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Search Results: Between $5,000 and $10,000. 246 boats were found that matched your search.
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  IDBoat DescriptionPrice (USD)Picture
318441927 Chrysler EM 100hp Engine$7,500
Chrysler Model EM 6 cylinder 100 HP removed from a 1927 Chris Craft Cadet hull # 1211. Spins freely, needs manifold, otherwise complete.
365551957 Chrysler Crown 135hp Engine$6,600
This twin carburetor Chrysler Crown engine was originally in a 1947 Chris Craft Sportsman. The engine was removed as the owner opted for another engine and chose to have this engine sent out to well known engine builder George Shinn. It has been completely rebuilt and carefully detailed and has zero hours on the engine since it was completed. It is now ready for install into your boat and would be well suited for a 20-23 Foot vessel of your choosing and would serve it well with about a 30-35MPH performance.
365371950 Chrysler Engine 135HP$6,000 
This is a Chrysler 135 HP engine. It was originally in a 22 Foot Chris Craft Sportsman but would also fit into a comparable Gar Wood. The engine was rebuilt by George Shin ( well known vintage engine rebuilder) and it has sat for many years unused. It is ready to go complete and is ready for viewing at our Clayton , New York Showroom. Shipping can also be arranged easily to anywhere in the country.
31301 Feet 1964 Chrysler M-80 Engine$10,000
This 1964 Chrysler 177 HP M-80 engine is ready and waiting for a full rebuild and can be fitted up and painted for install into a Riva or boat of your choice. The price includes full rebuild, appropriate stickers, correct repainting and delivery anywhere in the Eastern part of the country.
30288 Feet 1969 Ford Engine 265 HP$5,250
For Sale 390/427 marine engine reverse rotation 390 pieces: block, pistons rings bearings heads, and intake 427 pieces: crank, cam, and rods Cam specs: 258 degrees duration .476” lift and 112 degrees overlap 10.5:1 pistons Cast iron oil pan with cooler Electric water pump drive Mallory distributor with petronix ignition and Accel coil Holley 750 carb electric coke and vacuum secondaries Nicson Aluminum timing cover, exhaust manifolds, and bell housing. Rebuilt starter ccw rotation The engine is fresh with 30 minutes of break in at 2200 rpm with 11 quarts of Brad Penn break in oil. Engine runs great and will fit in various boats.
3649814 Feet 1993 Sarnia Wooden Boats Sailboat$5,400
This is a 1993 White Hull Sprit Rigged Sail Boat with Oars and oar locks. She has a drop keel. She was built for Tom Richards of Port Lambton. Just revarnished, painted bilge, boot stripe and bottom paint Sail made by Boston sail. Comes with trailer.
36518Lozier 3HP Engine$6,500
A very rare Lozier engine last run in 2000 and stored away properly. Great piece for any collection.
36521Lozier 5 HP Engine$7,500
A very rare 5 HP Lozier Engine with all of the markings and name plate confirming as such. A great piece for your launch or collection.
3657110 Feet 1940's Algonquin Indian$7,500
Brought from Manitoba in the 1940's this Birch Bark Canoe. This canoe appears to be have been made using all of the traditional methods. It has been in the same Family since the 1940's and used sparingly ( perhaps) 3-4 times and suspended in the ceiling of their garage for the rest of the time. This boat would make a great piece for any collection.
3184310 Feet 1996 Herreshoff Life Boat Dinghy$8,500
This model is the perfect copy of the famous ''Columbia life boat dinghy'' designed by Nathanael Greene HERRESHOFF in Bristol R.I. (USA)0n 1906. Gaëtan PILON is the well known marine carpenter in St. Antoine sur Richelieu in Québec province. This boat is built with Ash, White Oak, and Mahogany. Included: oars, bronze rowlocks and support (if the boat is used like a decorative thing). The is the only one he built and it is an excellent representation of an original. Very good stability on sea or lakes. Perfect condition.
3164712 Feet 1954 Paceship Outboard$5,500
This boat and a 14 ft boat was stored since new until my friend and I purchased them in 1997. The building they were in had settled so the doors wouldn't open so the boats were forgotten about. I have had it in the water a few times.
3647212 Feet Janz C-Class Outboard Hydroplane$5,400
A traditional "shovel nose" outboard hydroplane. This little beauty was built in the Mid-west by the well known Janz Company....powered by a fully rebuilt Mercury 30H engine, restored by outboard specialist Jim Hauer. Deck is covered in Ceconite, a special aircraft material.
3651312' 6" Feet 1951 Hallet Inboard Hydroplane$8,300
1951 Hallet 48 Hydroplane. This Vintage race boat is absolutely beautiful. It is professionally restored and rebuilt with a deck-off restoration. True 3-point hydroplane. It has a 100 HP modified Crosley with big throat Stromberg 97 carb. Motor has very low hours since rebuilt. The boat sits on an original restored trailer. The boat has natural Mahogany decks and runs on alcohol. History, documents and photos also come with it. This amazing vintage hydroplane is turn-key and is ready for the APBA vintage circuit.
3156713 Feet 1915 Canadian Canoe Company$5,500
The Canadian Canoe Company was one of the many small Canadian Builders which were absorbed in the early 1900's to become the Peterborough Canoe Company. The ribs on this 13 foot canoe are all perfect and intact. It should be refreshed with a coat of varnish to make it really snap, but it is in excellent condition overall. We have not seen another example like it! Would make a wonderful display piece.
2680013 Feet 1956 Aristo Craft Seaflash$7,900
Boat and trailer rebuilt in 2004. The boat is all ready to go and capable of 100 horse motor. The boat is in excellent shape and has new decks and upholstery. The dash is also new. Using the new rack and pinion steering. the hull is yellow and the deck is mahogany. No windshield although the owner has the original windshield brackets.
2906813 Feet 1958 Tomahawk Outboard$8,000
This Tomahawk is in perfect condition and has been nicely restored. The engine as well has been restored and is in very nice looking shape. It was once used for fishing and is adorable.
3052513 Feet 1961 Boston Whaler Outboard$6,500
1961 Boston Whaler for sale: Sport 13 foot runabout. Comes with 1961 Johnson 18 h.p. electric start. Battery, controls, amd depth finder. New custom trailer. All restored to new condition. $6,500.00 for complete outfit.
3121813 Feet 1962 Vanguard Kildonan$6,000
Restored inside out with new paint, floor and fiberglass, foam in floor, wiring, lights, steering system, stereo, seats, cushions, battery, ski pole, removable twin tanks, bilge pump, mahogany installed on boat, polyurethane finished.
3214413 Feet 1987 Checkmate Playmate GT$7,900
This is a 2 seat sports car on the water. a limited edition model Checkmate Playmate, hard to find. Beautifully restored and in turn key condition, fully equipped and ready to go.
3588313' Feet 1973 Boston Whaler$5,800 
Very nice and clean Whaler.....fully loaded with VHF radio, compass, fishfinder, 2 fuel tanks & boarding ladder.
3088413' 4 Feet 1953 Penn Yan Captivator$7,500
Completely restored in 2004, and used only 8 hours/year since 2004. Always garaged and covered. Bimini Top and custom canvas cushions. Electric Start. Sweet little boat! Motivated seller, All offers considered.
2562714 Feet 1940 Wagemaker Wolverine$6,000
Beautiful Wagemaker Wolverine outboard utility. Many brass plated acessories (oarlocks, cleats, trim, etc...). Boat is in excellent condition with exceptional varnish. Antique Johnson outboard included, new outboard available for $1200.
3057214 Feet 1947 Niagara Falls Bicycle Company Cedar Strip Outboard$6,995
Complete package boat, trailer, motor, ORIGINAL CONDITION and ready to enjoy...same family 60+ years, only one of 3 known survivors of 100 produced. Jackets with 1949 stamps, oars, tools, engine stand, bail pail...trapped in time and all original super condition. Lindseed oiled every year. Center steering with left side throttle control, cedar covered bow...wood has that shinny classic look still on bow.
3220014 Feet 1950 Peterborough Cedar Strip Outboard$5,500
A classic Canadian 14 ft Peterborough cedar strip and mahogany runabout professionally restored with varnished hull and fiberglass bottom (restoration history available). All period decals have been replaced, all chrome replated including 2 piece windscreen, in perfect condition. Seats 4+ and comes with classic OMC controls plus steering. Powered by a 1967 Evinrude 18hp with electric start and OMC gas tank of the era. Boat has been stored indoors but comes with custom made tarp. On a nice EZ Loader galvanized trailer with spare tire and new wiring harness. Boat looks great and runs even better.
3065414 Feet 1950's Peterborough Handy Boy$6,000
Peterborough Handy Boy. 14 feet long with a beam of 5 feet. Nice lake boat for a few passengers. Cedar strip planking is in good shape, partially varnished. One floor board needs some attention.
3179814 Feet 1953 Penn Yan Challenger$6,650
A true survivor boat. This boat has been lightly used and only had basic maintenance since new. Nothing is rotted or broken and no repairs have been made. Perfect size for a garage restore or an addition to a collection.
2998514 Feet 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo$7,800
This is a very collectible 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo. It is in good original condition with some repairs made over the years. Equipped with all original hardware. Johnson Sea Horse 35hp, custom cover, and good Shore N' Landr trailer.
3042014 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine Outboard$6,000
Beautifully restored mahogany ski boat in excellent condition. Towed skiers last weekend. Electric choke 40 hp Evinrude runs perfectly after recent tuneup. New bimini top. Bronze prop like new plus spare. Boat runs 29 mph (gps speed) and carries 12 gallons of fuel. Fits easily in any garage. Trailer has new hardware, bunks, coupler, and maintenance free LED lights. Ready for the water.
3060314 Feet 1957 Peterborough Canadian Canoe$8,000
1957 Peterborough Runanbout meticulously restored with new trailer and Marine cover and Honda 4 stroke motor that has minimally been used. I have been told by the Peterborough Canoe Museum it should be in a museum but they only accept canoes. $8000.00 firm This lovely 14 foot cedar strip and oak frame runabout has been completely stripped, sanded and refinished with 6-8 coats of high quality marine varnish. The optional engine is a four stroke, 2000 Honda with approximately 50 hours of running time. Beautiful new custom-made upholstery. The price includes a brand new mooring cover and single axle trailer. The Dart has not been in the water since its complete overhaul and has been meticulously stored.
2952614 Feet 1957 Yellow Jacket Cruisette$5,500
Rare model of Yellow Jacket boats produced in limited quantities. Boat is in nearly original condition with no wood rot holes.
2610114 Feet 1958 Crestliner Aluminum Outboard$5,500
Very very clean boat, purchased from original owner. Runs very well, very low hours on boat and engine. All original, paint very nice. Includes original trailer, which is a tilt launch unit. Email for more information and photographs to
3649214 Feet 1959 Adirondack Outboard Runabout$6,000
1959 Adirondack wooden boat. Fully restored in 2006. Boat has not been in the water since restoration. Powered by a 35hp Mercury 35A outboard. New battery. 2006 Loadrite trailer in excellent condition. Nice package - just needs a new owner!
