 -
Boat is restored new interior plywood is sound
3918015 Feet 1960 Penn Yan Outboard Runabout$3,500 -
This is a complete, matching 1960 package! All original boat, motor, Tee Nee trailer, and marine accessories. This beautiful Penn Yan has never been restored and is in very nice preserved condition. She was purchase new by a New York city vacationer who only used it a small handful of times before putting it in storage. All of the original marine accessories are included. Twin fuel tanks, air horn, oars, speedo, amp meter, convertible top, and side curtains. She is a true time capsule and has been enjoyed by her current owner. Would look great behind a classic car, but also a nice running boat.
3923315 Feet 1960 Hal Kelley Foo-Ling Raceboat$6,250 -
The Hal Kelley "Foo-Ling" design was built for class B and C utility racing. A competitive design in the 1950's and 1960's, these boats were popular for both closed course and marathon racing. This example has been nicely restored and is rigged with a Mercury 30H, factory C-class racing engine. Ready to enjoy and complete with a well fitted single axle trailer.
3845115 Feet 1961 Custom Craft Manta Ray$10,000 -
A true time capsule. a barn find several years ago and never seen the sun for more than a couple hours. Original gel coat looks like new. No scrapes, checks or scratches. A few small marks on the upholstery is the only blemish on this boat. Was in the water 2016-17 and runs great. featues an upgraded steering system for easier handling. Must see this boat.
3133015 Feet 1961 Performer Havoc$14,999 -
Low profile extremely rare classic fiberglass flat-bottom ski boat made in California marked No. 24 by the manufacturer Performer was only making these boats for a few years in limited numbers. Marked Bellflower, CA. This boat was ordered by my father so only family owned since 1961. Used on family weekends in 1960's in Lake Berryessa. All original except seats and steering wheel.
3011015 Feet 1961 Lakefield Mohawk$2,900 -
Excellent condition, very original, all in working order. Stored under roof. Boat is in Wisconsin.
3122715 Feet 1962 Glastron Fire Flyte$6,900 -
This boat was fully restored in 2012. It has all new wiring and new cushions. the whole boat has been repainted. Comes on a single axle EZ Loader trailer, 75 HP out board and gas tank.
2857715 Feet 1962 Lyman Outboard$1,500 -
This boat has been in the same family for over 30 years. The top decks need to be replaced as well as the windshield. The rest of the boat is quite solid and has all of it's original hardware. This would make a great project boat. The engine is known to be in good running order It also has a set of trim tabs for additional stability and control to the boat.
3930415 Feet 1962 Arkansas Traveler Outboardno reserve -
1962 Arkansas Traveler, classic fiberglass outboard boat. A good first project for someone who may be new to the hobby. Lapstrake style hull reminiscent of the earlier wooden hulls. Should clean up well with a little bit of elbow grease. Ready for the engine of your preference. Sold with No Reserve!
2841815 Feet 1963 Century Palamino$2,500 -
Restoration Project - This is a classic gentleman's cruiser. The photo's are not actual photos . The boat has been stored indoors for 6 years. Not used for 9 years. This is a full restoration project. Most of the original parts/trim are intact - including unique fireboat siren. Ran with a 50 HP outboard - Beautiful Muskoka cruising boat. Has been in family for 3 generations - hate to part with it... Stored indoors near Huntsville, ON.
2960715 Feet 1963 Thompson Seamate$4,900 -
This Seamate is great shape and fully equipped. Nice upholstery and bimini top. Has a newer 35hp Evinrude outboard. Ready to enjoy!
3033615 Feet 1964 Century Resorter$6,500 -
1964 Century Resorter Runabout 15'. Hull #RF64106 (only 215 ever built). "Last Call" has been beautifully maintained and continuously upgraded on Devil's Lake, MI by the same owner for the last 29 years. Always stored indoors, excellent condition, only fresh water use. It has a 312 cu. in. Ford Interceptor 215 HP V-8 engine with only 4 hours run-time since complete rebuild. Fully reconditioned, reupholstered, refinished, relined fuel tank, ensign & pennant, extra prop, original sales literature, manual and numerous extras. Includes single axle trailer with custom bunks, poles with ensign and pennant, extra prop, original sales literature, manuals and numerous extras. $6,500. Additional $1,000 provides covered boat hoist with hanging hoops and pads, custom aluminum frame with removable snap-on fabric cover and mechanical lifts.