3120814 Feet 1968 Alpex / Alumacraft Alora$7,500
It is a 1968, 14 foot Alpex Alora (by Alumacraft). She is completely original including the 33hp Evinrude, Ski Twin. I found her in a barn in North Dakota, where she had been sitting for nearly 25 years. I have the original convertible top as well, but it is the only thing the mice seemed to like... I did paint and update the trailer, but it is the original trailer.
2764514 Feet 1972 Lund$10,000 
I inherited this boat. Not sure of all the info.
3668914 Feet 1992 Hoffman SST 45 Tunnel Hull Raceboat$7,900
Perfect SST45 rig for the hobbyist or someone looking to get into SST45 racing! This Hoffman hull was built in Norfolk, VA and is known to be a competitive design. Nice shape, recent cosmetics and rigging. Evinrude SST45 factory racing engine runs well. Enclosed cockpit and collapsible sponson tips.
2847214 Feet 2002 Geisler Outboard$5,600
This beatiful boat features a low maintenance fiberglass bottom up to the splash rails. She is equipped with a 35hp Johnson outboard, 2 fuel tanks, a new battery, cover, and a trailer. This boat is priced to sell. The decks have been re-done.
3166014 Feet 2007 Wherry Sail Boat$6,850
This is a sailing model with 2 rowing positions. Custom Shaw & Tenney oars, Glued 9 plank lapstrake hull with West Epoxy System. Honduran mahogany rub rails, rowing seats, mast thwart, horseshoe rear seat, Deks Olje #2 finish on mahogany. Douglas fir mast and sprit pole, kick-up rudder. There is 20Lbs of lead ballast in the keel. Boat is currently stored in a boat shed with sunbrella cover.
2996714 Feet 2010 Beaver Bark Canoes$6,800
This traditional hand made birch bark canoe was built by the seller in the summer of 2010. Nails and split spruce roots are the fasteners, hand-split northern white was carved with the crooked knife to produce the stempieces, ribs, and planking. Detailed winter-bark etchings scraped into the birch bark, decorate the bark panels below the gunwale.The seams and ends of the canoe still need to be sealed with the traditional pine pitch which will render the canoe water-tight.
3656714 Feet 1956 Wagemaker Wolverine Outboard$8,600
A real classic lakes or bay boat, outboard runabout, increasing in value, ideal tender to a large vessel or used alone, seats 5 persons on 3 bench seats, 100% fully restored, unused, always stored inside, excellent condition, watertight cold- mold hull, newly varnished inside and out, light weight (3-person lift) w/bow and stern handles, Wolverine burgee, w/staff, electric horn, bow and stern lights, fresh bottom paint, 25hp outboard Johnson, w/steering wheel, tank and roadworthy trailer included.
3116215 Feet 1953 Yellow Jacket Outboard$9,500
This is a wooden boat that has been restored. History of company includes being owned partially by Roy Rogers. This boat is in great shape. All gauges work, carpeted and has an OR capacity.
3103015 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Cavalier$10,000
This is a true complete original numbers matching Chris Craft Cavalier.
3644715 Feet 1956 Lyman Runabout$7,500
Complete restoration done 2005-2009 boat won best lyman of show at Sunnyland Show. Runs great, nothing needs to be done to this boat.
2872615 Feet 1957 MFG Cambridge Model $5,800
This boat was made by a molded fiberglass company in Ashtabula, Ohio. The actual brand is unknown, but the serial tag dates the boat at 1958. Beautifully restored in 2002.
3185515 Feet 1957 Slickcraft Runabout$6,500
This 1957 Slickcraft Boat and engine was restored a few years ago and used at shows here in Florida. It was usually run at each show. Molded plywood and does not leak, have pics of restoration and info on original owner. It is powered by a matching 1957 Johnson Javelin. Owner may also consider "interesting trades".
3645915 Feet 1957 Century Palomino$9,000
This is a well kept piece of history. SOLID mahogany woodwork, no rot anywhere. Recently received 8 coats of marine varnish. Interior is perfect. All chrome parts are intact. Most are perfect, some could use rechroming. Currently has good running 1978 85hp Evinrude. Engine has new starter, hoses, impeller, plugs and fresh rebuild on carbs. Comes with 2 6gal tanks, cover and trailer.
2988415 Feet 1957 Wolverine Invader$7,500
All original Wolverine Invader with original Johnson and Gator trailer. Good finish, chrome, windshield, upholstery. Very close to show quality...but a wonderful daily user boat. No rot or wear & tear evident and a very sweet running outfit. Great small lake boat, motor and trailer. Road ready...100% original Wagemaker.
3017515 Feet 1957 Delta Outboard$6,900
The boat is a in very nice shape, not perfect, but very nice. Runs strong and looks good. New owner will be very proud to own this classic.
2846715 Feet 1957 Bryant Outboard$8,500
Rare one of a kind finned wood/fiberglass runabout. Wood hull, two piece fiberglass top. Built in Seattle Washington by(well known Evinrude distributer at that time). Not to be confused with the modern day Bryant boats this is truly a beautiful and original classic. Should probably be in a museum for all to appreciate!!! We believe the Little dude trailer was also manufactured in 1957 out of Fortworth Texas. Sadly offering for sale by a motivated seller and drastically reduced from $27,000.00.
2908815 Feet 1957 Lakefield Mohawk$7,500
This is a beautiful little Lakefield...all original and very complete. The engine is also in great shape and has been used every summer of it's life. The bottom of the Lakefield has been glassed over and still leaks a little. All wood on this boat is in good shape and everything about this boat is ready to go. What a terrific little lake boat...a Canadian built classic outboard.
3198416 Feet 1959 MFG Outboard$7,995
This boat has been refurbished from bow to stern , Re-done Items: rub rail , new windshield , all chrome , modern cable steering , modern throttle and gear selector , seats , stainless steel seat back supports , floor , new automatic bilge pump , 2-6 gallon refurbished gas tanks , new battery and battery box , spray rails , deck and gunwales sanded between each of 13 coats of Epiphanes Marine varnish , 1997 Johnson 40 HP with 1 season on rebuilt upper and lower . The original Tee Nee trailer has been sandblasted , primered and painted , new electrics , wheels , tires , wheel bearings and safety chains - this trailer came with this boat when new Motivated Seller All offers Considered..
2539615 Feet 1968 White Hall Sailing Skiff$6,600
Included are a brand new small jib and main sail. Also includes oars. Excellent wood and finish. Made in Sarnia of red cedar.
3586315 Feet 1957 Dura-Craft Outboard$5,800
Very rare Dura-Craft totally restored and ready to fly!!! Brand new interior used twice, trailer with new lights, tires, bearings & winch, also new battery & bilge pump. She starts right up and runs perfect! Equipped with new fire extinguisher. She comes fully Coast Guard equipped!! Comes with extra tune up kit and manual for motor.
3169315' Feet 1961 Peterborough Tempest Outboard$8,500
Rare Find! Peterborough Tempest mahogany boat in factory condition! Obviously stored inside and covered her entire live!
3594815 Feet 1989 Boston Whaler$7,500
Very rare Whaler Mischief in red....only 139 ever built!! All factory original! Very safe & fun boat...great for the kids! Stock built in SS boarding ladder...very cool!
2867815' 10 Feet pre 1900 Theodore Hanmer Guideboat$5,750
This is a very original Adirondack Guideboat built by Theodore Hanmer, estimated to be of early 1900's vintage. Oars included, and seats (not original)
3162515' 5 Feet 2011 Cruisette Mini Cruiser$7,500
The mini cruiser is capable of filling many needs. Built in berths for camping or overnight cruising, cockpit space for fishing and the ability to be a ski boat as well. This boat is brand new and ready for your outboard motor. With this boats beam it is very stable for many of your needs. The boat was constructed by a real craftsman who worked on boats as well as built airplanes. Great multi use mini cruiser that will still fit in your garage.
3062415.5 Feet 1956 Sears Roebuck Kit Boat$5,500
My father built the boat in 1956 with the help of his dad. My brother and I grew up water skiing behind it. The boat had a 25 hp Elgin when first built, but we out grew it and my dad bought the 50 hp Chrysler to help us to water ski as we got heavier and older. The boat performed remarkably throughout the years. It,s a great boat!
3215916 Feet Rushton Long Laker Guide Boat$10,000
This rare Rushton Long Laker Guide Boat has been in one family for many years. The Rushton has been used sparingly in the Southern Adirondacks and on rare trips to a lake in Canada. It has its original seat rails and yoke rail. There is also one original seat frame which would need to be recanted. The middle and other rear seat are not original buy also require caning. Hull has been fiberglassed. The label is a copper shield signifying its history as a Rushton.
2806516 Feet 1800's Adirondack Guideboat$5,500
Unknown builder of this boat that is estimated to be in the mid 1800's. A very typical Adirondack Guide Boat of that period with a straight stem and gently sheer. This is a boat that has very little known about it...but is obvious to have had a long and storied history in Northern New York.
2863016 Feet 1900 Theodore Hamner Adirondack Guideboat$7,500
This is an original Theodore Hamner Adirondack guideboat. It has always been kept up, and has been recently restored. Complete and ready to row.
3147016 Feet 1910-1920 Malecite River Canoe$8,500
This rare Birch Bark Canoe was made by native Indians of the St. Lawrence River region. It has been offered out of a collector with an extensive Adirondack collection. The canoe is in good overall condition given its age and will make a welcome addition to any collection.
3217916 Feet 1920 Adirondack Guide Boat$6,500
This Adirondack Guide boat has been in the same family since it was built in the 1920's. It is in exceptionally good condition and has been carefully stored for decades. Varnish is very good throughout with no issues. It is ready to be used or kept as a gorgeous display piece.
3138916 Feet 1920's Robertson Courting Canoe$5,900
Antique Wood/Canvas Luxury Courting canoe from the 20's-30's. Four foot book matched mahogany decks. Mahogany trim. Flat white yacht enamel. Professional pin striping and pair of geese flying together.
3656416 Feet 1930 George Lawley and Sons Yacht Tender $10,000
This wooden launch was built in the 1930's and was designed by Charles Wells and built by George Lawley. She was originally a yacht tender to be rowed. In c.1950 she was modified with a deck and a 4 cylinder Palmer gas engine. In 2006 resoration of the deck and refinishing took place in Vinalhaven, Maine. In 2009 she was put in dry storage. The vessel is currently owned by a not for profit who are seeking a new Captain for the boat with all proceeds going to support their organizations efforts.
3607716 Feet 1930's Adirondack Guide Boat$8,500
A very original and well preserved Adirondack Guide Boat. This boat came off of a Great Camp on Lake Placid in the heart of the Adirondacks and is still in the same Family today. It has since been moved to Minnesota where it was stored indoors and carefully preserved with little to no use. It has the original oars and oar locks along with a cover.
2817016 Feet 1933 Dodge Model 301 Utility$10,000
This is the only 1933 Model 301 Dodge utility that exists in the world. This boat has won several top awards, including the Tahoe Concours and the ACBS International Boat Show award. Restoration by Dodge Boat Owners Association President, Dave Triano. The boat comes with full leather-bound documentation of the restoration, the original Dodge Boat Company advertisement, the original Lycoming engine manual, four custom canvas boat bags, handwoven cotton fenders & lines and a custom fitted canvas show cover. This is a beautiful one of a kind Dodge boat. A great addition to any serious collectors boathouse.
2868616 Feet 1935 Dodge Model 101$10,000
This is a rare 16' Dodge Model 101, hull # 132 with original Dodge engine. This varnished model was only produced in 1935 and 36. Engine has new Babbitt and bearings, still needs oil pump installed. Boat is in very good condition, not run since restoration.
3180316 Feet 1936 Chris Craft Double Cockpit Forward$6,000
Selling my 1936 16 ft. Chris Craft Double Cockpit Forward that is in the middle of restoration. Divorce. All work has been done correctly to original specs with proper leveling, silicone bronze screws and bolts, steam bending, 5200 between all joints, and Smiths clear penetrating epoxy. The boat is a rare early 1936 model. Here's what I have done: -All new white oak frames -New steam bent stern, rails, keel -New bow gripe -Replaced 6 ribs. -All parts shown have been re-chromed. -New bow light, plastic lens, not re-chromed. -Instrument panel needs to be restored. -2 Chris Craft "B" engines. Main engine is older than 1955 w/ conventional bearing, 2nd engine is a Babbitt bearing engine, can be used for parts. -There are two heads & three manifolds. I have: -1 gallon of correct Mahogany color RepcoLitee Floor Enamal bilge paint. -ALL silicone bronze screws for the new bottom planking plus 7 boxes of misc. silicone bronze bolts & screws. -Includes steam bender.
2868016 Feet 1940's Jos. Dingle Boat Works Fishing Boat$10,000
This is a rare lapstrake fishing boat made by the Dingle Boatworks in St Paul, MN. 15' in length with oars and a fully remote controlled Yamaha eight horse engine. Family owned all of its life.
3174216 Feet 1946-1948 Century Resorter$8,999
Purchased as a project boat from original family in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 2006. Engine has been rebuilt, bottom and transom rebuilt and restored, new top deck, new gas tank, new glass, all original chrome hardware. This project boat has everything necessary to be completed by an ambitious restorer!
2680316 Feet 1950 Mason Double Ended Duck Boat$6,600
This is a fully restored 1950 Mason duck boat. It is very heavily built- fir planks on oak frames, with oak stems. Bottom has been fiberglassed w/West system. 2 rowing stations, 2 new mahogany seats, custom wooden cover, 2 manageable oars. A historical duck boat that is also a great coastal fishing boat. Can make custom outboard mount for a 3-5hp motor. No trailer, but it is car-toppable.
2993316 Feet 1955 Peterborough Aqua Flyer$6,500
1955-1956 Peterborough Cedar Strip Aqua Flyer with original 25 Evinrude Big Twin engine. Boat was completely rebuilt in 2006. Asking $6500 or best offer
3587916 Feet 1955 Century Resorter$6,995
1955 Century Resorter, 16' long, 6 cyl Gray Marine, (Hercules engine),110Hp, new spark plugs wires, rotor and distributor cap installed, (starts right up). Motor ran great last summer, now motor is winterized. All original, more than 30 years one owner. Recently lost boat house. Mahogany hull, strong bottom, red vinyl interior with white striping, original chrome bow light remote operated from dash board, boat had recently replaced some of the red vinyl interior, also some coats of varnish were applied to the outside. All parts like rubber and trims and other accessories in good shape. Chromed parts are all there and shine, instruments all complete and in nice original condition. Can be towed on trailer with little effort to the tow vehicle. Original factory boat shipping cradle from 1955 included.
3058516 Feet 1956 Peterborough Lakeside$9,995
1956 Peterborough 16 feet LOA, boat was completely restored in 1999 and has been kept indoors ever since. Has all new ribs, cut down sheer 3 inches, new deck configuration with single cockpit, new mahogany transom, and white leather interior. All but the planking is new, even the stem. Hull was treated with CPES and west system with 3oz cloth. Has wet-look gloss black sides, varnished mahogany decks. Boat rides fantastic. Full custom cover for boat & motor included. More pictures available of the restoration upon request.
2649416 Feet 1956 Borum Outboard$8,000
This 1956 Borum Outboard in in excellent condition. It has always been well cared for. Included is the original Gator single axle trailer.
2599516 Feet 1957 Century Resorter$9,500
This was a popular model with Century and has been well maintained over the years. This is a very nice user boat with Hull Id# 78 and has been fresh water used on a lake all of it's life.
3054616 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Invader$6,850
A very unusual collectible Wagemaker Invader. This 1957 boat is 15' long, very original, wonderful upholstery, windshield and good chrome. Decks and interior varnish has been refreshed over original finish. The original 1957 Johnson Lark 35hp engine is mounted on the boat with excellent paint, decals and plastic logo's. Runs fine. Also included is the original 1957 Gator trailer that came with the package. Original sales brochure with owners name and address. Not in the water since 1995.
3005816 Feet 1958 Shepherd Outboard$7,500
Shepherd Runabout for sale, with Suzuki 75 hp outboard and a trailer. This boat is mahogany plank and rebuilt in 2009, boat cover needs replacing. Boat, trailer and motor in fine working condition. Great to look at and great to use - quick and agile -- just too small to suit us any longer.
2964216 Feet 1959 Canadian Canoe Company Commodore$6,500
Originally bought Sturgeon Point - served as a runabout on Georgian Bay. Boat then completely refinished early 1970's occasional re-varnish since then - stored indoors with occasional outings - in lovely condition. New rewiring 2010. We have names of all previous owners. Original motor has been rebuilt and is in great running condition. Hull #8303.
3078316 Feet 1960 Century Resorter$6,500
This is a great little Century Resorter that came out of the water running before it was put in storage. She has been on the racks for a few seasons now and is ready for some minor TLC before going back in the water. Interior was replaced a few years ago and will show well with cleanup. This is a very stylish Resorter that will run great and show well with a little bit of elbow grease..
3099016 Feet 1960 Peterborough Outboard$6,000
1960 Peterborough cedar strip outboard. Decent overall shape with some ribs needing replacement. Comes with a newer 30hp Yamaha outboard and a good single axle trailer.
3036316 Feet 1961 Century Corsair$9,500
2860616 Feet 1961 Sport Craft Ski King$8,000
This 1961 Sport Craft Ski King outboard has been restored to excellent condition. The engine runs great and is started regularly. It is a lake boat from Chicago with the original custom trailer. All made in Perry Florida. Used in fresh water. Current owner purchased this boat 1 year ago for boat show display.
2945216 Feet 1962 Chris Craft Outboard Cabin Cruiser$8,500
Unique, customized Chris Craft cabin cruiser. Built by a Chris Craft employee from a "kit", and the length was customized. The trailer was custom built for the boat. All wood construction with fiberglass over the hull. 40Hp Mercury outboard with "Thunderbolt" ignition. Cabin will sleep two. Bow hatch, collapsable seats. Six gallon auxilliary fuel tank. Boat has been stored inside, since it was purchased in 1968 and used regularly for almost 40 years. Excellent condition, no dry rot, runs well.
3089216 Feet 1963 Richardson Cedar Strip Skiff$6,500
This lovely Cedar Strip Canoe was built by the Richardson Aqua Craft out of Lakefield, Ontario in 1963. This canoe was purchased from a summer camp in Canada in 1988 and fully restored. It was restored again this past winter in 2011 and shows very well today as it sits.
2954616 Feet 1967 Correct Craft Mustang$9,000
This is a Classic Ski Boat, mid engine. With center post for ski rope connect Has new upholstery and top end of engine was rebuilt. Owned by one family for 42 years and always used in fresh water. Garage kept, Fiberglass hull is in very good shape & looks almost new.
2783116 Feet 1967 Donzi Sweet 16$9,000
This is one of the great original configured Sweet Sixteen's. It is the model that all other Donzi's followed. This is a classic boat that is in wonderful condition. Always garaged when on land and well cared for all it's life. Own a piece of history with this great little Sweet Sixteen. 1967 Donzi Sweet Sixteen, this boat has been in Central Florida all it's life. The hull is solid and original with a 302 ford motor and a volvo outdrive. The upholstery and Tonneau cover are in perfect shape. The boat is turn-key. More photos available at
3074916 Feet 1972 Century Resorter$6,000
Boat is as close to original as you can get! It has been in the same family for decades but has not been used in the last 6 years. She has always been garage kept. Needs some work, including a water pump.
3623016 Feet 1973 Century Resorter$10,000
I'm selling this boat for my grandfather who needs the money for some home projects. It's a 1973 Century Resorter with a Chrysler Marine 250 V8. The boat only has 426 hours on it and it runs great. Mechanically, it's been regularly maintained (oil changes, thermostat, etc) and it needs nothing. The interior/exterior is in very good condition overall and everything is in working order. The canvas cover looks nice and the trailer has recently had it's wheel bearings serviced as well as the wiring for the brake lights.
3113416 Feet 1975 Century Ski Fury$5,995
Muskoka Ontario boathouse kept boat its whole life. All original interior and totally restored mechanically with rebuilt original motor, trans,carb,new gas tank,water pumps(2),hoses,tune up parts, and trailer with new wheels and tires, lights, etc. Interior is original and shows some wear but totally useable and looks good. Original front and rear flag poles. Has full custom made canvas cover that fits great. New carpet. Floors and stringers are like new. Ready to tow anywhere and put in the water and run. Runs very well and is a blast to drive. Will pull as many skiers as you want and great for wakeboarding. Has factory ski tow bar in front of engine box.
3169716 Feet 1979 Baltimore Day Sailer Replica$8,500
Beautiful replica of an 1800's hull built in 1979. Theak hull and deck, new laminated mast in 1995, Mario Tarabocchia yacht designer, brass spars made in France, two new headsails on furler, very easy to sail, always very well maintained road trailer included.
3100816 Feet 1979 Glastron Carlson CVX16$9,900
This classic Glastron Carlson is in outstanding original condition and has been well preserved. The gold metalflake sparkles in the sunshine and turns a lot of heads. Interior is upholstered in luscious tan Naugahyde. She is stylish from bow to stern! Complete with original Glastron trailer..don't miss out on a very collectible boat!