3137915 Feet 1964 Glen L Rebelno reserve -
The Rebel runabout and ski boat was a popular Glen L design from the early 1960's that inspired amateur boatbuilders across North America. This particular example is from 1964 and has been nicely restored. Adequately powered with a 65hp Mercury outboard. Note: windshield is no longer on the boat but is available. Comes complete with a single axle trailer.
2610715 Feet 1964 Century Resorter$6,800 -
Current owner has had boat for almost 20 years but the boat has been stored for the last 12 years. No dry rot and the wood is all good. It will require a new carb kit, new upholstery as well as a coat of bottom paint. The guages are a beautiful multicolor design and are in excellent condition. The front deck has red and white naugahyde and has about a 3 inch tear in it. As well the transom has about a silver dollar sized defect which also needs repair. In general the interior should be done but the rest of the boat is quite good and offered at a price which is very fair given it's condition and repairs needed. These boats are only going up in value.
2683615 Feet 1965 Chris Craft Cavalier$5,000 -
This boat was blue and white originally. Offered for sale and no body wanted to buy it so I stripped it and took off the viynl deck and epoxed 1/4" mahogany plywood. The boat needs staining and varnishing but the engine has been rebuilt.
3219415 Feet 1965 Century Resorter$15,000 -
This boat was bulit for Buick's President of their V6 program. It was the only boat built in 1965 with steering on the port side. The boat was completely restored in 2013 including a new 3M5200 bottom and rebuilt engine. All parts are original with the exception of the engine block. The boat is in excellent shape.
3045915 Feet 1965 Thompson Runabout$900 -
I bought this Thompson Runabout in 1987. Garaged or used until 5 years ago. Sat covered outside. The boat now needs to be refinished. Motor ran great when last parked 5 years ago.
2857915 Feet 1966 Old Town Lightweight Canoe$3,500 -
Delivered to Pickerts Boat Barns, Falls Village, Conn. in 1966. First owned by a W. H. Harris and then sold to Dalton Griffith of McLean, Virginia. A lightweight canoe of exceptional stability. This boat has been restored to "better than new" quality. Great as a decorative piece of furniture or as a working boat.
2857415 Feet 1966 Century Resorter$10,500 -
Restored two-owner, fresh-water boat. New vinyl, engine rebuild, original hardware, new trailer. Runs great. Original documents and complete service history. Lack of storage- must sell.
2632615 Feet 1967 Glen-L$4,295 -
This classic boat has always been garaged. New paint, stereo system and back to back bucket seats. Runs and looks great. Boat has been in the family since 1967 and has been very well kept.
3653115 Feet 1969 Hustler Outboard$1,950 -
Fiberglas, red metalflake, two seater, ran excellent, tree fell on shifter handle and cracked a small part of the inside fiberglass, doesn't hurt the using of boat, easy repair, comes with original two wheel trailer.
3926015 Feet 1969 Penn Yan OutboardNo Reserve -
1969 Penn Yan fiberglass outboard. No engine, controls, or gauges....she is a blank canvas ready for some restoration work. Trailer is sold on a bill of sale only.
3750315 Feet 1969 Hustler Speed Boat Outboard$1,950 -
We used it for years. Always ran great, but neighbors tree fell and broke the shifter and top of drivers seat is dented. It need a little TLC to make it sharp again. A cool classic to restore. Its complete. Mercruiser is winterized.
3028415 Feet 1970 Old Town Trapper Canoe$2,500 -
Beautiful condition Cedar with mahogany gunwales and rub rails Hand built in 1970 in Old Town, Maine and originally shipped to Athol, Massachusetts Serial number 184957 68 pounds This exquisite, original canoe is perfect for you to enjoy while paddling your favorite lake or stream or would make a striking addition displayed in any home, restaurant or lodge. A joy to paddle either tandem or solo. Size and light weight make it easy to transport. This is the classic canoe from Old Town, the best known, high quality canoe maker. Examples this nice are rare.
2927615 Feet 1970 Pea Pod Rowing Skiff$4,500 -
This rowing skiff was built in Maine in the 1970's as a tender for a large sailboat named the Western Till. It is built strong and is riveted construction. She is in great shape and is offered complete with oars and a single axle trailer.