3156816 Feet 1980 Algonquin Birchbark Canoe$10,000
This Algonquin Indian Native Birchbark Canoe is made by a renowned canoe builder Rick Nash. He has been featured in a coffee table book called "The Canoe" and has a lengthy waiting list. This canoe is only 30 years old but looks much older as it was made using all of the traditional construction methods. The boat was made using birchbark, bear fat, cattail pollen and spruce root to ensure a dry fitting canoe. It is constructed out of hand hewn spruce and red cedar which is all hand hewn with decorative lashing. It has the most distinctive Algonquin Indian shape and is easily recognizable as an Algonquin by it's sheerline.
3051416 Feet 1997 Giesler French River Super Outboard$6,800
16' French River Special Super varnished cedar strip outboard. Built by Gielser & Sons in Powassan, Ontario. Comes with bimini top, mooring cover, cockpit cover. Equipped with all of the bells and whistles right from the factory! Built in the old tradition, Giesler has been building boats since the 1920's.
2607016 Feet 2003 Berkshire Wooden Boat Rowboat$9,500
An exact copy of the famous Smith-Grainger rowboat used on Lake George, NY. A perfect cross between an Adirondack guideboat and a WhiteHall pulling boat.More than 300 hours go into building this handsome 16' boat, built by traditional methods. The stems, frames, keel and transom knee are of white oak, and the planking of Western red cedar. Bronze and copper fasteners are used throughout. The frames are 9/16" x 1/2", spaced 5 ½” apart at centers. The planking is 1/4” thick, copper riveted to frames.
2945116 Feet pre 1929 Peterborough Rowing Skiff$7,500
This is a stunning example of Peterborough's fine Canadian craftsmanship. This is a gorgeous varnished grade Peterborough boat made of cedar strip with copper nails. It is a pre-1929 boat, exact date unknown. Very solid condition - Restoration was done 6 years ago and the boat still looks fresh and beautiful - 50 new oak ribs, bench seats, floor boards and a few small sections of plank replaced. All the rest is original including the removable seat backs. Recent new varnish. This boat is light, strong and a pleasure to row or show.
3211116 Feet 1947 Peterborough Canoe$5,600
I have owned this gem for 30 years. It was an antique when I bought it in 1984. Rarely saw the water. Although always in good condition it was fully restored in Winter of 2012 by Dave Lanthier (Kamloops). It is a showcase piece an deserves a good home.
3653816 ft Feet 1963 Thompson Sea Coaster Deluxe$10,000
An excellent family boat that is fun and reliable. Layout of the boat is great, with plenty of seats to comfortably accommodate 5 people, as well as enough room to stand and cast a few fishing lines. Boat is in great condition; previous owner took very good care of it and obviously stored it indoors. It is a completely original boat with no structural damage/rot and no signs of rodent damage. It has been completely refinished. It comes complete with all accessories including Thompson camper top, original Mercury motor, original curtains and upholstery, and Gator trailer. It fires up right away and does not leak.
3151116' Feet 1900's Rushton Skiff$9,900
Fully restored and re-canvased guideboat (guide boat). Originally from the Adirondack Great Hotel: Wood's Inn in Inlet NY, 16' w/ oars. dark blue, light blue interior
3171516' Feet 1946 Peterborough Lakefield Canoe$5,700
This historic handmade Peterborough is in fantastic near-mint original condition. This is not a restoration. The bow thwart has a placement for a sail rig if so desired, although I never had the sailing rig myself. As is fairly typical, there are no seats and likely there never were any. It's unusual to find these in this great of condition outside museums. Generally, these have considerable salt rot and other serious damage. This one's clean, watertight, & requires no work. It's ready to enjoy. Stem#: 1427 2534. Previously owned by a fellow collector. Stored in climate controlled indoor environment. Appraised & Insured at $6,000.
3210216'-0'' Feet between 1887/1938 the brown boat co. (Lakefield on.)$5,200 
much more infos. available from the seller.
2860516'6 Feet 1950 Canadian Nymph Outboat$6,500
This 1950's Canadian Nymph has beenbeautifully restored. Needs finishing touches- all orginal parts available. New trailer included. Ready for a motor and a lake!
2875916'6 Feet 1963 Riviera Outboard$5,500
This classic Riviera was restored in 2008. New seat brackets and wiring, Rhino coated floor for durability. The current engine is a 1963 75 HP Johnson Sea Horse. The original motor also comes with the boat (Mercury). The motors also come with extra props.
2890716'6 Feet 1972 Century Resorter$7,500
Repainted red hull, needs little upholstery work on seat backs. Turn key boat with Correct Craft trailer.
3134416'7 Feet 1957 Thompson Sea Lancer$8,999
Masterfully restored wooden lapstrake boat. Restored to original configuration. Proper "lemonade yellow" hull paint color. Twin 1957 Johnson 35 HP outboard motors. Boat is registered and titled in MN.
3207316'8" Feet 1956 Del Craft Outboard$6,000
Del Craft, made by Industrial Shipping Co. Fully restored, excellent condition. Epitome of 1950's outboard styling!
3016716.5 Feet 1962 Chris Craft Cavalier$8,600
This 1962 Chris Craft Cavalier has had the same owner for 33 years in the fresh waters of the St. Lawrence River. ! It has a Ford Interceptor 292 Cubic Inch engine with 185 HP and was completely rebuilt. Only 600 original hours are on the boat. All chrome re-done, seats, carpet and new vinyl on the decks. The boat pulls 5 adult men on skis at one time. The boat performs perfectly. This boat has been kept original throughout it's life and stored on a lift in summer and stored indoors in winter. The trailer is a 1983 Custom built trailer in excellent condition.
2911616.5 Feet 1964 Hydroswift Runabout$7,000
This is my restoration project that is still unfinished, but about 80 percent. I bought her from the original owner in Michigan who had had her for all his life and gave it to me in pretty good shape, just needed the TLC to get her water ready again. Every connection was unplugged electrically and was to me assumed long term winterized. I got her tuned up and back in the water this past summer. Carb rebuilt, new seats, new carpet, outdrive still needs some more attention but was working for 3 times out this summer, note picture in water. I want to keep her but I just have to much going on right now and I know someone out there is looking for one of these very very rare boats. I'm passing her on.
2946516.5 Feet 1966 Grady White Pamlico Capri$8,000
When we purchase boat in September 2002, it hadn't been in the water for 12 years. Couple had it professionally painted, took it out once after on Rushford Lake, and got a divorce. She stored it for 12 years, that's when we bought it. We have taken the boat to Oak Orchard, Lake Erie, Oneida Lake, Erie Canal all in NY, also to Pleasant View Lake in OH. We haven't used the boat since summer of 2006.
3035616.5 Feet 1975 Correct Craft Ski boat$7,500
The owner reports that this Correct Craft is an excellent runner! The 307 225hp Chevy engine runs well and pushes the boat to 50mph. She handles excellent as well. 1120 hours total.
3650516 Feet 2000 Sailing Canoe built by Antique Boat Museum$10,000
Decked sliding seat sailing canoe constructed in 1999/2000 at The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY. The boat was built to the lines of an original c. 1910 16-30 canoe named “Tomahawk” in the collection of the Museum. Measuring 16’ in length by 30” beam, it is equipped with a sheet brass centerboard, sheet brass rudder and soldered brass crosshead tiller gear. It has two masts and booms made from glued-up Sitka spruce, to which are lashed two synthetic sails made by Douglas Fowler, sailmaker, of Ithaca, NY. The hull is constructed from batten-seam northern white cedar planking on steam-bent elm frames, fastened with copper clench nails and brass screws. Modern screw-in waterproof inspection ports are covered by non-functional sheet brass caps. The mahogany decks feature a deck cap made from Butternut. The bridge on which the sliding seat rides is also made of mahogany. The spruce masts are housed in soldered brass tubes with turned brass trim rings mounted on the deck caps.
2989917 Feet 1870's Adirondack Guideboat$7,500
Builder possibly F.W Rice, Saranac Lake as per Dr. Stephen Sulavik. Needs restoration work but is straight and ready for someone looking for a project.
2911017 Feet 1897 Robertson-Arnold Canoe$5,500
2563017 Feet 1901 Rushton Florida Skiff$7,000
This boat was owned by the famous governor of Pennsylvania, the Welsh American Dr. Arthur James (1930's). This boat has cane seats, 2 sets of original oars, brass trim. It has been re-varnished to better than new condition. It is a multiple show winner and is probably one of the most beautiful Rushton's around.
2650117 Feet 1930 Peterborough Gull Skiff$8,000
This is a cedar rowing skiff bearing the serial number #5136115. It has no rot and every piece of wood is original. It has the original oar locks with spoon blade oars and was always kept indoors. It has a double rowing station and double scarf joint. Boat has a wine glass stern and a raked transom along with half round ash ribs. The actual year is unknown but it is beleived to be between 1925 and 1935. This boat was purchased as part of a property acquisition and came with it 5 years ago and the owner is now ready to sell the boat. This boat has a survey conducted by the late Jonathan Watson attesting to it's overall impressive condition. This is believed to be a Gull model which is a very rare and beauctiful model with excellent lines.
3670817 Feet 1935-36 Dodge Model 103 Runabout$7,500
I've has this boat since 1992. I bought it with the idea of restoring it when I retired. I never got around to retiring until last fall and no time to do it. The previous owner was told that it was a 1931 Chris-Craft. However, the hardware that came with it looks like Dodge. I couldn't find any ID # on the engine stringers or the hull. It appears to be a 1935-36 Dodge 103 with double cockpits. The previous owner had Bath Marine Museum do quite a lot of work on it. The engine came out of the 1936 parts boat and was rebuilt by Banks Machine in Belfast, ME. The engine never been run. The parts boat is included in the price. Note: steering is on the left of the boat and is on the right of the parts boat.
3014817 Feet 1940 Peterborough Speedster$9,000
The history of the Peterborough Boat Company and the fine Canadian Craftsmanship that they created oozes out of this terrific looking 17 foot Peterborough Speedster. This boat just just come through a full, complete and exhaustive restoration with all details being addressed so that it is complete and correct. The boat is gorgeous and is offered with a trailer which will pull it nicely.
2776317 Feet 1947 Correct Craft Runabout$7,000
A once popular model of boat the Correct Craft's were well known in California being towed to lakes. This is a survivor which was used up until recently. Has an upgraded Corvette engine and trailer. All ready to go
3199117 Feet 1949 Higgins Runabout$7,900
1949 Higgins, all original trim, gauges, windshield, spotlight, siren in good working order. No cracked glass. Engine stars right up and runs strong. Small area of plywood separating inside by engine. As far as I know boat is in original condition.
3220117 Feet 1952 Muskoka Lakecraft Canoe Co.$7,000
Built in Bracebridge in 1952 by the Muskoka Lakecraft Canoe Company as competition to the popular Peterborough. This 52 year old beauty has spent the last few years enjoying the inland lakes of Northwestern Ontario. Stored indoors in winter and covered from the sun when not in use. Engine runs well and has electric start. It comes with a custom made canvas cover and custom made trailer.
2956317 Feet 1953 Chris Craft Special Runabout$9,500
This boat has been stored inside for last 38 years except for an exclusive outing in 2005.
3005217 Feet 1955 Greavette Utility$9,000
Current owner has had this boat for nearly 30 years. The bottom was removed and the stingers & frames were replaced. Original planking was reused. Transom and aft deck were replaced, original forward decks. New gunwales. Upholstery needs to be done and the boat needs a hefty cosmetic restoration. She bears hull #1 from 1955. A total of 16 were built in that year, only a handful are left today! Original Buchanan engine was rebuilt with NOS parts. Boat has all of its original hardware!
2724217 Feet 1957 Penn Yan Sealiner$8,800
Completely restored. Includes depth finder, horn, spotlight, gas tanks, Oars, Canvas Top, life jackets/cushions, anchor. Motor has been completely rebuilt. Very good condition. Last time in water was Summer 2006.
3653217 Feet 1959 Penn Yan Baltic Outboard$7,650
1959 Penn Yan lapstrake Baltic with trailer, updated motor, steering and seating. Clean original condition and runs great
3071217 Feet 1960 Century Ski Dart$6,500
Complete restoration of a gorgeous original boat. All wood throughout is in excellent condition. It was last on the water 15 years ago and has been stored indoor by the same owner ever since. The engine and all mechanics work perfect today as they did 15 years ago. All wood is original and solid because of such little use over the years. All electrical is original and in great working order. Last service was 15 years ago when it went in storage and the gas was drained at that time. This spring, I put some new gas in the tank and some antifreeze in the water pump suction hose and it started right up and sounds great. Don't miss your opportunity to own this classic.
3122017 Feet 1960 Flare Runabout Outboard$7,500
Complete restoration in 2012. New wires, gauges, floor, stringers, non-skid, vinyl, Sony stereo and 4 speakers, steering, stainless, 24 gal aluminum fuel tank with deck fill. 3 grab bars, 4 blue LEDs (2 forward, 1 aft, 1 underwater). Engine recently serviced and runs excellent. Fun runabout boat.
2724317 Feet 1963 Cayuga Outboard$9,500
Boat has been completely restored. Fully equipped for water skiing. Constructed of teak and cedar. Includes life preservers, fire extinguisher, anchor, depth finder, convertible top, oar, 2 gas tanks. Motor was fully rebuilt in 2006. Last time in water was summer of 2006. Ready to go!!
2926717 Feet 1967 Boston Whaler Montauk$9,500
Excellent condition, well maintained boat. Used daily, upgraded center console, upgraded fuel system all else original. EZ Loader trailer with buddies.
3170317 Feet 1967 Century Resorter$9,000
All original boat, engine, and interior Engine has low hours. 2nd owner boat. Bottom boards were removed 10 years ago and all bad framework was replaced at that time. Bad bottom boards were also replaced at that time. Comes on a nice single axle aluminum trailer.
3053617 Feet 1968 Slickcraft SS 170V$6,500
Current owner has had this boat 3 years ago and underwent a complete restoration. Many pictures are available of the restoration but the boat is great and needs nothing. It is offered with a Mercury 70 HP oil injected motor.
2664717 Feet 1971 Century Mark II$8,500
Great for the classic fiberglass enthusiast. Photos updated April '08.
3147617 Feet 1971 Century Mark 2$8,000
I bought the boat two years ago from a gentleman who had the boat stored for over 20 years. He had bought it from the original owner in 1976. The boat is in excellent condition. Always garaged, and in very original condition. It was well maintained under my control and I replaced the fuel tank, lines, fuel pump, exhaust and rebuilt the 4 barrel cater carburetor and water pump. It now has new gauges and carpet. It runs well and shifts smoothly. I am now looking to sell the boat so that I can purchase a bigger boat for my family.
3123517 Feet 1974 Correct Craft Mustang 17$7,995
Custom Teak Removable Swim platform, New Front Seat, Fresh Water Only, Includes Trailer, Engine Professionally Maintained, Stereo w/ 4 Speakers, Includes some ski and wakeboard accessories and rope
3116917 Feet 1978 Correct Craft Ski Tique$8,500
This boat has been reconditioned and is ready to pull barefoot skiers. New vinyl, new carpet, new starter, JBL stereo, teak swim platform and ski pole.
2921317 '3 Feet 1963 OMC Deluxe Outboard$10,000
Last run in 2006, started restoring top and interior upholstery. Has Johnson inboard and outdrive. Currently in usable condition, needs a prop. The top unhooks from the windshield and folds back under the like rumble set in the back of the boat.
3128817' Feet 1955 Thompson Offshore$6,000
Great little Outboard, just needing outside paint and deck varnish and she is ready to go!!! Super quiet motor! New full canvas top, side curtains and rear slant drop. The cushions are in excellent condition.
3163717' Feet 1975 Century Sabre$5,400
Very original Century Ski boat with teak swim step and very low hours!!
3157617'6 Feet 1963 Higgins Magnum$10,000
Re-upholstered seats; restored and in good working condition; shifting lever and foot pedal; boat trailer included
3172217'9 Feet 1910 Shipyard Launch$9,000
The Amelia was built in the Bay of Quinte area, in 1910. Cedar launch with beautiful lines, side steer, water cooled, 1 cylinder Fairbanks Morse Marine engine. Restored in the 1970's. Seats 5. Includes a custom trailer and canopy roof frame. Gas tank is a reproduction and wiring and water hoses are from the restoration.
3649117.2 Feet 1959 Glen L Custom Outboard$5,400
This boat is a one of a kind. Built by my grandfather and father. Based off of a special boat Glen L. Witt designed especially for Popular Mechanics in 1957. My father stated the boat is boat is made out of 7-ply 3/8” marine plywood with fiberglass over it, except for the deck that is mahogany. They customized the boat to add more seating, storage and even custom cup holders! Tons of storage under seats, cubby holes in the front seats. Below deck easily lifts up for even more storage. Used as a family boat for skiing, knee boarding, fishing and cruising, hence, the depth finder (included) and ski rack. Boat has always been in dry storage. The hours are not accurate. Beautiful boat with lots of TLC over the years, but does need some attention as shown in photos. It was last in the water 3-4 years ago with no problems. It was just started up and started just fine. More photos available upon request. (personal items life jackets, skis etc. not included)
2621017.6 Feet 1947 Ventnor Utility Deluxe$7,500
This boat was bought by the original owner in 1947 and was used by the original owner this past summer. After many years of enjoyment he is now ready to sell the boat as he can no longer keep up with the boat. The boat is fresh water cooled with a heat exchanger for use in salt water. The boat is in good running condition. It has the original Stewart Warner dash and has a fiberglass bottom. Interior is also in good shape. white with red trim.
2887418 Feet 1920's Jackson Boat Works St Lawrence Skiff$10,000
This is the only Jackson skiff that we have ever had to sell. Jackson was an Ogdensburg, NY builder that built several skiffs of this length. It is unusual in it's decorative style, opposing color woods in the gunwale and decks and delightful ceiling boards the full length of the boat. Twin decorative oar locks with two sets of matched Shaw & Tenney oars. All hardware is brass and complete. Brass name plate indicates; Jackson Boat Works, builder, Ogdensburg, N.Y. This is a well built excellent two person skiff in great shape that was recently restored by the owner who is no longer boating due to age.
2721918 Feet 1934 Old Town OTCA$8,500
This is a 1934 Old Town canoe . It is in beautiful condition. This canoe was docked inside under cover most of its life. Looks brand new for being 73 years old. Also, I have a copy of original bill of sale. $8500.00
2693518 Feet 1939 Port Carling Sea Bird$6,800
This Port Carling Sea Bird is completely original. It has been kept in a boathouse in the water. It is powered by a Buchanan Midget 4 cylinder engine, which was running up until 2005. Needs some tlc.
3004018 Feet 1940 St Lawrence Skiff$9,000
This antique wooden St. Lawrence Skiff belonged to a family that used the boat in the in the 1000 Islands area during the 1940's. The boat has been beautifully restored and is now in showroom condition. She is ready for use in the water or would make an excellent showpiece.
2847118 Feet 1946 Midland Boat Works Sea Jeep$8,000
This Kermath Sea Jeep was built by Midland Boat Works in 1946. She features the original 4 cylinder walk around engine. Comes with a manual and complete service history. Recent mechanical overhaul and runs great. Features beautiful mahogany decks. The boat has a great history as it was bought by a gentleman who built the first distillery in Canada. Previously restored and in good condition.
2994218 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Sportsman U-18$5,500
This project boat has many new planks and has been refastened in most areas. She has a sound and very tight hull that is simply awaiting completion. All hardware, seats, and floorboards are there. The boat is being sold due to a lack of time.
3611318 Feet 1949 Experimental Raceboat$7,500
This boat was designed and produced by the late inventor Phillip C. Christianson, the son of a Wisconsin lumber baron. Originally built with an Continental 125hp airplane engine and propeller it was like nothing else of its day. The boat hull has been preserved intact, short of the original engine/drive train. We are still gathering information on this one of a kind boat and will ad as we get it. The boat was featured in the 1948 Milwaukee boat show being pulled behind a new Buick.
3017718 Feet 1950 Airboat$10,000
This boat belonged to the current owner's father and it has always been kept indoors. It was custom built in Florida around 1950 and was brought up to Seeley's Bay, ON for the owner's personal use. The hull is aluminum and it is trimmed and outfitted in mahogany. It has not been used for approximately 35-40 years. Powered by a 4cylinder Lycoming engine. Very unique piece!! More photos available.
2684218 Feet 1951 Andress Launch$7,500
Only two of these boats ever made from Andress Boat Co. of Rockport, Ontario. Refinished and ready for the water i have it in the water 8 times, still soaking up but doing very well. Runs very good. dont use much gas. Have extra parts for the boat. very rare boatwont see another one like it . very good condition. 7 coats of varnish on the decks 4 coats of paint on the sides and 4 coats on the bottom willing to trade for a pontoon boat.
3156218 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Sea Skiff$7,900
Great Sea Skiff....ready for fishing or a day out on the water with the family....very safe and stable boat reasonably priced.
2604018 Feet 1957 Skee-Craft Runabout$7,500
Hull is lapstrake construction. Deck and seats are all mahogany. All hardware except the stern light is original. Volvo Penta engine and outdrive are original and runs excellent. The boat is sound and seaworthy. It is a show winner and has always been operated in fresh water and stored inside. It was manufactured in Intercourse Pennsylvania and is extremely rare. Could possibly be the only one left.