2826315 Feet 1971 Old Town Canoe$1,600 -
This is an unusual Trapper model in the original paint scheme needing minor touch ups and some restoration to be brought back to her former glory. There is one hole in the starboard side of the boat that has been fiberglass repaired. The build history of this canoe is interesting. The hull was started ln Oct 6, 1969 and completed the next day on Oct 7th. She sat awaiting fiberglassing on April 20, 1970She was railed on June 12th of 1970, yet did not get the final coat of varnish until April 15th of 1971. Colors on this nice Trapper are Red and Yellow and has an optional full length stemband. When finally completed she was delivered to Miller's Culver Lake Marine in Newton, NJ. Make Offer
2617715 Feet 1974 Caravelle Bow Rider$3,000 -  
Boat was stored in a garage for the past 30 years. Full canvas package is still flawless snow white. Boat has every option including 8 track. New power trim added in 2004, original seats. The entire boat is in brand new, showroom condition. Owner wishes to sell the boat soon!
2837315 Feet 1977 Old Town Trapper Canoe$3,500 -
1977 Old Town Trapper 15’ wood and canvas canoe. Original factory red and varnish finish. Delivered to my families sporting goods store The Orvis Shop of Little Rock, Arkansas in May 1978. This boat was stolen from the store and the decals and serial number information pried / sanded off. Dad actually purchased it back from the thief a few weeks later for $50.00 after seeing an ad for ‘old wood canoe’ in the local paper and it has been mine ever since. The boat comes with (uninstalled) replacement Old Town logo plate, decals, painter rings, can of factory red paint (unopened) and copy of original Old Town invoice documenting the serial number and colorful origins. The seats need new cane easy to install and available from the factory, other wise she is ready to go and bless many more summers at the lake.
2763315 Feet 1982 Reproduction St. Lawrence Skiff$1,800 -
In the early 1980's a marina in the 1000 Islands drew a mold from a St. Lawrence River Skiff which they sold in very small numbers. This particular boat has had the wood replaced that was in it and oar locks converted to the original and correct way that it was in a St. Lawrence Skiff. The marina was Schermerhorn Marina and the builder was dale Stoutinger. The boat is a fiberglass mold and has gorgeous wooden accents. It is in excellent condition and is ready for a new owner with nothing to be doen in order to prepare it for the water.
3700815 Feet 1995 Boston Whaler$5,500 -
Boat is in very good condition. It is our secondary boat, we keep it up here on the St. Lawrence River and are only able to visit 2 weeks per year so the hours are low on the engine. It is a great family boat for kids to learn on and be safe in.
2992415 Feet 1991 Glen-L Crackerbox Raceboat$12,000 -
Crackerbox for sale- P-88- G.T.- Professionally built- by Spencer Boatworks and in excellent condition quality construction- varnished decks carefully machined engine-rare 82A v-8 traditional style old school vintage flavor- Glen L hardware- chrome- s.s. 40's style coaming and dash- Stewart Warner Gauges- 24 gal. fuel cell- Twin two barrel ford 8BA carbs Edelbrock 2x2 intake and heads Direct chain coupling- thrust bearing. Pleated Naugahyde upholstery. Needs: battery, leaking exhaust elbow, bigger rudder, simple mods and tweaks to up performance. Runs well but turns poor. 20k invested. A bargain at this price.
3089115 Feet 1996 Boston Whaler Rage$3,700 -
This boat is in excellent condition and is perfect for family fun. Has swim plat form and ski tow. Has been used and enjoyed as recently as last season. This is worth seeing. Must Sell owner is moving
3096715 Feet 2005 Newfound Rangeley 15 Rowing Skiff$3,800 -
Cedar Strip built, lightweight Rangeley 15 designed by Newfound Woodworks. Beautifully built by a professional woodworker. Valued at $7,995.00.
2991515 Feet 2008 Ken Bassett Rascal Outboard$17,000 -
Rascal - designed by Ken Bassett. Cold molded construction. Decks and sides are varnished Honduras mahogany. 14 coats. Boat won awards at the 2008 and 2009 ACBS shows at St. Michaels, MD. The owner completed this boat in 2008 and it is in excellent condition.