3119618 Feet 1961 Sea Maid Sea Snapper$8,000
I have searched everywhere and can't find a boat in existence that is like this model I restored the boat and upgraded the motor to the 85 hp mercury a 1961 mercury 50 hp came on the boat originally. We currently use the boat when we get time I believe this boat would be great for a collector to own
3073118 Feet 1963 Greavette Sunflash$5,999
1963 Greavette Sunflash. Mahogany plank deck, Mahogany ply hull. 18 ft, 4 cylinder Mercruiser 120hp inboard/outboard. Stored the last 15 years. Partly restored. Includes original manual and shows all original vin numbers. Engine starts and run but has had ice damage and needs repairs. All electric and hydraulic work. All trim complete. Includes trailer.
2886818 Feet 1964 Century Resorter$5,500
This is a project that has stalled out. The wood work is mostly done with exception of the vinyl decks that need to be re-installed. The upholstery is currently being re-done. but is not complete. The hull is down to wood and needs sanding and refinishing. It is structurally sound with no rot. It has been stored indoors so all remains intact. It sits on a nice trailer and is ready to be towed away.
3111418 Feet 1965 Chris Craft Super Sport$9,000
Boat was purchased in MI in 2010 and brought back to NY where it was preserved. New stain, varnish, paint, 95% of hardware re-chromed, engine work to get it up and running again. Boat is all original except for the upholstery which will need some work. We have Hull ID Cards and upholstery diagrams from the Chris Craft Maritime Museum.
2942318 Feet 1967 Chris Craft Corsair$7,500
This is one of the most sought after early fiberglass Chris Craft's...the Corsair was produced for several years and served as a family boat, a ski boat and a general go-getter. A great sea boat this would be great for an island commuter. Able to handle a big load without complaining this is a wonderful "all-purpose" boat. Fairly new Imron paint on the boat with new corner trim. Trailer is sufficient for storage and launch-retrevial use. Convertible top with sides.
3640418 Feet 1997 Giesler Cedar Strip Outboard$7,500
Beautiful cedar strip side console outboard with dual gas tanks, depth finder...fiber glassed bottom, no soak-up required!
2594418 Feet Mid 1970's Appledor Pod by Martin Marine$10,000
Mid 70's mahogany pea pod , tongue and grove. Two man skull applications. Converts to sail. Well maintained / perfect condition. bought in 1970's for $5,000.
3669218 Feet 1975 Hugo's Boat Shop Outboard Runabout$7,900
Custom built by Hugo’s Boat Shop, Mille Lacs Lakes, MN in 1975 for the head of the Illinois Dept. of Conservation, originally titled as IL 1. The boat is approx. 18’long, 74” beam, made of western cedar and white oak with ribs one inch apart; it was clearly made to handle big water. Like most restoration stories, I found the boat in a barn outside of Oshkosh, WI in August of 2007. The previous owner located it for sale on a roadside nine years prior. He had intentions of restoring it but never found the time. He provided me with the boat’s history, entire chain of title, pictures of the boat as it was being built by Hugo Gross, his wife Janet, and many other details. The original design of the boat was a guide launch with tiller steering. Due to the condition I acquired it in it seemed better suited to be restored as a runabout. I added a glass windshield from a vintage Chris Craft, mahogany seats, reinforced transom, bilge pump, running lights, console and steering wheel.
2546718'6 Feet 1963 Greavette Skipjack$10,000
Boat in Ontario, Owner in Michigan. Lapstrake runabout designed as utility boat had extra mahogany deck and inside trim added when built. Six cyl. engine replaced with more powerful V8 in early '70s. Beautiful boat runs strong, needs some minor hull work. Much of hull rebuilt in 1993.
3134818 Feet 1962 Thompson Sea Lancer Deluxe$5,400
Very good shape , this boat has been to Mackinaw Island, Lake Huron. This boat can seat 4 or 3. Three is the folded bench in back, the boat has the full Bimini cover as well as the winter cover. Boat has been in water and run summer of 2012, all gears work and motor run great. Motor comes with a extra brass prop, swim latter, bilge pump. Boat comes with original trailer double axle, Pamco trailer.
2751618.5 Feet 1964 Cruisers Inc Outboard$7,500
Very good condition, but needs some TLC. VHF radio, depth finder, compass, spot light, canvas top, built in gas tank and gauge, vinyl seats, tachometer, speedometer, electric motor lift, plenty of storage. Have run mostly on the Mississippi River with some lake enjoyment.
3076019 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Holiday$10,000
Here's a real nice Holiday at a very reasonable price. Boat was used last summer and runs very well. Owner is open to all offers.
3133619 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Holiday$9,500
This is a 1950 19 foot Chris Craft Holiday. These units were built between 1951 and 1953 and there were only 384 units built. This boat is a fresh water boat all of it's life and has a Chris Craft "M" engine.
3647019 Feet 1954 Century Resorter$6,500
This Resorter is a 2 owner boat. The current custodian is the son of the 2nd owner and has too many projects in front of the boat and wants it to go to someone who will bring her back to it's original beauty. Interior is in great shape however the wood needs to be stripped and refinished. Owner states that there is no rot in the boat. The boat is retains all it's original hardware and engine.
2726919 Feet 1958 Century Raven$7,000
Boat was restored in 1999. Restoration included a new transom, new decks, new bench seat, and engine box. Original bottom and windshield. Has been repowered by late 1980's Crusader 270hp engine.
2949719 Feet 1961 Century Resorter$7,500
This is a great 1961 Resorter and is representative of some of the best 1960’s styling attributes. She was repowered with a 327 Crusader producing 250hp. The bottom was stripped re-caulked and re-painted in 2007. The owner has had this boat since 1988. Fresh upholstrey work was done in 2010. The boat only needs some minor cosmetic work. The bottom will soak up quickly and will fire right up and go. This is a sharp boat and a real head turner!
2909019 Feet 1962 Mason Utility$10,000
Fully restored to 95%. Restoration included new ribs, new transom, and new upholstery. Engine has also been rebuilt. Comes on a recently painted tandem axle trailer.
3644519 Feet 1963 Century$7,800
This western Square Bow 19' Century Resorter is sanded and ready for finish. All chrome has been re-plated The motor is totally fresh along with the Velvet Drive Transmission and ready to re-install. This boat retains it's original sliding top
2962719 Feet 1964 Greavette Sunflash$9,995
This is a great Canadian-built Greavette Sunflash. The 160's Mercruiser engine has been rebuilt, has a new impeller, and an upgraded cooling system. The entire boat has been redone and is in nice shape. Custom sunbrella travel cover, convertible top. Interior is in great shape. This boat is ready to go and is a fine example. New price - December 2010!!
3625119 Feet 1971 Slick Craft SS-195$9,500
Clean early fiberglass runabout. Very sporty design. The boat is in exceptionally clean condition, interior is like new, new custom eagle trailer comes with the boat. This boat has to be seen to really be appreciated.
3147219 Feet 1975 Century Arabian$9,999
I've owned the boat for the last 14-years. Many hours of fun. Great boat. Very fast, waterline exhaust, new interior. Turns heads everywhere I take it. Great for wakeboarding, or just cruising.
2902119 Feet 1977 Reinell Fiberglass Runabout$9,000
In perfect condition! Always stored inside, and unused for 8 years of its' life. Comes with 3 tarps, storage tarp, custom made travel/mooring tarp as well as complete driving tarp set with zip in windows. Custom made swim platform. This boat is all original, with the exception of the swim platform and stereo. We have the original ladder and new spare lenses for the rear of the boat. Should you choose to add it to your private collection. No rips or tears in the material, no mould or mildew anywhere. We have decided to sell our baby.
2809219 Feet 1981 Master Craft Ski Boat$7,900 
This is a fine example of the original Busch Gardens ski boat. It is in good conditiona and has had the engine rebuilt 4 years ago with very low hours since that time. The engine now runs strong. The boat does need to be cleaned and detailed. The uphlostery should also be redone but otherwise the boat is ready to go.
3038819 Feet 1984 Century Arabian$6,900
Overall clean boat, engine and drive just gone through by a Certified MerCruiser Dealership. Gel is very clean. interior and chrome need some TLC. Comes on a nice trailer and is a bargain at the price. Will consider offers.
3151519' Feet 1987 Sea Ray Pachanga$6,900
Great little Pachanga with new sunpad and rear seat upholstery and new belts on engine.....also brand new Sony Marine stereo. These are high quality built boats!
2584720 Feet 1920's St. Lawrence 2 Man Skiff$6,500
This original St. Lawrence Skiff has been completely restored and comes complete with 2 sets of Cherry Oars. This is a beautiful Guideboat with decorative and ornate oar locks which enhance it's appeal. This is are boat in wonderful condition with a great history and connection to the St. Lawrence River.
2912020 Feet 1953 or 1954 Chris Craft Sportsman$10,000
This is a very nice Chris Craft 20 foot Sportsman which is in need of a total restoration. All hardware is present with the boat. The boat is in full need of an interior replacement but is in pretty good shape but has a hole in the forward section from the boat hitting a dock. Gauges are present and in good shape. This is a great project and a couple of engines are also available that could possibly fit into this boat for someone looking to purchase a complete unit. The price reflects the fact that there is no trailer.
2954220 Feet 1955 Lyman Utility$5,500
This is an opportunity to get into a great family boat. Perfect size boat for a nice ride and easy of trailering. The boat has been in storage for several years and needs a restoration. No Rot just needs cosmetic wood and interior work. Comes with a trailer.
3013220 Feet 1956 Century Coronado$7,000
Solid boat that needs restoration. Have the complete top with front section. Boat is complete with all Hardware. Missing one rub rail.
2991720 Feet 1964 Cruiser's Inc. Utility$7,200
This boat has been garage kept most of its life only outside when in use. Everything seems to be in good shape. The motor has not been run in a few years, but it was winterized before storage. The bottom has been repainted and the exterior wood was stripped and revarnished. Current owner purchased it with the intention of using it, but the boat did not make it to the water after the refinish. Most of this boat is original - 2 owner boat. The first owner did a lot of upkeep to it. He also had a custom top made for it with screens and plastic windows.
3195621 Feet 1920 Rowing Scull$6,900
This boat has been hand stripped and varnished with epiphanes varnish. It has a set of Ted Shea sculls as they are 10' long. The fore and aft decks were originally covered with canvas. The oar locks are made by Kern. This boat can be used or proudly displayed. It is truly a fine piece of maritime history.
3200421 Feet 1955 Century Coronado$9,000
This entire boat package is a steal for all it is and what it includes. The trailer and cover alone cost at least $1500. Owner is motivated to sell. The boat has low hours, has been meticulously maintained, Clean inside and out, and and is in great condition. Fiberglass exterior. All this Gypsy needs is a battery, gas, a lucky owner, and she is ready to purr. Includes a very nice Waterline Cover and nice Dual Axle Trailer in good condition Engine: Chrysler V-8 200 HP Includes very rare options such as console shifter and console throttle (see pics) Comes with both bow and stern poles Colors: 1950 style, Dark blue exterior and beautiful turquoise blue interior
3622621 Feet 1969 Skiff Craft$7,500
This Skiff Craft was said to be used at the 1969 Detroit Boat Show and therefor was made a bit smaller for ease of transport. After the show the boat was bought and is now in the possession of the original owners son. The owners dealt in water craft and other sports vehicles so this boat was well maintained. It has been stored indoors for the past 14 years and is ready for a new captain. It is complete with the factory tandem axle trailer, full canvas with Izenglass.
3180521 Feet 1972 Greavette Runabout$8,500
This 1972 Lapstrake Greavette Runabout is powered by a very reliable Mercruiser 165HP engine. It has been in one family since new and used in the Georgian Bay area. This model offers lots of room with plenty of room for entertaining or for water sports.
2889921 Feet 1987 Searay Monaco$7,500
1987 Sea-Ray Monaco 21' Cuddy cabin. 350 Mercrusier. Camper canvas, mooring cover. E-Z Loader trailer. Boat is in excellent condition- always used in fresh water. Eagle Fishmark 640 color sonar.
3608921 Feet 1992 Larry Gillen, Tinder Craft St Lawrence Skiff$9,000
21' 10 inch Saint Lawrence River Skiff reproduction (Katherine shown at Museum, Clayton NY). Built approximately 1992 by Larry Gillen of Tinder Craft, Independence, MO. It has been "dry sailed" and transported with a special sling trailer annually. Bronze fittings. Displaces about 280 # empty. Also included: sail, sweeps, and other accoutrements, covers, beach launcher, trailer and dolly. Workmanship award 1994.
2600621 Feet circa 1920 E. Messum & Sons$8,000
*Built in Richmond, England between 1900 and 1930 and shipped to Argentina for the British Rowing Clubs in Buenos Aires *Lapstrake construction of mahogany, with oars of cedar or Brazilian pine *Approximately 21 ft. long and 3 ft. wide *All skiffs are fitted with: sliding seat, backrest, rudder, oars and lines, and exquisite finishing touches such as brass rivets. Many of the boats have the original fine metal plaques, indicating place of origin. *$8,000 fully equipped, FOB South Dartmouth, Massachusetts *Interested parties are welcome to inspect on site
3663321 Feet 1966 Lyman Runabout$7,500
Survey done in 2003 when bought. Owner is selling because of health condition. Replaced decks with mahogany for cosmetic look. Stored inside. Will need bottom paint. Included is 1966 Fulton trailer.
2761122 Feet 1923 C.M.Lane Lifeboat Company$5,500
1923 CM Lane 22 ft Lifeboat, galvanized steel hull, very good condition for it's age, Oshkosh Super 4 Marine flathead gas engine, starts right up and sounds good, heavy homemade trailer with really bad tires, amateur paint, this boat putted around Lake Fond du Lac Wisconsin for years, CM Lane of Brooklyn, New York made the lifeboats for the Titanic. This was just professionally appraised at $6,000, it is extremely rare.
2593622 Feet 1948 Hutchins Open Utility$8,500
This is neat boat especially with the demand for dry, roomy comfortable utilities. This boat has a folding top along with new upholstery (burgundy) but requires some work to rise above it's current user boat look.
3594422 Feet 1948 Chris Craft Sportsman U-22$8,000
This boat was bought new by the present owners grandfather in 1948. It has been in the same family and boathouse since then. It was used every year by the last three generations on the St. Lawrence River. A new OMC engine was installed around 20 years ago. It was last in the water in 2010. Although it was well maintained over the years it is now in need of a new owner who will keep it for the second half of its life.
3202322 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Sportsman U-22$7,500
$7500 As is in current condition. Restoration services may also be arranged by the owner and his crew of expert restorers. This 1951 Chris Craft Sportsman Utility Gray pattern boat will be beautiful once restored. It comes with complete original hardware, MBL Hercules 6 cylinder motor, 158 HP. It needs a complete restoration. A great project boat for the Woody's at heart. Offered for sale by a show-quality restoration shop - sold as-is, or they would love to finish the boat for you. Serviceable trailer also included.
3055922 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Sportsman U-22$9,900
Complete with all hardware and interior. Varnished hull. Easy restoration.
3063722 Feet 1953 Shepherd Utility$6,500
1953 Shepperd Utility pattern boat (no engine. Includes original reupholstered seats with seat frames, steering wheel & gear, stainless steel fuel tank, reupholstered engine cover, rudder, drive shaft. Also comes with dual axle trailer. All sold together.
3200622 Feet 1954 Chris Craft U-22$8,500
This Chris Craft U22 is one of the most sought after utilities, going up in value. It comes with complete original hardware, and is awaiting a proud owner and a restorer to bring it back to life. A great project boat for the Woody's at heart. Offered for sale by a show-quality restoration shop - they would love to restore it for you! Hull #U-22-2053. Originally sent to Ithica, NY in 1954.
3035422 Feet 1966 Century Raven$9,000
Pretty, classic Century cuddy. This is a solid, running user boat. Engine rebuilt by the previous owner in the '90s. We have kept her fresh and updated with new decks, flooring, paint, varnish, etc. Mechanical work completed as needed by a professional marine mechanic. She still turns heads!
2970022 Feet 1969 Burkhold Utility I/O$8,500
This boat was built by a group of builders from Grew boatworks and closely resembles a Grew. It is one of only two known to exist. Double planked mahogany, built to look like a lapstrake, very unique. It is used regularly and runs great. There are a few cosmetic items that need to be addressed, but it is in good shape otherwise. Everything works and it is very reliable. Surprisingly good on fuel. Excellent family day boat.
3029722 Feet 1973 Century Coronado Hardtop$7,500
This boat is in user condition. Floors and stringers are solid. Interior needs to be redone. Overall good solid boat. Comes with original factory Hardtop.
2808222'9 Feet 1972 Chris Craft XK-22$8,000
This boat is in solid useable condition with the original transom, gelcoat, and floor, etc. Note the engine is an updated 1977 Chev 350, not the original 1972 Chev 350. We can deliver this to the Canadian border.
3006923 Feet 1954-1956 Chris Craft Sea Skiff$10,000
Fair condition, needs a little work on the hull. Was restored in 2003 to great condition and then left outside on trailer for 6 months. Last run/in the water in 2004.
3169923 Feet 1977 Chris Craft Lancer$8,400
This Chris Craft Lancer has a 24 degree deep V bottom and is one of the softest riding boats on the market as it is easy to plane and very well designed. Very collectable classic inboard Chris Craft....originally from Lake George. Complete valve job 2010...excellent compression. New shaft, strut & prop. Also new starter & battery. Very reliable and awesome River boat!!
2947623 Feet 1984 Chris Craft Scorpion Model 211$5,900
This 1986 Scorpion 220 Cuddy is in nice shape and is ready to be enjoyed this season. 90's Shoremaster trailer with new rollers. Boat has downriggers, cover and some extras.
3671223 Feet 1958 Owens Flagship Day Cruiser$7,900
We recently purchased a boat house and could not purchase it without the boat. While it is a beautiful boat, we need the room for our two others. This boat has had some beautiful work done and is surely close to being perfect for the next owner. It runs great and has been meticulously maintained by the previous owner. We hope to find a good new home for her.
3154824 Feet 1937 Keystone Sedan$10,000
Great stable boat for fishing or commuting to the island camp with the hard top protecting from bad weather and thrifty to operate. Boat has been in the water every year of its 76 years!
3031424 Feet 1947 Greavette Sheerliner$10,000
This is a 1947 Greavette Sheerliner which is in need of a full restoration. The boat has been in storage for almost 30 years and is now out of the "barn" and ready to be rejuvenated. It has NO motor and NO trailer but does have all of the hardware and windshield and components needed to bring it back to its original lustre. Very few of these boats exist today and even fewer which are in their original condition and unmolested.
3650424 Feet 1968 Thompson$9,500
1968 Thompson wooden boat bought new in 1968. Still owned by the original owner. Has logged under 400 hours as verified by the Hobbs meter. Powered by a 225 horsepower Mercruiser V-8. Complete with galley, ice box, stove, water tank and pump and enclosed bunk. Fitted with a removable canvas top. Complete with trailer, its original paperwork and records of service and maintenance.
2872724 Feet 1973 Sea Ray Runabout$5,800
New short block installed in 1990's with very low hours. recently replaced canvas that includes camper back, mooring cove, and normal top. new seats etc-2000,new gas tank-2001, new boot,out drive and lower unit-2003, new paint-2003, new batteries-2005. All receipts akep and this boat was used always in the 1000 islands and has always been stored indoors in both the summer and the winter.
3088824 Feet 1973 Crestliner$6,000
A big water boat made with comfort in mind. In need of some cosmetic attention but, all-in-all, a sturdy island commuter or fishing boat. Port engine needs a reverse cable. Equipped with new canvas top, a swim platform, and older model fish finder.
3146125 Feet 1956 Old Town War Canoe$5,500
While Old Town was a prolific canoe builder the most desired, sought after and rare are the famous War Canoe. These hard to find canoe were used mainly at boys and girls camps. Finding one in this excellent condition is indeed rare as it has been fully restored and would make an terrific to any collection.
2656125 Feet 1965 Chris Craft Cavalier$9,000
In very good condition generally. Head functions, but the head area needs some TLC. Hull & topsides in good condition. In the water every season including in & around Nantucket Sound in 2005.
3647526 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Sedan Cruiser$7,500
This boat has a lot of history, it has a 283 Cadillac Crusader engine, 1 of 17 sets with turnbuckle trim tabs that were made by Bennett. 12-volt fridge that works, vessel is in overall good shape and used almost every week. Runs well and is a lot of fun! Gets lots of looks.
3584626 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser$6,900
This 26 Foot Chris Craft Cruiser has Twin screws, a small galley with ice box, a couch that converts to twin bunk beds, kitchen table and bench seats that convert to another bed. Head, port-a-potty and lots of storage in the V-berth. run in the St. Lawrence River and both engines run strong.
3603226 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Sea Skiff $7,999
It is a great wooden boat! We bought it in 2010 to take up the Rideau for our honeymoon. It has a beautiful wooden interior with a galley, ice box, kitchen sink, and cabinets, a bench/couch which converts into bunk beds, a kitchen table with seating for four which converts into another bigger bed, a v-berth storage area, closets, and a separate head with a port-a-poddy and sink. The interior and exterior wood is in great shape. The hull and some of the painted surfaces do need a light sanding and a new paint job. The vinyl on all the seating was recently replaced and is in great shape as is the Captain's seat, wooden wheel and control panel. The deck has plenty of open air to sit out and enjoy beautiful sunny days. The original wooden swimming ladder is in great shape. It is not a fast cruiser, but both engines run well. We've enjoyed our time with the boat, but we have moved to Colorado. It's a great wooden cruiser! We hope someone else will love it as much as we do.