3134315 Feet 2011 Boomslang Single Cockpit Runabout$27,000 -
This is the Single cockpit version powered by mid engine fuel injected 4 cylinder engine. With its 105 Hp Subaru engine it has stunning performance and has Subaru reliability and economy- if not to say a complete array of performance options a new owner can add. The boat is 15’ long on a new trailer which will fit into an ordinary garage. It weights only 1200 lbs and will carry a maximum 600 lbs. With its 105 Hp Subaru engine it has stunning performance and has Subaru reliability and economy. The boat features a foam-filled bow and a collision bulkhead. The mahogany planks were salvaged from the last remaining stock of the Higgins boat building company laid up to plank PT boats during WWII.
2684915 '6 Feet 1938 Chris-Craft Deluxe Utility$9,000 -
Restored, clean, wood in great condition. Requires starter hookup and new seat fabric, but that's it. Included is a trailer that was designed only for transporting the boat to and from a lake.
3697215 Feet 1963 Penn Yan Outboard$2,900 -
Second owner. Boat is mostly original. Deck, interior, floor, lap strake, and transom are all solid, and seats, windshield, steering wheel, and speedometer are all original and in excellent condition. The motor starts right up and runs well. The carburetor was rebuilt, impeller was replaced, lower unit oil was changed, and the fuel filter and fuel lines were all recently replaced.
3933015 Feet 8 inches Feet 1960 Penn Yan Baltic -
Purchased in 1992 and at that time the boat needed a lot of work. Eventually I started the repair work and steamed bent all of the ribs and replaced them one at a time. I then replaced the deck and misc. other trims with solid mahogany.
3770115 Feet 1952 Peterborough Zephyr$3,500 -
Restored Zephyr with new fibreglass blue hull. Stored inside, comes with boat cover, bumpers, cushions, fire extinquisher and various spare parts. Restored 1952 Zephyr serial number 2925, with a 25hp 1955 Johnson Sea Horse electric start along with original fuel tank. Very good condition. Included 2 year old marine battery, 2 year old EZLoader trailer with tongue break, blue and grey cover, seat pads and cushions, blue bumpers, depth finder and fire extinguisher. Original nav lights, steering wheel and throttle quadrant. Newly fibre glassed hull along with recently finished upper cedar top. Runs and starts like new. Not using enough and I am looking for a new project
2739615' Feet 1950's Chestnut Doe Canoe$1,750 -
Antique canvas covered wood canoe. It has just been restored with new canvas, paint, varnish, brass stem bands, and oak gunwales.
3649915 Feet 1955 Lyman Outboard$1,500 -
This Lyman boat has been owned by me since 1966. It was in the water 10 years ago and I bought a pontoon boat. I do not think that any planks need replacing. Paint dos need to be applied to the lower area. The boat looks good but does need painting. It does not need any varnish on the decks in my opinion. I always squirt oil in the engine and give it some pulls to ensure that it does not seize. Always stored inside in winter. Great little Lyman ready for some restoration work.......nice winter project. Comes with 2 5-gallon gas tanks
3171715' Feet 1955 Century Palomino$17,500 -
Stunning restoration of an iconic Century....absolutely no detail overlooked!! Instant show winner for the new owner.
3648215 Feet 1956 Glass CraftLuxury Line Outboard$4,500 -
2 year completed restoration. Gloss black topsides, double cockpit, mahogany deck and stern. One of the early conversions from wood to fiberglass hull.
2911815' Feet 1956 Lyman$ 3,000 full package -
This Lyman is 60% finished and all of the hard stuff is done. New transom, exterior finished and beautiful, bad wood all replaced and new wood is cut to go back in the boat. Only three owners of this boat since new. Build sheet and certification available. Hull #43348 delivered to Medina, NY in June 1956. Once owned by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Jack Derlinger holder of many Canadian racing records in the 60's and 70's. New oak gunnels and mahogany transom. Everything available to complete the restoration. Trailer can be bought with with boat for an extra $600. Eighteen miles on the trailer. Excellent documentation available. Wonderful small project boat.
3586315 Feet 1957 Dura-Craft Outboard$5,800 -
Very rare Dura-Craft totally restored and ready to fly!!! Brand new interior used twice, trailer with new lights, tires, bearings & winch, also new battery & bilge pump. She starts right up and runs perfect! Equipped with new fire extinguisher. She comes fully Coast Guard equipped!! Comes with extra tune up kit and manual for motor.
3028515' Feet 1958 Crestliner Jetstreak$12,500 -