3003326 Feet 1969 Chris Craft Cavalier Cutlass$5,500
I have owned the Coyote since 1992. It has become unrealistic for me to continue my ownership of the boat. This is an absolutely wonderful "project boat" due to the hull being 95% + solid and needing primarily cosmetic attention. The engines are the main variable since they have not been run in over ten years. Two areas of the front deck will also need replacement. Everything, with the exception of the two engines, gas tanks, and exhaust system, has been removed (and stored) to allow for a very complete inspection. The previous owner (a perfectionist) had taken the boat out of service for two years to make the conversion to twin counter-rotating Chevy 327's. The installation was flawless! I have yet to see another boat like the Coyote with twins. Power is not an issue! The true beauty of the Coyote is that, once restored, you will have an incredibly roomy, 10 foot beam, seaworthy, trailerable craft with an absolutely classic hull design. You will fall in love with this boat...I did.
3651226 Feet 1973 Skiff Craft$5,500
A nice fresh water boat looking for some TLC and to get splashed back into service. Lapstrake build makes for a very comfortable ride and a seaworthy day cruiser. Equipped with wet bar sink, space for ice box and comfortable seating for 8 she would be perfect for family or day cruise use.
3090926' Feet 1960 ANA/ Associated Naval Architect$6,500
Very rare and beautifully styled boat built by ANA in Norfolk Virginia. This company built boats for the US Navy during WW II and later built pleasure craft. Engine was rebuilt in 1980 and now has approx 1000 hrs.These boats were sold in Henderson Harbor buy Herbert Legg where this boat was delivered new and has spent it's entire life!!
3633326' Feet 1978 Skiff Craft$5,500
3014926'10 Feet 1975 Chris Craft 8 Metre Runabout$8,000
1975 Chris*Craft 8 Meter -Hull # ORAZ-27-010. You are looking at a classic fiberglass Chris Craft, there were only 38 of these made and only a handful exist. This is hull # 10 7'10" beam- 32" draft. 5,225 lbs This boat is designed to appeal to a very special kind of individual, has a slender deep vee hull, with deep red metal flake finish which is factory. The boat was garage kept for 25 years and we acquired it in 2004 and has been kept in a hoist since, never left in the water. the deck has a small hatch opening. Seating is a departure from most traditional interior layouts with the passengers riding in front of the driver. Volvo 270 speedmaster drives and are bulletproof. Powered by 2 Chevy original blocks 350 4 bolt with bow tie heads, bow tie intake and MSD ignition. Mercury Lab racing clever props.(15x23 3 blade stainless) I have the Powerboat magazine from 1975 that featured this boat, I also have the build sheet and information from the mariners Museum.
2821726'6 Feet 1969 Ownens Sea Skiff$6,500
This boat has been very well maintained and is in very good overall condition. A little cosmetic work is required. This would also be an excellent candidate for upgrading and modernizing.
3642326 Feet 1968 Chris Craft Cutlass$8,000
I bought the boat 2 yrs ago from a couple in NJ. I've used it 2 summers on the St. Lawrence. The boat is generalyy in good condition except for a small hole in the rear starboard side that was recently discovered. The boat is on a trailer still closed up from last yr. I absolutely love this boat. I've moved to South Carolina hence the reason I'm selling it. It's a great family boat.
2902927 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Semi Enclosed$10,000
A rare 1957 Semi Enclosed and one of only 73 ever made. This is a one owner boat and in storage for the last 25 years. This is a good original boat with the rare bull nose and is in overall good condition but will need a new bottom. All varnished removed from the interior and the paint on the hull sides has been removed. All hardware except for the fog bell, stern flag and step pads. Hull card, title, operators manual with instruction book and parts list are available from 1957.
3116827 Feet 1958 Richardson Day Cruiser$6,900
The 27' Richardson "Utility" day cruiser was based on the popular "Express" hull with added amenities. The single level cabin offers 6'3 of headroom and large sliding windows for ventilation and to ease docking efforts. This example has been described as a good user boat that would be very presentable with a bit of TLC. She was in the water recently and could go back in the water again in short order. She is powered with twin V8 engines that will push the boat to 30mph. Cedar hull, oak ribs and frames, and mahogany brightwork.
3134027 Feet 1960 Chris Craft Sea Skiff$5,800
Hull #SUA27063, this is a very nice day cruiser. New canvas and cushions in '11.. The engine has only had non-ethanol gas in it. The hull does need some work but it has been well maintained over the years.
2593927 Feet 1966 Grady White Flybridge$5,500
This boat is in need of a complete restoration, but would make a very sharp cruiser when all of the work is done.
2541428 Feet 1938 Hubert Johnson$7,500
This 1938 Hubert Johnson requires a complete restoration. The decks on this boat need work, but hull is in sound condition. The engines are not connected, but are in good condition.
3193528 Feet 1969 Trojan Sea Skiff Cruiser$10,000
1969 Fully Restored Trojan Sea Skiff, I am looking to upsize to a larger boat. Sleeps 6 - ideal use for family floating cottage, perfect for inland waters. Currently in the water and is available for inspection. She just needs the regular spring cosmetics and maintenance. 2011 Survey available. Additional info: Survey completed 2011 for insurance. Rebuilt 2008 383 Chrysler Magnum engine and upgraded electronics. 25 hours on engine. New plumbing. 2 marine batteries. Electronic ignition. Carb rebuilt. New canvas and interior fabric. Lots of equipment with boat.
2701829 Feet 1937 Chris Craft Model 758 Cruiser$9,800 
1937 Chris Craft 29' Sedan Cruser, needs bulkheads, has a rebuilt engine. It is complete with all original hardware. She has crank down windows. The hull is mahogany, and there is a curved mahogany swim platform custom built to that era. First owner was Judge Gray from NY & 2nd was Governer of NY, Paul D. Graves. Originally sold by Mercier Boat Works Clayton New York.
3671330 Feet 1965 Chris Craft Constellation$8,000
Extremely dry boat for its age. Both engines have been rebuilt but the port engine had a bad main seal so it will need to be rebuilt again. The starboard engine runs great but needs new oil dipstick holder, leaks at connection. Fuel lines (coast guard approved) Head and galley still needs to be refinished. 25 gallon Fresh water tank, 10 gallon grey water holding tank. List of items that has been replaced in the last four years. 4 batteries, mufflers, fuel water separators, 2 bilge blowers, Bilge pump, 2 Edlebrock 4bbl carbs, Electronic ignition with tachometers, exhaust manifolds, uppholstery, carpeting, fish finder, depth gauge. Pulled in 2013, bottom painted (lead) with new zincs. Have the original hull card and ordering information from the mariners museum. $25,000 has been put into this boat. She has not been used in months, need cleaning.
2662830 Feet 1968 Chris Craft Cruiser$7,500
I bought the boat in June of 2005. I have been able to work less than 5 hours on it. I will hate to see it go, but don't have the time. When I took her out the water she was running like a champ. She is ready to fish or cruise, needs paint and a few boards replaced. Original documentation exist for the motors. Boat is equipped with 3 pilot stations and all 3 are functional. Boat has va hole in the deck that needs to be repaiertd and also chines need to be worked on.
2681930 Feet 1969 Pacemaker Sedan$8,500
Mahogany hull, fiberglass cabin above deck, sleeps 6, galley, head, electric fridge/ice box, water system, 8 foot fiberglass dinghy, new bumpers, indoor winter stored. Same owners for last 28 years.
2593730 Feet 1974 Luhrs Cruiser$7,500
Needs restoration but this is a very worthwhile project with the capacity to sleep 4, head, stove and all the comforts of a small cruiser at a great price.
3646232 Feet 1965 Grand Banks Trawler $6,000
This is a very economical boat 1-1/2 gal per hr.a great over night/weekend boat
3000633 Feet 1967 Chris Craft Cavalier$10,000
Chris Craft Cavalier, currently in the water and serviceable. Requires some restoration but is appears to be quite solid overall.
2732633 Feet 1970 Chris Craft Sea Skiff Cruiser$6,500
This Chris Craft Sea Skiff cruiser had it's engines rebuilt in 1996. The electrical, transom, bottom, cockpit floor, windshield, and dash are all new. Comes complete with fish finder, icebox, alcohol stove, head, and a full galley. Comfortably sleeps 6. Looks and runs excellent.
3068633 Feet 1977 Carver Mariner$7,500
Boat needs minor restoration and cosmetic clean up. Needs propeller and shaft replaced starboard side. One engine new at 9k other is rebuilt. Both engines need carburetors and one distributor, stolen off engines.
3079134 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Sedan Cruiser$9,500
This 34 Foot Chris Craft Sedan Cruiser has spent the last 25 years with the same owner and has given the family many summers of enjoyment and great pleasure. The owner now wishes to sell the boat and while the boat needs some repairs to the bottom and frames under the gas tanks. The boat has it's original power, original gauges and all of it's hardware and has always been in fresh water.
3113734 Feet 1952 Chris Craft Double Cabin Flybridge$6,500
This is a very rare 34 Foot Chris Craft Double Cabin Fly Bridge Cruiser. It had a limited production run and currently there are believed to be only 6 of these units still remaining on the water. Shed kept in salt water but now on land for 5 years and rot. unmolested and paint over brightwork, still original stain and varnish. original canvas cabin tops. Boat need complete bottom refastening, paint and varnish. All original hardware, and accessories intact. Extra set of KL engines available.
2817834 Feet 1966 Morton Johnson Sea Skiff$8,000
The hull is in need of refastening. The motors run well. The interior is in great condition. Most recently surveyed in 2001.
3135435 Feet 1951 Owens Flagship Cruiser$9,500
All the work is done - only needs small details to peronalize it. Owens boats were well built and commonly seen in top boating Magazines of the 1950's. Cost was $9,500 when new. Over 600 new silicon bronze screws in top decks alone. Custom finished brightwork.
2711335 Feet 1958 Chris Craft Sedan Sea Skiff$8,000
This classic Sedan model is wood, lap-strake construction. This boat is in solid condition, but needs some paint and deck work. This boat is a must see for someone looking for a winter project. The engines have been recently serviced, records are available. Make an offer, the boat needs to move from its current yard space soon.
3641735 Feet 1966 Chris Craft Sea Skiff$9,800
Very nice CC cruiser that would make a great live aboard too!! Port engine is new along with much new canvas in 2008. Full keel & stringer support float-on trailer for storage! Equipped with Paragon transmissions.
2992336 Feet 1967 Owens Cruiser$10,000
36' Owens Cruiser with twin 327 V8's. Requires some cosmetic attention but in serviceable condition.
367077 Feet 1961 Hydromite$5,300
1961 Hydromite. Completely restored with 9hp Johnson, restored trailer, teak dash. Has not yet been in the water!
296551941 Kermath Sea Wolf$7,000
Selling this 225 HP Kermath Sea Wolf for parts. Complete as far as I know, less fuel pump, carbs, generator and piston rings.
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